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Prime Minister and Chinese President hold bilateral talks at Chequers

(London Post)    David Cameron and President Xi held talks at Chequers during the China State Visit on topics including ISIL, Ukraine and security in Asia.

  • Prime Minister and President held talks at Chequers on domestic priorities and foreign policy issues
  • key foreign policy discussion topics included ISIL, Ukraine and regional security in Asia

Continuing their discussions of yesterday on domestic and international priorities and how to cooperate on these, the Prime Minister and the Chinese President held bilateral talks today at Chequers.

The Prime Minister said:

The UK and China have a clear shared interest in global peace, stability, and prosperity. We agreed on the importance of strong international institutions in a rules-based system, and on the primacy of clear and open channels of communication between our 2 countries in a 21st century global partnership.

The Prime Minister and President agreed the UK and China should continue their close cooperation on a range of issues, intensifying work together to address international security concerns for the benefit of the 2 countries and the wider world. The Prime Minister cited the Iranian nuclear deal as one example of where the UK and China working together can bring about real results.

They discussed the importance of finding a solution to the Syrian conflict, agreeing the international community must come together more effectively to tackle the evil of ISIL.

On Ukraine, the Prime Minister and President both encouraged progress in implementing the Minsk accord.

They discussed a range of regional security issues, including the importance of the South China Sea. On the Korean peninsula, they agreed the vital need to avoid instability.

The Prime Minister and President agreed early and open dialogue between the UK and China could bring about opportunities for important diplomatic solutions on a range of global and regional security challenges.

They agreed to move forward with a joint statement of understanding on how the UK and China could work more closely together in these important fields.

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