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Pakistan’s CSS exams ‘Cheaters mafia’ and beneficiary CSP officers must be dismissed

(Special Report): –

Government of Pakistan should disclose the names of CSP officers who cheated in the CCS examinations and constitute a Joint Investigation Team (JIT). It is much more dangerous than PIA fake license pilots because these CSP officers are vulnerable in the hands of ‘CSS cheating mafia Group’ as well as foreign agencies. It is reported that some cheaters might be posted in the police, security, foreign service, and district management (Administrative group). These CSS cheaters might be having access to the classified documents and as well as secret information linked with national security and economy of Pakistan. It is high time that chief justice of Pakistan orders an enquiry into this matter.

Last year we published “CSS or superior service examination is conducted by Federal Service Commission to recruit gazetted officers in Police, foreign and administrative services that run the country. It was reported that (FIA Federal) Investigation Agency has arrested three government officials who apparently leaking CSS examination papers to their ‘favorite’ candidates for money but that was not the whole truth’. The FIA arrested a man Tajamal Hussain Naqvie, Excise and Taxation office at Kucha Lawrence Road in Lahore. His mobile phone and laptop were confiscated, and he led the FIA to another arrest of Engineer Shazad Sial.

Both criminals revealed during the investigations that: their other accomplices in this plot of ‘planting of their own’ were Kahlid Hussain Mughree, Assistant Director Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Baluchistan, Awais Sharif, ASP from the Punjab Prison Service and Regional Tax office Multan. Inspector Sajjad. The FIA anti-crime cell has registered a case against the accused and unknown candidates of CSS examination (Superior Civil Service)’.

Engineer Shazad Sial told the FIA that: FPSC Quetta incharge Khalid Hussain Mugree was sending him CSS exam papers two hours before time of exams and he was sending to Excise and Taxation Officer, Lahore Syed Tajaml Hussain Naqvee. They have deposited Rs. 9,80000 shares of money in the Multan bank account of Khalid Hussian Mughree via Inspector Sajjad.

The investigations continue and more arrests are expected including of those who paid to pass the CSS exams and are may be sitting in high positions. The culprits must aware with names and details of the people who passed the exams. Those who paid and passed the exams must be immediately suspended and arrested for deception and national security breach.

The FIA is investigating candidates who passed the exams since 2010 apart from all the pressures from the mysterious powerful lobbies with close links with Indian friendly agencies in the neighborhood of Pakistan.


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