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Pro Nawaz Sharif lawyer recommended to be Islamabad High Court Judge

(Islamabad) :

The Judicial Commission of Pakistan (JCP) has approved the nomination of lawyers Babar Sattar (a Geo News analyst and lawyer of Sharifs) and Tariq Jahangiri as additional judges of the Islamabad High Court (IHC).

There was a popular joke about Sharifs handling of judges ‘why hire a lawyer when you can buy a Judge’. The audio tape conversation with Justice Malik Qayum and Shabaz Sharif where he is telling the judge to sentence longer to Benazir Bhutto and judge (Malik Qayum) agreeing to follow the orders of Nawaz Sharif.

More recently Chief Justice Shamim Khan of Lahore High Court granted bail to Hamza Shabaz on weekend while court was closed for the public. Chief Justice Saqib Nisar had a special meeting in his chamber with Ayesha Ahad (claiming to be wife of Hamza) and Hamza Shabaz to have a out of court settlement otherwise Hamza Shabaz leader of the opposition in the Punjab Assembly would have been disqualified under article 62 and 63 of the constitution. Justice Saqib Nisar paid off his favours to Sharif in a very subtle way. This is how mafias operate now and these criminals have learnt the tricks. People are watching legal circus in the courts without any meaningful outcome. Trial, Appeal, Review and case ended due to lack of evidence because both Sharifs and Zardari are good at burning the record files.

However, Since Imran Khan has taken over as Prime Minister no government records caught fire. Zardari sent his London Ambassador Wajid Shamsulhassan to collect all the ‘Swiss Account Case documents from the Pakistani government lawyers in Switzerland.   

The reported hero of so called ‘Operation 2023’ now supreme court judge Qazi Faiz Essa was directly appointed from a common lawyer to as Chief Justice of Baluchistan High Court and then transferred to Supreme Court of Pakistan. Justice Esa in his extraordinary judgement of Sharif Family’s money laundering case of Hudabia Paper mills, threw out the case on the ground of time clause ‘time barred’. Many people think that criminal cases are never time barred as it remains open until the evidence is provided and in financial cases the onus of proof on the defendant not the state. It is called open and shut case against Sharifs by many lawyers including Naeem Bukhari.

The Express Tribune reported: “A meeting of the JCP on Thursday, with Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed in the chair, considered the recommendation of two lawyers sent by IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah.  Sources told The Express Tribune that the commission approved both the nominations.

According to the sources, the meeting continued for more than one hour, during which a couple of JCP members raised certain reservations on the two nominees but ultimately, all members agreed to the recommended names.”.

Pakistan cannot win war against mafias and financial terrorism until it has a transparent and unbiased system of appointment in the higher judiciary.  Justice Kazmi said in media that court cases can be resolved in days and weeks, but lawyers are the main obstacle in the swift judicial process. People still wonder why these lawyers and bar associations go on strike and don’t do the job they are paid by their clients. The lawyers attack of the Services Hospital Lahore resulting deaths and damaging of equipment in fight with the doctors and burning of cars is a deplorable act of this mafia in action.

Pakistan and its security will remain at risk until it has a honest judges appointed on merit via due process not family lawyers of various mafias.

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