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PM visit to Scotland

(By Shahid Qureshi ) HE David Cameron Prime Minister meet with the First Minister and set out how the UK government will implement extensive new powers for Scotland.

The Prime Minister was in Scotland today for his first visit there since forming a new government.

The visit, coming within a week of the election result, underlines the Prime Minister’s commitment to renewing and refreshing the United Kingdom and the importance he places on the respect agenda.

This morning, the Prime Minister is expected to meet with the First Minister of Scotland where he will set out how the UK government is pressing ahead with the implementation of the extensive new powers set out in the Smith Commission Agreement, with a new Bill expected to be announced in the forthcoming Queen’s speech.

He will also reiterate the importance of both of Scotland’s governments working together to deliver for the people of Scotland and the whole of the UK as part of our one nation agenda.

The new Scotland Bill will bring together the powers agreed by all parties in the Smith Agreement and will see an unprecedented rise in the powers of the Scottish Parliament, with Holyrood becoming one of the most powerful devolved parliaments in the world. It will be responsible for more than 60% of Scottish spending while retaining the safety and security of being part of the wider UK.

The Prime Minister said:

I am here today to underline my commitment to our United Kingdom and Scotland’s important place within it.

That means remaining true to the promise we made to implement the all-party Smith agreement to make Scotland one of the most accountable and powerful devolved parliaments in the world.

It also means recognising those things which unite us in these islands: the achievements we have made together, the institutions we have built together, our great social history, the common economic challenges we face today, and the strength which comes from pulling together for the common good in the future. This is our one nation agenda in action.

Scotland has two governments and it is the duty of the First Minister and myself to respect each other’s roles and responsibilities and to work together for the benefit of all the people of Scotland.

As more powers are devolved to Scotland, it is time to move beyond the debate about processes and focus on those bread and butter issues that affect every family in our United Kingdom – jobs, homes, good schools and strong public services, and dignity and respect in retirement. These are the building blocks we need to provide a brighter future for people in every part of our country.

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