Protesters rally against security bills in Japan’s Osaka


OSAKA, (Xinhua) —  Demonstrators gathered at various locations in Osaka on Sunday, protesting against the controversial security-related bills that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attempted to steamroller through the parliament later this month.

Over 1,100 people attended a gathering in Osaka Central Public Hall, demanding peace be treasured and the tragic history of war not be repeated.

“The ruling Liberal Democratic Party is shifting rightward and does not respect the public opinion,” Jiro Yamaguchi, a professor of political science at Hosei University, said.

“The security-related bills will drag Japan to wars and are in violation of our constitution,” he said, calling on the Japanese to take actions.

Protesters also rallied in the city’s Utsubo Park, in response to a call by SEALDs Kansai, the Kansai branch of the group Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy-s.

According to the organizer, about 20,000 people, many of whom college students in western Japan, attended the gathering in the park. They held banners and flags, demanding the security bills be retracted and Prime Minister Abe step down.

“The battle over the security bills between the ruling bloc and the opposition parties are becoming more and more intense in the Upper House. Our voices could be a big pressure to the government, ” said a speaker of SEALDs Kansai. “We should not only voice our opinions in front of the National Assembly, but also in every city and every town.”

The controversial security-related bills were rammed through the Diet’s lower house in July and are now under deliberation at the upper house. The ruling bloc planned to put the bills to a vote at a House of Councilors committee on Sept. 16, paving the way for their passage into law at an upper house plenary session.