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Zardari’s India Friendly Toxic Assets

By Dr Shahid Qureshi: –

The screening of Obama’s blockbuster “Do more killings earn more $”, at President Asif Zardari’s virtual ‘Bambeeno Cinema’ and dinner at Hamid Karzai’s Kebab Shop with Indian beef Kebab’s served with Russian Vodka and American wine seems a perfect night out? But who will clear the mess after the party? The good thing is that President Obama for once understands the problems in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but worse thing is that he cannot fix it or can he?

What could be the reason of Zardari’ s happiness and constant grinning apart from shortage of none functioning and shrinking (demented) brain? Though Musharaf’s notorious NRO legislation bleached Zardari’s sins but he is got another tool (defence) up his sleeves ‘pleading insanity’ on the basis of his mental health. The Supreme Court of Pakistan and parliament should implement the constitution under which the mental capacity of the President and Commander in Chief must be fully functioning beyond reasonable doubt?

Zardari’s presidency stinks with the ingredients like Rehman Malik who got Benazir Bhutto killed as her security chief, Hussain Haroon and Haqqani who let UN pass resolution against Pakistan, his wife Farah Isphani Presidential spokesperson and list goes on. His active team members are corrupt, compromised, and mostly foreign nationals including Altaf Hussain?

They have destroyed Iraq most educated country in the Middle East, Afghanistan converted into rubble, a state run by the drug barons, where drug production was almost zero before US invasion, now increased to 1400% worth $35 billion a year also funding the Taliban with approximately $380 million yearly. …

President Zardari reportedly said in Washington, ‘he never considered India as a threat and would move troops from Indian border to Afghan if necessary’, his ISI chief Lt. General Ahmed Shuja Pasha said, ‘Terror is our enemy not India’, his interior minister Rehman Malik without full investigation said, ‘Pakistani soil was used for Mumbai Bombings’ and his Prime Minister agreed to send ISI chief to India for questioning’.

The toxic seeds sown by Musharraf are growing and need detoxification? If India is not threat then who is sponsoring terrorism in Baluchistan, funding Taliban in Swat and Waziristan and responsible for the separation of East Pakistan? AZ agreed to give transit route to India into Afghanistan? Surely it will not make any difference to the economy of India but definitely create a security nightmare for Pakistan . Are these people gone out of their minds or Pakistan run out off sanity? The above are the internal threats to the sovereignty of Pakistan?

How many times President Zardari and his Prime Minister Yusuf Gillani visited the 120, 000 Pakistani troops for moral boost, deployed on Pakistan- Afghanistan border fighting US‘s war on terror’ with Indo-US sponsored Taliban not to mention on LOC?  Leaders like George Bush, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, and President Obama have visited their troops on the front line.

People hope that Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Kiyani would be able to rise above this dodgy democratic mess of corrupt and compromised. Will real General Kiyani stand up for the country and his institution by detaching from the various traps laid including military take over?

The state of affair is so grim that traitors and anti-state elements are not only protected but also promoted by this regime? It is time for naming and shaming of all the corrupt serving and retired politicians, generals, civilians and others starting with the publication of a list of all foreign nationality holders including partners, foreign bank accounts, properties, assets and businesses among approximately 1200 parliamentarians, ministers, politicians, businessmen, civil and military officials. A country of 180 million cannot be left hostage to the elite of 5000 people involved in all kinds of irregularities and corruption?

On the other hand, United States has 180 million reasons to worry about Pakistan which are more dangerous than the nuclear arsenal and that is young and resilient population. A secret intelligence assessment prepared by the CIA in February 1984 – ‘Middle East – South Asia: Population Problems and Political Stability’- worried about age structures in societies with high fertility. Noting that as many as one-third of regional population is in the ‘political volatile 15 to 24 age group, ‘the document which was partially declassified in 1986, warned that young people are ‘ready recruits for opposition causes’, including Islamic nationalism, ‘which currently offers the principal ideological haven for Muslim youth’.

According to political experts the growth in population is a distinct advantage in the modern world. Geoffrey McNicoll of the population council explained in a November 1985 conference on global population trends at Stanford University – California that, ‘population weight conveys power or voice in world affairs’.

Similarly, late Ray S. Cline former Deputy Director of Intelligence at CIA said in a book, ‘The Power of the Nations in the 1990s’, ‘that a large territory accompanied by a large population, almost automatically confers the status of power on a nation.’ But political analysis, he added, ‘generally gives little more importance to people than to territory, since populous countries of an adequate size can exploit economic resources, mobilise armies, and bring their influence on others’.

Pakistan has around 2.5 million Afghan refugees living for the past 30 years, created by the US war against the Soviets in 1979. Around 1.6 million Pakistanis are displaced or become homeless due to the so-called USA ’s war on terror within FATA and Swat. It is quite evident that US actions has caused Pakistan losses of around $35 – $40 billion in past 8 years and increasing. This displacement of the population is not meaningless but would have far reaching affects. No one knows which Taliban to deal with CIA’s Taliban, RAW’s Taliban, MOSSAD’s Taliban, Russian FSB’s Taliban or ISI’s Taliban? Surely responsibility lies on national security agencies to clear the mess both inside and outside?

It is becoming more and more evident that the selfish mafia controlling US and its allies are seeking to destabilize the Middle East, Pakistan , and South Asia . They have destroyed Iraq most educated country in the Middle East, Afghanistan converted into rubble, a state run by the drug barons, where drug production was almost zero before US invasion, now increased to 1400% worth $35 billion a year also funding the Taliban with approximately $380 million yearly.

“Mumbai attacks were part of global strategy to balkanize the countries in the ‘Arc of Crisis’; with US military presence in both regions, to encircle China and threaten peace of the world that gets the world tired of war to accept global hegemony of the US and call it a ‘New World Order for Peace’ said a defence analyst.

If one still doesn’t understand then, it is China, Nukes, and Baluchistan stupid!!!!

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior award winning investigative journalist and writer on security, foreign policy, and terrorism based in London)


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