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Pep Guardiola: ‘I want to coach in the Premier League’

(London Post)    Pep Guardiola has cleared up why he is leaving Bayern Munich. Despite Karl-Heinz Rummenigge’s best efforts to keep the Spaniard at the helm, the 44-year-old feels the need for a new challenge.

Pep Guardiola has confirmed that he is leaving Bayern Munich in order to pursue a challenge in England’s Premier League. “The reason I have not extended my contract is simple. I want to manage in the Premier League,” said Guardiola in a press conference on Tuesday.
Guardiola stressed the only reason he was making the decision was because of his desire to coach in the Premier League. “I need a new challenge,” said the Spaniard. “If I was 60 or 65, I would have stayed until Karl-Heinz Rummenigge told me to go home. I think at my age, it is the right time to go.”

After giving thanks for the chance to be Bayern coach, Guardiola added the timing of his departure worked for all sides. “I think it’s good for everyone that a new head coach is coming. Good for the club, and for journalists too.”

Despite the Bundesliga excellent fan experience, it is England’s passion that has lured Guardiola. “I want to experience England’s stadiums and emotions.” The Spaniard said he had received offers, but had yet to sign anything. “When I have a new club, they will communicate that. At the moment, I can’t say anything because there is nothing to say.”

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