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Protecting Pakistani Nukes : From Tipu Sultan to AQ Khan

By Dr Shahid Qureshi : –  “Enemy – Agenda: to De-Nuke, De-Rail & Defenceless Pakistan”.

J Wilkerson former chief of staff of US General Colin Powel said something like, ‘what we know now is that sources of the intelligence on Iraqi WMDS were not credible and Colin Powel was probably misled and deliberately sent to the UN Security Council with false or half true information. The name ‘Chelabi’ an Iraqi exile seems central to most of the information US had on biological, chemical and nuclear programs’.

In the current scenario Asif Zaradri and Rehman Malik are doing exactly what Chelabi did in Iraq. They are misleading the westerns by saying something like that ‘mullahs’ are going to take control of ‘Pakistani Nukes’ as if they are lying in some fruit market. There are people in the US and West, who are more interested in fiction then reality. These foreign fed traitors sing what neo-cons want to hear and not what they should know.

Pakistan’s nuclear assets are under threat, as this criminal regime to the bones is capable of selling everything including Pakistan. There is no doubt that Zardari and his corrupt team has commissioned itself with tasks to ‘de-Islamisation, de-nuclearisation, and de-commissioning of Pakistan’s armed forces. They got Pakistan into IMF trap deliberately to ruin the economy like Greece. They will sell all the national assets to IMF cronies, and in the end cripple the economy to surrender the nuclear program.

The statement by the Defence Minister Ahmed Mukthar: ‘we would have to cut defence spending if we did not implement VAT instructions from the IMF and World Bank.’ This what Benazir exactly did she promised not cut in the defence budget in one breath and devalued Pakistani currency in other breath. This what Zardari is doing all along: undermining Pakistan’s armed forces and security institutions following foreign Indian agenda. Zardari is going to ditch General Kiyani with probably a cuddly General friendly to India? Who is going to act to save the country before Zardrai run off to Afghanistan with his suitcase?

The ANP lead Railway minister and Zardari regime are deliberately destructing Pakistan Railways to break links between the provinces. Rail travel is the cheapest and fastest mean of transport for the people as well as businesses, industry and defence of the state. Zardari regime is De-tracking Pakistan Railways by shutting down rail routes. Why?

I asked question on 25th October 2007 to the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in a joint press conference at No.10 Downing Street with Afghan President Hamid Karzai. To my surprise British Prime Minister Gordon Brown did not answer the question.

“British People expect high standards both morally and integrity from their politicians. Many Pakistanis are asking than why Britain is supporting Benazir Bhutto who created and supported Taliban and also involved in corruption mounting wealth of $2 billion?

Nasty friend like US and real enemy like India never stopped conspiring and undermining Pakistan, now they have join hands without a doubt. On the other hand as far as safety and security of the much protected Nukes are concerned People of Pakistan are competent to protect and ready to eliminate enemies be local or foreign…

Pakistanis don’t need lecturing from outside about how to protect nukes and use missiles. A painting in the reception lobby of NASA’s flight facility at Wallop Island shows Tipu Sultan’s soldiers launching rockets attacks against the British. He was the first Muslim rocketry warfare hero. The current Pakistani nuclear and missile program seems a revival of the 18th century dream of Tipu Sultan’.

The British captured more than 700 rockets and subsystems of 900 rockets in the battle of Turukhanahally in 1799. Tipu Sultan’s army had 27 brigades called Kushoons, and each brigade had a company of rocket men, called Jourks. These rockets had been taken to England by William Congreve and were subjected by the British to what we call “reverse engineering” today.

Tipu Sultan was the only ruler in the world who died in the battlefield fighting the enemy according to a French scholar. Tipu Sultan reigned 1782-1799 and died in May 1799, fighting the combined forces of British and collaborators, the Nizam of Hyderabad, and the Marhattas. He lost the battle because of deceit and treachery by collaborators like Mir Sadiq and Mir Jafar in Bengal. Unfortunately Zardari and his golden circle, like Faisal Raza Abidi, Farah Isphani, Hussain Haqqani, Sherry Rehman and others share their faith with them too. Mir Jafar’s treachery resulted in 200 years British rule over India.

