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PM: We can control Calais migrants

Prime Minister David Cameron has said he is “very confident” of getting control of the situation in Calais, following a surge in concern about illegal migrants using the French port as a staging post for attempts to enter the UK.

His comments came ahead of a threatened blockade of the port of Dover tomorrow by truckers who believe they are being treated as “scapegoats” and penalised unfairly when migrants hide in their vehicles in a desperate bid to cross the English Channel from France.

The Government announced last week it will provide £12 million over three years to help tackle the problem.

Home Secretary Theresa May and her French counterpart Bernard Cazeneuve reached a deal which will also see increased co-operation between the two countries’ law enforcement agencies.

The joint plan will also involve bolstering security at the French port, which has seen increasing number of migrants using it as a staging post for efforts to cross the English Channel.

Mr Cameron told reporters: “I am confident in the steps we are taking. First of all, the declaration with regards to Calais between the French and British I think is very helpful, t he fact that there are more fences going to be installed and more measures are going to be taken.

“I am very confident that we will get the situation under control.”

Asked whether he still believed he could meet his promise of getting net non-EU migration down below 100,000 a year by the 2015 general election, Mr Cameron said: “In terms of our immigration policy, nothing has changed.

“I think the right approach is to take all the measures we have taken in order to bring immigration down to more manageable levels and to me that remains the case.”

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