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‘My parents always encouraged me to paint’ – Ramina Saadatkhan

(Exclusive Interview By Dr Shahid Qureshi, Chief Editor ): –

Ramina Saadatkhan is an artist based in Baku, Azerbaijan. We requested her for an interview about her life as an artist which she kindly agreed. We asked her following questions for our readers.

Please tell our readers about yourself and life journey?

I was born in 1977 in Baku. My great-grandfather emigrated with his family from Iran to Azerbaijan in 1922.

My parents always encouraged my urge to paint. At night sometimes Dad painted cartoon characters for me and my brother. And I looked at him how skillfully he draws them, and I had this urge to learn to draw like him.

One day my mother took me to a children’s art studio near the house. I’ve been a little scared. But after they put my drawing on the board as the best, everything changed. I used to draw every day.

How was your school and education?

My favorite subjects at school were fine art and literature. Books were my best friends. At school, I was very shy and timid. But if I was afraid of something, I always tried to defeat my fear. While studying at an Art College and Art Academy, I participated in many exhibitions in Azerbaijan.

How you got into Art?

I began painting at the age of ten at the art studio. There I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful teacher. Her name is Katana Gazi. I feel profoundly grateful to my life – my fate has brought me to this wonderful person. Because of her, I loved art with all my heart. After graduating from secondary school, I decided I want to go to the art school by the name A.Azimzadeh in the faculty of painting. After graduating from it, I entered the Art Academy in Baku, as well as painting faculty.

ramina saadat khan

Please tell us about art and family life?

I am married and I have two children. My passion for painting did not go to my children, maybe it’s all for the better. I want them to choose their own path in life and, more important than any of that they were free.

My family always supported me in my work. My first personal exhibition was held in Baku in 1994. By that time, I was doing graphics on paper and practically didn’t work with color. The second exhibition was held in 1995, also in Baku; this time, I put out graphic sheets in a technique mixed with color.

My first participation in the International Art Fair was in Paris, in 2017. In 2018, I went to South Korea to represent my country in the International Art Exchange. In 2019, I participated in a symposium in Northern Cyprus for the Cyprus Modern Museum, founded by the renowned philanthropist Suat Gunsel. Then, he invited me to do a solo exhibition in Nicosia. In a month I did 21 artworks that were bought by the Cyprus Museum, for which I received the “Silver Key” Award from the Middle East University, and was accepted into the Union of Artists of Cyprus.

I am not focused on early fame, as I consider it dangerous. My journey must be long and interesting, which is the only way I can gain experience and become a successful artist.

To me, the search for harmony and truth is much more important than the desire to make beautiful work. I have my own audience and this is quite enough for me. Among them, there are people who, by the nature of their activity, are not experts in art. But despite this, they love and comprehend art.

I’ve always had an understanding of that I am not the mistress of myself, of my own talent, of my desires. I was just taking this world day by day. It can just be so hard sometimes. I’m fighting for my own path, I’m just trying to find it. I’m struggling every minute of every day!

I actively participate in International Symposiums, representing Azerbaijan in other countries. So, we are running out of time, and You should spend it on what’s interesting. So I forgot everything I learned at the academy and chose another art. This other art was neoexpressionism. Sometimes I also do merit abstraction. For me, it’s like brain fitness, protest to the laws of this world, the desire to be a free person outside any framework.

I thank you for the interview

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