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Gillani ordered agencies: ‘get your act together’

“When BBC asked me to comment on Prime Minister Gillani’s nomination and about his religious beliefs, my response was ‘from a truly loyalist line.

It seems quite absurd when Prime Minister Gillani orders the security agencies and national institutions to ‘get their act together’? Well it is his government which needs to get acts together first because competence runs from the above downward? When President Zardari appointed Rehman Malik who was miles away from the leader (Ms Benazir Bhutto) he was supposed to be protecting, interior minister head of all the law enforcement agencies, an old crony as Chief Juice, his personal lawyer, law minister, not on the basis of merit but personal loyalties. What performance is he expecting?

Prime Minister Gillani himself comes from a family of collaborators. His ancestors have blood of thousands of people on their hands killed in the name of ‘war on terror’ during and after 1857. “After conquering Multan in 1848, Major Herbert gave a certificate of ‘co-operation’ to his family.  In 1859 British Government gave a certificate and Rs.300 to Syed Noor Shah for his cooperation and support in 1857 British ‘war on terror’ in India. In 1876 his ancestor Syed Waliat Shah was appointed as honorary magistrate in recognition of his ‘loyalties and support’.

In 1878 Makhdoom Sadarudin Gillani was appointed as royal courtier in Multan and in 1911 he was specially introduced to the King as ‘British loyalist and supporter’. He was also awarded with a golden watch in recognition of his friendship to the crown. From 1922 – 1927, when British were troubled with the Indian political and armed uprisings, like many others Makhdoom Sadaruddin Gilani played his role in bringing ‘peace and order’.”, wrote Wakel Anjum in his book ‘Pharaohs of Politics or ‘Siyasat kaa Faroon’. They have been spying and providing recruits to the colonialists and it seems that has not stopped even now? He and others like him should apologise to the nation?

When one looks at the ingredients of the present government it looks like ‘government of foreign slaves’ who have made this country ‘Slavistan’? It seems Pakistanis need to fight another war of independence from within? They are running stately affairs worse then pre partition small Indian states. No one knows whether they are coming or going?

President Zardari came from Pakistan to drop his daughter in Scottish capital Edinburgh and travelled on a private jet from London to Edinburgh. Well he is a richest man of a poor country? The worst thing is when Pakistani envoy to London reportedly said, ‘President saved money by using High Commission’s kitchen for meals’. Well he was on a private trip and could have easily stayed in one of his many flats or ‘Surry Palace’?  Some one reportedly asked Jodha Bai, Hindu wife of Mogul Emperor Akbar, ‘how is like to be wife of Akbar? She whispered, ‘I have my own cup for drinking water’.

Qadyani lead policies of Musharraf are still continued be it relations with India or USA.  When Indians are ‘water bombing’ Pakistan by illegally blocking rivers , ‘Zardari is talking about trade from Line of Control in Kashmir, when US is violating Pakistan’s sovereignty all the small time crooks in the government are  Shivering  like cowards? It is the most spineless government since partition, who could not assert its legitimate sovereignty?

Altaf Hussain an outsourced ‘Mafia Don’ is reportedly asking for LOC to be made permanent border. He has reportedly discussed this with President Asif Zardari during his recent visit to London in September 2008, according to news reports. Altaf Husain has annoyed thousands of British Kashmiris living in the United Kingdom.

The Times of India reported on 16th June 2003 that, “Altaf Husain Leader of MQM has urged India and Pakistan to resolve bilateral issues, including Kashmir, and consider accepting the Line of Control as a permanent border through negotiations and not war reported “India and Pakistan must now decide that they would never go to war and resolve all issues, including that of Kashmir, through meaningful dialogue and negotiations. It is in the interest of both the countries to think about accepting the Line of Control as the solution to the Kashmir issue,” MQM chief Altaf Hussain said.

Pakistani English daily ‘Dawn’ also reported: “Altaf Husain said, ‘European countries had fought two wars but had now learnt a lesson and decided to resolve all their differences through dialogue and negotiations. Today they stand united in the form of the European Union,” Altaf Hussain does not have a clue about the atrocities committed by the Indians in Kashmir?

Since January 1989 to April 30, 2007, according to a published report 91865 Kashmiris have been killed in the India Occupied  Kashmir by the Indian security forces among them 6899 were custodial killings, 9708 Kashmiri women were gang raped & molested, 113798 civilians were arrested, 105353 homes/structures were burnt and destroyed, 106930 children orphaned and 22530 women widowed.

India is the worst country for the minorities be it Muslims, Christians, Sikhs or even low cast Hindu Dalits. He is clearly and evidently toeing the Indo-US agenda of breaking Pakistan? He and his party has harmed Pakistan economically and politically more than any one else. It is concerning that ‘extortion money of £millions from Karachi’ is being transferred to London according to news reports.

A senior analyst said, ‘all the players to break Pakistan are in place one way or the other. The problem is those who are friends of Pakistan are not sure who to talk to or confide with.

The game plan is

(a) to isolate Pakistan from its friends like China, Iran and Saudi Arabia

(b) economically cripple Pakistan which will force the country to surrender its nuclear weapons

(c) place minorities in power, exploit them and create divisions, which has already happened (see golden circle around Zardari and choices in transfers and postings since 18th February 2008).

(d) Demonise the armed forces of Pakistan

(e) India friendly government in Pakistan and anti Pakistan government in Afghanistan

(f) US and India reportedly supporting some part of militant groups like Betulla Mehsud in Tribal areas and BLA in Baluchistan because both are attacking infrastructures and soldiers of Pakistan. US did not send drones to eliminate Betullah Mehsud even information was provided? A video of BLA chief’s meeting Indian agency RAW’s chief in a safe house in Delhi and movements in Indian 4×4 in Afghanistan was shown to the US generals recently in Islamabad”. Some one said, ‘US has stabbed in Pakistan’s back’?

Pakistan’s international debt is approximately $38-40 billion which Pakistan’s friends can clear off in one cheque? But no one is going to them due to compromises and weakens within the corrupt and compromised leadership. There seems to be no homeopathic solution because the layers of the cancer of treachery are deep?

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior award wining investigative journalist and writer on security, foreign policy, and terrorism based in London)

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