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Petition for Indian women rights activist Dr Mohini Giri

(London)  On 23rd August 2014, Dr. Mohini Giri  Former Chairperson of the National Commission of Woman witnessed the appalling assault of a girl by a gang of young boys in Delhi. As Dr. Giri tried to intervene with her own body an official police van drove past. She tried to stop the van but the official said they were very busy and nothing could be done. Meanwhile a hooligan from the street started joining in the gang violence.

Dr. V. Mohini Giri, Social Activist, Writer, Scholar, a Nobel Prize Nominee, former daughter in law of the Late Shri VV Giri, former President of India, and daughter of the scholar Dr. V, S Ram. She has been a leader in the women’s movement, a voice for women, peace and justice in India and South Asia for four decades. Specializing in human rights and gender justice. She is renowned both nationally and internationally for her commitment in empowering women politically, socially, legally and economically.

She has done pioneering work for the war affected families. Most recently in April, 2014, the Guild Service helped organise the UN Women sponsored forum on Widows in India“Empowerment of Widows and their Coalition”where the traumatic problems faced by widows of extra judicial killings in Kashmir and Punjab (through TARAN Widows Punjab) were discussed amongst other regional problems widows face.  This consultation with a wide range of stakeholders resulted in a number of recommendations regarding widows including “ the need to recognise issues faced by half widows in Kashmir. Enforced disappearances must be recognized as a travesty of justice, as a violation of human rights and a blot on the democratic principles of our nation.” (Final Recommendations, Indian conference, 2014 on Empowerment of Widows and Their Coalition, by stakeholders at the conference)

Dr. Giri spearheaded rehabilitation of war widows, of 1984 sikh genocide, victims where 12000 Sikh survivors were housed in Delhi. There was outreach rehabilitation in the aftermath of the muslim massacres in Gujrat. In Jammu & Kashmir Dr. Giri is running a production cum training center and a home for the war affected widows of Kashmir. In the tsunami affected areas of Nagapattinam she has been running vocational training and skill development centres for the tsunami affected. In Vrindavan she has been running a home for the elderly widows of Vrindavan since the past one decade and now she has completed construction of a home called “Ma-Dham” to rehabilitate 500 more elderly widows.

She traveled extensively in conflict zones for peace as special envoy for women and improved internal and external peace prospects in India and the South Asia Region. She is the Founder of Women’s Initiative for Peace in South Asia (WIPSA). Dr. Giri is the Chairperson of the Guild of Service, an NGO in Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations Member organization representing interests and doing initiatives for India’s widows – a unique constituency and a leader of the Internal Peace Movement that is playing key role among sometimes aggravated and anxious communal factions within the country and she has always worked for a peaceful, inclusive India and been praised by many including Oprah Winfrey last year.

 On 23rd August, Dr. Giri sustained serious internal and external injuries as no one from the crowd gathering even came to their rescue. Being a women’s activist herself Dr. Giri could not stand back and let the perpetrators get away with this especially given her heroic, initiative driven background. She has been hospitalised and is still in a state of trauma.The YWCA of India has started a global justice campaign for women in India addressing it to the Police Commissioner for Nationwide campaign for police reforms. If you would like to join this campaign please sign up:

Please sign the petition on following link if you support the cause: http://www.change.org/p/the-government-of-india-to-implement-proper-law-order-in-our-country-for-safety-of-women-call-for-action-for-justice-to-ms-mohini-giri-former-chairperson-of-national-commission-of-women

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