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PM praise for ‘dazzling’ Games

Prime Minister David Cameron has thanked the people of Glasgow for a “dazzling” Commonwealth Games.

Speaking at a reception held before the closing ceremony got under way, Mr Cameron said the Scottish hosts had shown the world Glasgow is the “friendly city for the friendly Games”.

During his speech at the city’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, he also expressed his appreciation to the 15,000 volunteers, or Clyde-siders, for being “absolutely magnificent” and the members of the armed forces and police who played their part.

“Team Scotland, Team Wales, Team England and Team Northern Ireland – you have cycled, run, shot, swim, dived, wrestled, boxed your way to victory. It’s been a stunning performance”, he said.

“Everyone will remember their favourite moments but I don’t think anyone who saw Lynsey Sharp get that silver in the 800m and that incredibly emotional interview afterwards will forget that.

“It was wonderful to see Tom Daley back on the diving board – gold again. I think the 4x400m relay was one of the favourite events that I saw.”

Mr Cameron also singled out the performance of the boxers from the home nations who won a flurry of medals in the ring as well as Geraint Thomas, of Wales, for winning the cycling road race today despite getting a puncture.

He added: “There are many ways to measure the success of a Games and this has been a success on every level. I can feel it actually myself in my left hand because I promised to write a letter to every single home nation medal winner and I can confirm tonight that I already have repetitive strain injury from signing those letters.”

The Games would also deliver a “great legacy” for Glasgow, Scotland and the United Kingdom and legacy for the city’s economy and more broadly, he said.

“We will be able to measure these Games in the number of people who have been inspired to take up cycling or swimming or boxing or running. These sights and the inspiration including that wonderful 13-year-old from Shetland winning in the pool – a massive inspiration to young people across our country.”

“Truly what was the second city of the empire has been the first city of the Commonwealth and you have made the whole country proud.”

“Tonight we say thank you to the people of Glasgow, the organising committee, the city council, the troops the police, the athletes.

“It has been dazzling, it has been wonderful, it has been a joy to behold and you have made the whole country proud. Thank you very much indeed.”

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