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Police is Bigger Security Threat to Pakistan than Madrasas  

By Dr Shahid Qureshi – :

Everyone in Pakistan especially so called elite is obsessed with the ‘Madrasas’ and think they are responsible all the evils in Pakistan. Starting for loading, land mafia, sugar mafia, bad hospitals and health, ruining of educations, ghost schools, tax evasions and tax avoidance, gang rapes, murders, terrorism, money laundering and so on so forth. That is the only easy and soft subject media and so called elite have and they continuously banging on this not only in Pakistan but also abroad.

A large majority of these Madrasas are just small charities proving free food and education to the poorest in the society. All the political and military government have failed to develop a viable education system that serves the people. They have elite schools, private schools and then come destroyed government schools. Private schools have become an alternative ‘mafia’ in Pakistan and looting parents who don’t have choice but to pay for the basic education.

Criminal style mafia politicians don’t allow anyone else in the elite schools. Principal of elite Aitchison College in Lahore was sacked in his absence because he refused to admit grandson of the ruling party MNA and Speaker Ayaz Sadiq. When it comes to the interests of the elite all moral and ethics goes down the drain be it money laundering of Ayan Ali or corruption and terror support and financing of Dr Asim Hussain. The law and rule of law is only for the poor while elite is not only above the law but also have become the law and to implement their nasty designs Pakistani police is the most appropriate terrorist group and mercenary force.

For that very reason Dr Asim Hussain said to the ‘court hand me over to the police as I feel more comfortable with police than Rangers’. Well newly appointed police DSP declared him innocent in the court and almost said ‘there is no case against him’. His admissions and confessions of corruption of billions, land grabbing, treatment of terrorists and target killers who were involved in killing of soldiers and security officials was all wrong?  We see that all the politicians ganged up some openly and some secretly like Nawaz Sharif Inc sabotaged the Rangers operation in Sind. There is one-point agenda of politicians ‘do not touch us or democracy will lose its virginity’.

At a lecture about terrorism at prestigious IISS in London Few years ago I said to HE Nicholas Burns, US under-secretary of state: ‘there are two things I would like to say ‘what you should know’ and ‘what you want to hear’. Similarly bashing the religion and blaming the Madrassas is very easy and obviously it fit in the international agenda of ‘demonising the Islam as religion’ for terrorism as Catholic Pope and church is demonised with the sex abuse scandals.

I have been dealing a with a ‘land mafia’ criminal group for almost two years in Lahore, Pakistan and that gives me a great insight into the working of the mafia. Supposedly I had Governor Punjab, Chief Shabaz Sharif Minister Punjab, MPA and MNAs and few friends in media on my side but I still could not get my property back from the land mafia. The reason I was unsuccessful because all the above were part of the mafia syndicate and centre of all this mafia was POLICE.

Junior officers and front line police staff do not listen to the high officials starting from DIGs and beyond. They are the first line of defence of mafias and politicians. It is very easy for anyone to buy a whole police station for a small amount and then do whatever you like from harbouring, training, launching terrorists to smuggling drugs and prostitution. Terrorists don’t and can’t survive in the air, they need a place of safety to launch terrorism and only police can keep an eye on streets and towns not the air force or armed forces of Pakistan. The corruption in police and their use as a brutal force have made them a liability to the state. The terrorist attacks on people and state institutions as well as properties have caused losses in billions. For example, attacks on the naval and air force basses as well as other government sites could be prevented if police were keeping an eye on the streets and towns. It was reported that when a large number Punjab police was deployed in Islamabad for the sit in protest of Imran Khan almost 45% crime rate fall in Punjab. Someone said: if we disband this police we can have almost 90% crime disappear. It is an interesting study. I think police need more reform and attention than Madrasas?

Politicians want Pakistan Army to protect them from all threats internal and external as well as conduct elections, help in floods and earthquakes etc. but they will not improve in civil administrations, hospitals and roads, rail networks. They want Pakistan Army to behave like Police and serve them and their kids like some watchmen and also sort out opponents. They don’t think Pakistan army is their institution, they talk about it in third person and are part of military undermining and demonising plots.

Above is a sketch of what is going on in Pakistan with democracy, and one more thing is that model, escort and alleged money launderer Ayan Ali was released on bail granted by the Lahore High Court with the great efforts of her lawyers and supporters Latif Khosa former Governor of Punjab, Farooq Naik former President of Pakistan and chairman senate. It was Ayan Ali’s 81 trip to UAE. In all this democratic activity poor custom inspector and investigator who recovered half million US dollars was murdered in Rawalpindi.

