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Pakistan & Turkey most affected by US policies and Terrorism to discuss global peace

(By Special Correspondent in Istanbul)

Lahore Centre for Peace Research (LCPR), a think tank from Pakistan, along with Turkish think tank, GASAM, is organizing its 2nd International Conference on Global Peace – 2019 (ICGP 2019) in Istanbul, Turkey on 27 April 2019. Venue of the conference is Hotel Titanic, Downtown Beyoglu, İstanbul.

Dignitaries and peace scholars from around the globe will be attending the conference including H.E. Enver Hoxhaj, Deputy Prime Minister, Republic of Kosovo, Mr. İdris Güllüce former Minister for environment and urbanism Mr. Ali Şahin, former Deputy Minister for European Union Affairs, Turkey, and scholars from France, USA, Romania, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India, Azerbaijan, Poland, Turkey and Pakistan. The conference is aimed at initiating a discourse for global peace, bringing scholars as well as statesman and people from all walks of life belonging to different countries on one platform.

The participants of the conference will become part of the academic initiative, the views, opinions and suggestions will be reflected in the conference report as a follow; and they will be invited on regular members of this peace club for future events to be organized by LCPR in Turkey or elsewhere. The conference is title as: Emergence of inter-regional cooperation: Shaping path of stability and prosperity.

The event will lay the foundation for regional, inter-regional and global peace which is the call of the day, particularly in the face of emerging extremism and terrorism though out the globe. It will also be a harbinger of peace for all those who wish to see a peaceful world, particularly the states and regions which are affected by such protracted issues and conflicts as Kashmir, Afghanistan, Palestine etc. Peaceful resolution of these issues will usher in an era of development and prosperity which every human being on earth deserves as a basic human right. The new concepts of connectivity, inter-regional cooperation and inter-dependence have emerged as a new hope for peace in the world. This conference is a small initiative towards the right direction of peace.

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