PM call with President Hollande on Calais: statement


(London Post) Prime Minister David Cameron spoke with President Hollande about the situation in Calais and around the Eurotunnel entrance at Coquelles.

The Prime Minister called President Hollande this evening to discuss the situation in Calais, particularly around the Eurotunnel entrance at Coquelles.

They both expressed concern about the immediate security challenges and reiterated their commitment to continue working closely together to tackle the problems posed by illegal migration.

The Prime Minister updated the President on the actions he had set in train earlier today following the meeting of COBR and thanked the President for the work the French authorities were also undertaking. Both leaders agreed on the need to work with Eurotunnel to monitor and secure the area and for respective ministers to continue discussions over the coming days to implement additional measures that could further improve the situation on the ground.