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Politicians undermining Pakistan Army in love of India?

It seems the ship of the Bhutto’s PPP has been taken hostage by the pirates and Princess is killed in the take over? Zardari thinks he is ‘Smart Alec’ but he has no idea with whom he is dealing with and how deep layers of treachery are around him? He is still following the very old script of undoing 1947 partition of India. Benazir Bhutto wanted a ‘European Union’ model of ‘soft borders’ (movement without passports), single currency, and free trade in South Asia. The real target of this drama of trade across the Line of Control in Kashmir is undoing of Pakistan’s international borders i.e. re-unification of India.

Fundamental problem with the Pakistani leaders and politicians is that they want to ‘patch work’ polices and foreign models with out creating right environment. There is no doubt that present EU model is a result of member state’s insecurities and started with European Coal Treaty. These members’ states had reached to the highest levels in terms of democratic norms, rule of law and human rights before signing ‘Coal Treaty’.
Zardari main beneficiary of Musharaf’s ‘amnesty to criminals’, is too scared to restore Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, Chief Justice of Supreme Court, although real leader of the PPP late Benazir Bhutto promised to restore him. It is a matter of shame for all the politicians including Nawaz Sharif, who are sitting in power because of the defiance of CJP in front of military dictator on 9th March 2007. Influence and interference of Rehman Malik and Sherry Rehman made many PPP circles angry. Many party members believe they are both dodgy characters?

Assassination of Benazir Bhutto served many purposes to the players who wanted Pakistan in turmoil and chaos? Was it a friendly fire? The speed of war of words against Pakistan is enormous and certain lobbies are putting their full weight to destabilise Pakistan. Those who say just because terrorists have killed Benazir Bhutto, attacked Musharraf therefore, Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are not safe seem absurd. US Presidents John F Kennedy was killed on the road and Ronald Regan was shot in the street, Yahizk Rabin President of Israel was shot dead in a rally, Prime Minster Indera Gandhi was shot by her own guards and Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi was killed in a suicide attack by a Tamil Hindu terrorist. All the above are nuclear powers so shall we say their Nukes are unsafe? Does it sound like ‘fox and the lamb’ story?

Benzair Bhutto was surrounded and mostly influenced by non-political actors who had their loyalties signed outside Pakistan. These are the players who want every thing from Western support to bring them in power, education, clothes, and cars but don’t want western freedom of speech, values, respect of poor people. They can’t imagine living without visiting Britain and US in summer to see their ‘WAGS’, (wives and girl friends), properties and bank accounts. These are the people who deposited Pakistan’s looted wealth of US $130+ billion in foreign banks not to mention the properties and assets. Well Pakistan’s estimated debt is around US$ 38 – 40 billions. So loot money should be brought back to Pakistan?

In most democratic countries media, political and campaign advisors are mostly highly qualified professionals and not party loyalists. That is the crucial point when opportunists and power greedy politicians do not give advice to their leader as happened in Benazir Bhutto’s case. Nobody told Benazir not to open the soft rooftop of a bomb/bullet proof car because she could get hurt? People who don’t follow the consultant’s prescription i.e. buy and use medication appropriately in the end suffers. One must understand that how one mistake, one violation of security rule could jeopardise one’s life. Bulletproof cars and foreign trained bodyguards can only reduce the risks but cannot rule out?

People say Altaf Hussain is not going to return to Pakistan for another 100 years?  Well if you are frightened of seasickness best place to avoid is to sit under a tree, like Altaf Hussain and his gang sitting in a phone call centre in London?

On 17th March 2007, at a press conference in London at Nawaz Sharif’s residence I asked late Benazir Bhutto, “BB are you grooming, training Mr. Amin Faheem to be the next prime minister”? Before she could speak Rehman Malik very rudely interrupted and asked me to address her as ‘Mohtarama’ in front of international media. We both ignored him and she said, “Party will decide as in this country labour party”, though Nawaz Sharif did not respond to the question about the grooming and training of Shabaz Sharif? No doubt Ms Bhutto was an articulate and graceful woman.

Benazir Bhutto was quite passionate about reformation of Pakistan Armed forces. She said, “when a cadet goes to the academy he see photos of Ayub Khan, Yaha Khan, Zia ul Haq and Musharraf must be thinking I can do the same” Unfortunately when criminals’ and fraudsters see Zardari in the presidency they feel the same? If he can get away, so can we, very reassuring to the mafias?

A senior London based Military Analyst said, “enemies (of Pakistan) Steve Cohen included – want to turn political dissent into inter-provincial ethnic/sectarian polarisation. No one seems to perceive the true nature of the danger; no one seems to be able to show leadership that such times require. Benazir’s assassination was a big national loss but the mischievous suggestions of hidden hands – this time Steven Cohen has not followed the popular formula of blaming everything on the ISI and has obliquely blamed the retired intelligence officials – probably the same who were nurtured and tutored by the CIA during the ‘Afghan JIHAD’. Could he for a while also look around and point a finger at other intelligence agencies operating in the country including RAW – who would naturally have an interest in destabilizing Pakistan.”

Is that why Zardari lead PPP has registered a new FIR of October 18, 2007, bombings in Karachi, adding the name of former ISI chief General Hamid Gull, whom Benazir Bhutto removed from ISI before heading for an official visit to Washington. A well respected Jewish analyst and former US Secretary of State, Hennery Kissinger once said as reported, “it is irrelevant if US punishes its enemies or not but it definitely punish its Friends”. Those who believe ‘war on terror’ is in interest of Pakistan must see the following quote.

Zbigniev Brzezinski once boasted (“How the US provoked the Soviet Union into invading Afghanistan and starting the whole mess”, Le Nouvel Observateur (France), Jan 15 – 21, 1998, how he succeeded to trap the Soviets in the war by starting insurgency against the socialist government long time before the Soviet troops came over to help the government”.

Similarly who asked Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait in 1990s leading to first Gulf War, full occupation and then execution of Saddam Hussein apparently by Shias presenting as Shia revenge? Policy of divide and rule has not stopped. There was no problem of Shias and Sunnis in Iraq and else where. Critics say that, ‘’the attacks on Iraqi holly sites have multiple objectives for example warning to Iran and fanning ethno religious violence’. An email was circulating that according to a TV channel, ‘Prime Minister Gillani and President Zardari broke their fast 10 minutes late following Shia tradition’? Well the important question would be whether the pair was fasting in the first place? Z A Bhutto banned alcohol in Pakistan but Zardari allowed it, is that why Pakistan High Commission in London serving alcohol in official functions?

Some one said, ‘Zardari, Altaf, Sherry and Rehman must remember, ‘traitors are not fired they are burnt’.

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is award wining journalist and writer on foreign plociy & security based in London)

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