Now question one ask is that when Pakistan don’t have a full time foreign minister as Nawaz Sharif is also hold that charge who will defend the foreign policy? He appointed two elderly gents one in Indian back pocket other in the US side pocket. Is that Nawaz Sharif fighting war on terror internationally? When you play with the weak team you are playing for the Indians?

Electricity shortage is a security matter which politicians and dictators have handled recklessly and deliberately undermined the industry. The defence minister is not only corrupt but also incompetent. He is responsible and complicit in over 2000 deaths of innocent people in Karachi due to the corruption of politicians in matter of K-Electric. Who is benefiting the profits who is getting Rs. 4.70 per unit and selling over Rs.22 per unit? Is it a rocket science that they are partners in this crime?

This newly rich with corruption money has taken over so called democracy of Pakistan. If we talk about their corruption, they say ‘democracy is in danger’. In fact, Pakistan is in danger because of them as, A S Dalit former chief of Indian intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) said, ‘why kill them when you can make them corrupt’. Asif Ali Zaradari followed that policy and appointed most corrupt people on the high positions. In actual fact more corrupt one was, higher the position for him in Zardari Inc.

This policy was not mere coincident. There was a back ground to it. During the USSR period a KGB agent defected to USA and investigation was done but they could not find anything against him. After the fall of USSR his old KGB mates met him in USA and asked him what were you doing for the enemy we could not find any proof against you? He simply replied when I was appointing KGB agents for foreign postings I was appointing the most corrupt and rest was done by the enemies.

The worst damage these politicians did to Pakistan is economic, physical and psychological. They have used the armed forces of Pakistan as shield and achieved their sinister objectives. Over 30000 people have been killed in Sindh and Karachi by Zaradri-MQM-A nexus in the name of ‘reconciliation’. Their lies cost billion and human lives were lost. Zardari banned executions in Pakistan by presidential orders to save Indian agents and his mafia goons in prisons. He lied to the nation saying EU will stop trade with Pakistan while EU is trading with Saudi Arabia, USA, China, and Iran where execution is legal.

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According to NCD (National Crime Data) in Pakistan during Zardari rule from 2008 – 2013, more than 65,446 persons were murdered and 22,253 people were killed in road accidents. The NCD indicates that 1,366 women were gang-raped and 15,082 were raped while 2,640 people were kidnapped for ransom. Moreover 88,161 men and women were kidnapped or abducted during the political governments, which completed their tenure recently with much fanfare.

The 5-year crime statistics of the Punjab ruled by PML-N lead by Shabaz Sharif provided alarming figures indicating that total 723,051 criminal cases were recorded including 268,173 against person (52,219 in 2008, 51,898 in 2009, 53,958 in 2010, 56,701 in 2011 and 53,397 in 2013) and 454,878. Property crimes were – 81,546 in 2008, 85,110 in 2009, 91601 in 2010, 104242 in 2011 and 92,379 in 2012. The protection of land mafia gangs by the PML-N is alarming and is a security risk to the country and terrorist financing.

In modern times economic terrorism is a specialist area and need specialist trained people to catch these terrorists. This is not typical spy story. What Nawaz Sharif, Asif Zardari, MQM and others in his team are doing is much more sophisticated and subtle. For example

The businesses, wealth and assets abroad of Pakistani politicians and elite have become security threat to national security of Pakistan. These countries UAE, USA, UK and others who have provided safe havens to the corruption money are using as this arm twisting tool to get things done?

All the above crimes are possible when local corrupt Police is on the side of criminals and politicians. Now either disband police or give them freedom they need to do the job and catch the terrorists and their supporters, financiers and destroy safe heavens.

A S Dalit former chief of Indian intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) said, ‘why kill them when you can make them corrupt’.

 (Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior analyst with BBC and editor of The London Post. He writes on security, terrorism and foreign policy. He also appears as analyst on Al-Jazeera, Press TV, MBC, Kazak TV (Kazakhstan), LBC Radio London. He was also international election observer for Kazakhstan 2015 and Pakistan 2002. He has written a famous book “War on Terror and Siege of Pakistan” published in 2009. He is a PhD and also studied Law at a British University. He speaks at Cambridge University)

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