It seems Iraqis and Pakistanis have learnt how to deal with occupiers and invaders i.e. ‘kill the collaborators first’. Pakistanis are keeping close eyes on their collaborators living both in and outside of Pakistan.

US had used nuclear weapons against the civilians and also have made nuclear threats more than 40 times. US must check its own back yard as far as nuclear safety is concerned. Its own pilots have been sacked for flying around with live nuclear warheads for hours and claimed ‘they thought it was dummy’ not very long ago. How irresponsible and dangerous is that?

They must understand that people of Pakistan have thousands of year’s glorious history and civilisations behind them. People of Pakistan have no history of genocide, slavery and criminality. Why US have more than 10,000 nuclear weapons and who is going to invade her? Pakistan has genuine threat from its hostile and nasty neighbour India and need a nuclear deterrent that’s all. As far as the security of the nukes is concerned no one should worry including US, they are in safe hands and Pakistanis don’t need patronising.

Pakistan is a responsible nuclear state and they know how to defend its assets. On the other hand US must review its policy of leaving Pakistan in the lurch and joining the enemies of Pakistan. I must say those who signed the one-sided SEATO and SENTO agreements must be hanged for treason and those who are jumping by becoming a non-NATO ally must be imprisoned. This membership does not worth more than leisure centre membership. They think every thing they say is gospel. US must come out of its criminal past because its policies always back fire and hurt innocent Americans.

A British think tank International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) published a dossier about the Dr AQ Khan and nuclear proliferation. I mentioned to Mark Fitzpatrick before the launch that word ‘dossier’ is associated with lies, deception and dodgy in the context of Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destructions (WMDs). I told him that more than 170 British companies were involved in the Iraqi chemical and biological weapons program according to Channel 4. When journalist presented the list of the companies supplied chemical and biological material to Saddam Hussein regime to Ministry of Defence, the response was something like ‘list is correct’.  The moral of the story is that people don’t trust the dodgy dossiers and biased reports.

I asked Dr John Chipman Director General of the IISS and Mark Fitzpatrick editor of dossier Nuclear Black Markets: Pakistan, AQ Khan and the rise of proliferation networks, in the Q&A: (a) Is there any nuclear program in the world, in which human and material proliferation were not involved? (b) your report seems unfair because you have not mentioned anything about the Israeli nuclear program, proliferation and illegal assistance by the US and Western countries.? Two paragraphs about Israeli Nuclear program in 176-page document. (c) What national and international law Dr A Q Khan has violated and what should be his punishment.

Mark Fitzpatrick agreed that there is no nuclear program in the world where proliferation did not happened; US program was based on proliferation i.e. technical and material knowledge of the German Nazi scientist.  He agreed that Israelis were involved in proliferation in a round about way. He stated that Israeli program was assisted by the states than private individuals. It is like saying if an individual is involved in terrorism he or she should brought to justice but if a state is involved in state terrorism that’s OK.

According to common knowledge Dr Khan has not violated any national or international law. He could be charged with smuggling or illegal trading like British use to trade in drugs (opium) with China in the past. We should not make a moral issue of things, which are strategic or related to security of small insecure countries.

If Israel who is not NPT signatory can be allowed to have nuclear weapons and program because it is ‘surrounded by hostile neighbours’ why cant Iran who is NPT signatory allowed to have a peaceful nuclear program under IAEA safe guards. What is the point on signing NPT when one cannot benefit of it? I think its time that NPT should be reviewed if it is not serving the purpose.

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior analyst with BBC and chief editor of The London Post. He writes on security, terrorism and foreign policy. He also appears as analyst on Al-Jazeera, Press TV, MBC, Kazak TV (Kazakhstan), LBC Radio London. He was also international election observer  Pakistan 2002. He wrote his MA thesis on ‘Political Thought of Imam Khomeini’ and visited Tehran University. He is PhD in ‘Political Psychology’ also studied Law at a British University. He also speaks at Cambridge University)

Views expressed are not of The London Post.


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