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Pakistan – Unilateral Declaration of Independence from USA

By Dr Shahid Qureshi

” Pakistan should announce “Unilateral Declaration of Independence from the US”, on 14th August 2008. Pakistan has survived many betrayals, back stabbings and losses in the past 61 years. Since 9/11 Pakistan’s economy has suffered more than $25 billion losses according to a rough estimate, thousands Pakistani citizens have been killed and displaced in this so called fake war on terror. After seemingly losing War in Afghanistan instead of looking for factors inside US decided to blame Pakistan for the losses”, said a senior analyst.

Feelings of national interests being ignored for foreign states are growing within US. For example Chris Hedges, a former New York Times Journalist and academic at Princeton University wrote an article in 2007, “A Declaration of Independence from Israel”. He wrote,’ Israel was born at midnight May 14, 1948. The U.S. recognized the new state 11 minutes later.

More than 170 million people in Pakistan and millions living abroad are talented, brave and hard working Pakistanis are watching current crisis anxiously. Imran Khan once said, ‘lions are ruled by hyenas.’ Pakistani nation is ready to get the independence from all the ‘rubbish’ it has to put up with for the last 61 years. It is time for the nation to announce unilateral declaration of Independence from all the players including United States and follow the policy, ‘what is in the best interests of Pakistan’. People of Pakistan want matters to be resolved within Pakistan and no politician and others related to stately affairs should be allowed to leave the country until justice is done. This outsourcing of politics and politicians is tarnishing the image of nuclear state?

It is very serious and concerning that Pakistani sensitive institutions are targeted by external elements with the help of their local agents. A spring cleaning of the country is urgently required starting from the ‘Top’, this time said an analyst. It is heart breaking and demoralizing for the talented and hardworking security institutions, when they see sworn ‘enemies of the state’ treated like heroes and VVIPs. The penetration of enemy agents is deep and high, which require a strong will and bravery to counter. It is pointless deputing hundreds of security guards around the walls and windows when enemy agents and subverts are entering from the front doors of the statecraft.

It is time to act with precision and speed of light because time is running out. Nation is right behind who ever takes the action. If this nation can become a nuclear weapon state with strong and professional armed forces out of nothing in 1947, survived four wars and constant Indian bullying at LOC, and challenges at Afghan border, it can survive this crisis and will be victorious because talent in the nation is beyond imagination. Someone said, ‘ISI has been very disrespectful when it toppled the CIA, Indian RAW and Israeli MOSSAD’s game plans and dumped the evidence like ‘dirty laundry’ outside Langley , the Headquarters of the CIA’. Well a country of 170 million must have some talent not sold? Why make enemies when one can have friends?

A Pakistani PhD student in Physics in UK University told a journalist 1998, ‘I have been followed by the security agents all the times and I have been taken to the police station for questioning few times. After Pakistan’s nuclear tests in May 1998, he told the security agent ‘may be you should stop following me because they have done it now’? But following did not stop. Is there any doubt that Pakistan’s nuclear program is a target of both so called friends and foes? If Zardari government as reported in press, ‘making big cuts in the Research and Development programs related to Pakistan’s nuclear sector’. How this move should be interpreted? Step towards denuclearization of Pakistan?

It is true that US is running this world very sophisticated. It is also important to see how Pakistani politicians and leaders are running their stately affairs. Is there any articulation and sophistication in their actions and behaviors? All most all the Chinese senior leaders can read write and speak English very well but they always speak in Chinese when foreign leaders visiting china or they are visiting other countries. One Chinese leader said, ‘if people don’t understand Chinese that is their problem’. A Chinese leader expert in English even never used to laugh until joke is fully translated. In actual fact it gives more time to think, respond and also an edge.

Some times half truth is more dangerous then a complete lie. No one knows what was going through Prime Ministers mind while meeting with President Bush, which he could not translate? It is ironic that Pakistani students spend most of their educational time in learning English language, which students in the three neighboring China , Iran and Afghanistan don’t have to. It definitely hinders freedom of thought and creativity?

It is sad that elite of Pakistan have their interests linked abroad. Their children and grand children are living abroad, who come to visit Pakistan when their dads or granddads are in power. People are doing jobs which they are not trained in including media and politics. Press and media definitely has a big responsibility but due to the sudden growth of TV channels, every Tome Dick, Harry and Sheila, Mona, Mary anchors have started behaving like expert journalists, started passing judgments. A senior journalist called them “intruders in journalism”. Journalists don’t pass judgments and understand national interests and state interests. Journalists and writers cannot change facts and realities and should not be blamed for others mistakes.

Mostly solutions of the problems are not hard and complicated as people made or present? It is the choice between personal interests and national interests make people vulnerable and complicate things? Pakistani leadership should look beyond Musharaf and Zaradri. A senior analyst suggested, ‘next President of Pakistan should come from Baluchistan, Sardar Attaullah Mengal would be a good choice? One can not be cured of disease by just keeping prescriptions in the pocket? To get better one has to take medication at the right time in the right dosage. Pakistan needs to review its policies towards wider world and protect its own national interests.

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior award wining investigative journalist and writer on security, foreign policy, and terrorism based in London)

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