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Pavlodar region of Kazakhstan opened investor’s support house on ‘one stop principle’

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Investor’s support House was opened in Kazakhstan (Pavlodar city). Here an investor can get a full support of the project and all types of services on “one stop shop” principle. This practice has been implemented based upon experiences of South Korea and Georgia.

In the framework of “one stop shop” functions the investors are getting provided with such services as: consulting on types of public services, assistance in formalizing necessary papers, supporting investor on all the necessary document flow and many others.

Pavlodar region is one of the main industrial regions of the country that has biggest manufacturing companies and raw material processing enterprises.

“The multisectoral industrial complex has been formed in Pavlodar region. In the region around 5 thousand enterprises of various form of property are active, out of which 16 are “too-big-to-fail” and 105 – medium business. The region provides 70% of industrial production of the Republic of Kazakhstan, around 70% of republican coal output, republican production of ferroalloys, around 40% of electricity and oil products output. We are actively working in terms of attracting investors in our region. We are opening Investor’s House, there are quite good conditions for them, investment preferences are provided”, governor of Pavlodar region Bakauov Bulat told the journalists.

Nature resource potential of the region is the main feature. There is production and social infrastructure here that simultaneously attracts attention of the businessmen from various countries. They mine coal, produce electricity and heat energy, alumina, ferroalloys on the territory of the region. Besides that the region has enough potential for development of chemical, machine-building and metal processing industry.

The entire cycle of aluminum industry is created in the region: from production of alumina till pure aluminum. Special economic zone of “Pavlodar” (“Pavlodar” SEZ) is an example for that, where they make alloyed aluminum out of local primary aluminum and produce automobile wheels.

In the frameworks of the opening of Investor’s House the journalist managed to visit several enterprises. One of them was “Kazakhstan Aluminium Smelter” JSC. The plant is the manufacturer of high-grade primary aluminum in Kazakhstan and is the biggest private capital investment in metallurgy and mining industry in Kazakhstan.

The main buyer of primary aluminum is “Giessenhaus” LLP – a German-Russian joint venture that produces around 36 thousand tons of alloyed aluminum per annum. Besides that, another resident of SEZ is located nearby “Giessenhaus” LLP – “Vektor Pavlodar” LLP which is the only manufacturer of automobile wheels in the country with capacity of 1 million wheels per annum.

Journalists also visited “UPNK-PV” LLP. The plant was built in 2015 by Chinese international engineering construction company of non-ferrous metals (NFC) whose

main type of activity is production of calcined petroleum coke. The total amount of company’s investment in the project is 22.9 billion tenge. In order to obtain calcined petroleum coke they use raw petroleum coke of “PPCP” LLP and other oil refineries. It should be noted that innovation of the project is in the use of technological process that does not have analogs in Kazakhstan.

Mass media journalists also saw one of the biggest industrial enterprises – “Kompaniya Neftekhim LTD” LLP. Nowadays its capacity includes 20 thousand tons of methyl tertiary butyl ether, 30 thousand tons of polypropylene and 50 million woven polypropylene bags per annum. The company provided over 800 jobs, creating trade partnership relations with Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Turkey, China and Tajikistan.

“Promanalit” company that has been founded more than 10 years ago works in production of gas analysis equipment and automation means. Having experience in the sphere of gas analysis the company has developed a system of environmental monitoring of SGK-510 SOLER that is intended for use in industrial enterprises and ecological laboratories. The company also developed stationary gas analyzer of oxygen SGK-101M SOLER for measuring oxygen in smoke gases of fuel burning units with the aim of fuel saving, increasing of efficiency and operational life of boiler units.

In general Pavlodar region is described as having progressive and diversified economic structure. There are over 1000 enterprises in the region. The fact that they dominate in the structure of industrial manufacturing conditions the resource stock specifics of the region’s export. Since one of the main indicators of the region’s competitiveness is total amount and qualitative content of the export.

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