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Pakistan’s nuclear program targeted by friends?

Dr Shahid Qureshi : –

Many analysts agree that Pakistan don’t need enemy if it has a friend like US keeping in view the policy of betrayal, selfishness and leaving in lurch. “People of Pakistan are asking the way its nuclear program is being targeted in the US and West, one wonders if the friends of Pakistan are part of the problem or solution?” I commented on BBC TV on Tuesday 8th January 2008.

People of Pakistan are very well aware with the faces and the addresses of the collaborators their interests both in and outside, who are destabilising Pakistan. The way others and US are following Indian agenda in the region is concerning and may lead to a situation which could go out of control?

The so-called leaders of the international community have lost credibility and leadership. They are considered more like pirates than peacemakers. Many believe that the US is self-harming and slowly dying in love of an illegal state with a limited shelf life? If that’s what they want then so be it? Many believes current bloody theatre in Iraq and threats to Iran, pressurising and targeting Pakistan are part of the US- Israel strategy including countries like India and others who just jumped the bandwagon.

According to analysts what could happen if Pakistan is destabilised or attacked? (a) More than 15 separatist armed militant movements currently going on India would reach its boiling point and disintegrate India (b) Certain countries could not afford two destabilised states with the 160 million and over 1 billion population in their neighbourhoods? (c) the whole lot of elite, friends and compromised beneficiaries of certain countries would be eliminated as happened after Iranian Revolution and this region might become out of bound and hell (d) reaction from 2.5 million retired and 600,000 active members of the Pakistani armed forces and public would be unimaginable for the invaders, their supporters and collaborators (e) Pakistan is not Iraq or Lebanon and people should learn from their experiences and come out of denial?

The only way forward seems to be is reality check, proper risk assessment without lies and deceptions, improvement of bilateral and multilateral relations to save lives, cut the losses and end this so-called dodgy war on terror? Though it is appalling and disgraceful the way some politicians and establishment officials behave in front of junior foreign officials? They don’t represent the Pakistani nation?

According to one analyst in London, “The public in Pakistan and the press are alarmed and enraged at the New York Times story on Expansion of CIA Activities in Pakistan. The newspapers went ballistic about the idea of the American role expanding inside Pakistan but no political party reacted to the news. This is ominous. If the concern of the political parties is with the perks of power rather than with articulating the concerns of the people, responding with popular policies to address those concerns, and administering the country in accordance with law, the people will speak more and more through the barrel of the gun”.

One media analyst said that certain media groups were also commissioned to run media campaigns of late Benazir Bhutto as part of the US sponsored deal with President Musharaf? Well looking at the media coverage one can easily detect the use of tools and techniques of psychological warfare, subliminal conditioning of the viewers, repetition of certain names and images’. Why?

“Should UN be moved to a neutral place like Switzerland and restructured”? I asked President Musharaf in London in December 2005. He said, ‘moving UN to a neutral place would not make any difference but agreed with the reformation’. In 2008 the United Nations is in even more dire need of restructuring due to its failures to protect small and vulnerable countries. The UN Security Council is not more than an exclusive club of both winners and losers of World War II excluding Japan? UNSC does not represent the whole world even half of it. In last 60 years UN has failed to resolve important long standing issues of occupation Kashmir by Indian, Israeli occupation of Palestine and most recently Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon.

UN is not an investigating agency and has no jurisdiction to investigate a criminal matter inside Pakistan even International Court of Justice have no jurisdiction to investigate or accept a criminal case registered in Pakistan. Though with limited resources Pakistani security services are competent to investigate a crime. “There is no harm in sharing experiences and learning from the excellent London Metropolitan Police (The Scotland Yard), I replied to a seemingly hostile London LBC Radio Presenter few days ago. He was of the view that there are many unsolved murders here in London and time should not be wasted somewhere else.

As far as Rafique Harirere’s murder investigation by UN Commission is concerned one should look at the beneficiaries of this incident first (a) more than 20 thousand Syrian troops withdrew from Lebanon, (b) Lebanon was invaded and brutally bombed by Israel not to mention the atrocities to human beings (c) Lebanon is still destabilise. The UN Hararere Commission wanted to interview Syrian leadership? What for and who for?

The recent statement of IAEA chair Mohammad Alberadi about the safety of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons is deplorable. The whole world knows how and why Mr Beradi got the Noble Prize and Mr Hans Blixs didn’t? The IAEA’s role in Iraq is known to the whole world?

One analyst said, ‘Pakistan is not Iraq or Afghanistan and any attack on Pakistan’s nuclear assets would make 160 million Pakistanis one force beyond imagination stronger, tougher, lethal and that will make this whole region out of bound for the attackers and conspirators because all the collaborators and cronies meet their end. We know that US is preparing Israel to attack Iran if that happened the dream of Greater Israel would become a nightmare for the US and its interest. “Don’t underestimate the people”, said Kuwaiti Deputy Prime Minister in response to my question at IISS about the Hizbulllah – Israel war in 2006.

Many think that IAEA should be dismantled and may be replaced with another international body with membership to all declared and undeclared countries? Many strategists agree that United Nations, IAEA are a blackmailing and pressurising tools in the hands of few?

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior award wining investigative journalist and writer on security, foreign policy, and terrorism based in London)

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