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Pakistan and Afghanistan:The Jirga

By Dr Shahid Qureshi : –

“The recent ‘Jirga’ of elders in Kabul could be a way forward to the complete withdrawal of the occupying US and NATO forces from Afghanistan. It is never too late to cut the losses and move on. Afghanistan is always considered as anti imperialist and occupation land”.

Both Pakistan and Afghanistan have paid high cost both in human and economic terms, there is no way US and NATO compensates that. Pakistani security forces have lost more troops than total losses of the occupying NATO and US forces. There seems to be an element of mistrust and suspicion from the US side perhaps the US and allies are listening more to the Indian military advisers than they should.

The reality check on each step is important. The on going military exercises of more than 7000 troops and 80 air force jets of the Chinese, Russians, and Central Asian Republics are quite significant from the military point of view. Any more attacks on the Chinese living or working in Pakistan would further destabilise the region and Indo – US interests.

There seems to be overwhelming evidence that Allies in Afghanistan and Indians with the help of Northern Alliance funding terrorist elements and activities in Baluchistan. They seem to be playing a double game, not to mention the preferential US nuclear policy towards India. This attitude is creating more and more anti US policies elements in Pakistan. There is no shortage of traitors in Pakistan who would sell themselves and national interests of Pakistan.

“We made a mistake by supporting (creating) Taliban”, said Benzair Bhutto at London School of Economics (LSE) few months ago. She was very brave to accept her responsibility. Her interior minister Naseerullah Babar used to call ‘Taliban’ my boys. Taliban was created, nurtured and supported during a democracy to protect the oil pipeline with the full support of US and West. The whole world is suffering because of that mistake. Occupation and unjust behaviour of the democracies is the root cause of extremism in and beyond Pakistan.

I told Benzair Bhutto at LSE, ‘that democracy does not always work because Bush administration and Blair regime both democratically elected bombing Afghanistan, invaded and occupied Iraq, caused death and grief both in their own countries and abroad. They ignored the protests of millions of people who protested against the war on the streets of London and New York. She said, ‘it was a good question but did not condemn the illegal actions’? The whole of Pakistan and region is on the verge of collapse and turmoil because of the mistakes of Benziar Bhutto and her government’s support of Taliban.

Pakistan has already suffered great loss by losing East Pakistan because of the egoist decision of not allowing the majority party to form a democratic government in Pakistan. These professional politicians are running political parties more like public limited companies who don’t pay any tax. Benazir Bhutto is leader for life and so is Nawaz Sharif. They both should apologise to the people of Pakistan and return the looted money before stepping on Pakistani soil.

Altaf Hussain’s case is unique in the history of world politics, his party is in power but he is too scared to go to in his own country? He is obsessed with the security even in London. His minders have provided him state of the art security system, cameras, listening and recording devices and bodyguards. He spies on his own members of inner circle? A source provided a list of his investments and investors on his behalf in many parts of the world including London.

It is really not fair, politically and morally correct to negotiate with the wealth looters of Pakistan. President Musharaf should call free and fair elections under independent election commission.

Pakistan’s relations with the USA should be ‘SOLID BUT NOT SLAVISH’. President Musharaf should not feel shy in negotiation with its own people. He should remind the US that people are fully aware with their history of genocides and slavery. If the US thinks that they can invade tribal areas of Pakistan and win in next 50 years, they must be joking. A history lesson of the experience from the British would be worth having.

According to British historian Michael Wood’, ‘Alexander the Great faced armed resistance at two places during his world conquering expedition Palestine and Pakistan (Multan). People in Pakistan and Palestine will always resist and will carry on resisting until the occupiers and their collaborators meet their end. So do not under estimate the people of Pakistan.

There are many beneficiaries of war on terror but those who benefited the most are the defence industry, oil companies, Israel and India. They started state terrorism against the people; they have occupied Kashmir and Palestine for more than half a century. They have converted the legitimate struggle against occupation into terrorism and the so-called champions of democracy started reading from that hymn sheet.

Neocons and their cronies have not only destroyed the peace of the whole world, they have also caused grief and pain to their own people. No one in the Muslim world hates people of the USA; it’s the lies and deceptions of the Bush administration. Bush administration has made people in the US paranoid in their own homes, offices, roads, planes, airports etc.

Let there be no doubt that major cause of today’s red, yellow and orange alerts are some how linked to the policy of occupationism. The Muslim world has suffered human losses in millions in the name of collateral damage in the last few years. Be in peace with thy neighbour and expect the peace.

The problem starts when one sided and unjust policies are imposed by state terrorism, invasions, air strikes and people’s choices are not respected. Palestinian people are being punished for voting Hamas. This whole mockery of democracy seems a shamble.

Does it occur to any one that where ever former colonialists and new imperialists and their proxy Israelis go people start blowing themselves up? There was no suicide bombing in Iraq now more than 800+, there were no suicide bombing in Afghanistan until after the trigger happy US invasion, there were no suicide bombings in occupied Palestine before illegal occupation.

British marines have made a ‘dogs sanctuary in Kabul’ for dogs. A British marine have adopted an Afghani dog whose ears and tail its afghan owners have cut so he could fight longer in the ‘bloody dog fight’. The man’s best friend dog is currently in quarantine till December 2007 and will be with its new owner, who saved his life and brought to UK.

Islam teaches kindness to humans, animals, trees, and plants. Love and kindness to the animals ultimately make humans kind to fellow human beings. Islam is a religion of peace and no one should be allowed to use this for political and terrorist motives.

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is award winning senior investigative journalist and writer on international terrorism, security and foreign policy based in London)

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