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President Nursultan Nazarbayev won by 97.7 percent vote

By Shahid Qureshi (ASTANA, Kazakhstan ): Initial results of the 26 April 2015 polls in all the regions of Kazakhstan suggested that current president Nursultan Nazarbayev received 97.7 percent of the vote amid a record turnout, election officials said in the press briefing at the election commission office.

The overwhelming victory of the 74 years old President was widely expected from the moment snap elections were announced. The sitting president faced two rivals who were allowed to do their election campaigns as well as seen on media.

The officials and authorities in the government in the oil-rich Central Asian nation of Kazakhstan have said they hope the election will serve as a confirmation of legitimacy in these uncertain times. In the current climate Kazakhstan facing slowdown in economic growth due to the falling old prices and recession in Russia.

The Central Elections Commission in Astana told the journalists and observers in a live broadcast that turnout was a record 95 percent. The victory of the sitting president Nazarbaev over his two rivals one of them is a trade union official and another a communist politician was very visible.

While Speaking to supporters Sunday night on 26th April 2015, as exit poll data showed him securing his election win, President Nazarbayev hailed the scale of the turnout.

“Without such mass public confidence, it would be difficult to work on completing the difficult tasks at hand,” he said. “The record turnout showed the unity of the people of Kazakhstan and their desire to live in a stable state.”

While talking to media after casting his vote at a local polling station in the Capital Astana President Nazarbayev said, “he would after his re-election pursue creation of a constitutional reform commission to boost the economy and promote political development, greater transparency and openness.”

When the writer (Dr Shahid Qureshi) asked the chief election commissioner at media centre ‘each country has its own ground realities and one should not compare with others and so is the democracy please tell us about your democracy? His reply was well we have a ‘family democracy’ where we fight, love and live like a family and that is our democracy’.

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