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Pakistan: The Raheel Sharif Review

By Dr Shahid Qureshi –
Pakistan is going through its critical phase. The way Pakistan is being administered made it challenging for all the institutions which are stretched to the limits. The civilian institutions like police, judiciary and district administration who have failed to protect the life and limb of its people. Following is a brief of major challenges Pakistan facing both nationally and internationally:
1.    Complicit and Complacent leadership
2.    Leaders and Dealers of Pakistan
3.    Pakistan Police: Private mercenary force of politicians 
4.    Judicial protection to criminal mafias – security threat  
5.    Rule and role of anti-Pakistani elements in disguise of politicians
6.    Dealings with International media  
7.    Indian shrewdness and Pakistani complacency
8.    Policy of Sandwiching Pakistan by India  
9.    Reforming and restructuring the national institutions
10.    Assets abroad and national security of Pakistan
11.    Pakistan narrative on India needs reviewing 
12.    Legitimate Demands of People 
13.    Pakistan: War in Afghanistan -US Relations
14.    US Plan in Afghanistan and Defence Contractors  
15.    Pakistan is hosting highest number of refugees – why?  
16.    Afghan War costing $7 Billion per month to US tax payers 
17.    US harmed Pakistan’s sovereignty and integrity
18.    US rule by Pakistani Agents
19.    Recruitment of US Agents in Pakistan
20.    US Policy of displacement and creating refugees
21.    NATO and US ignore Indian Army’s Genocide in Kashmir
22.    Indian false flag terrorism to Keep Pakistan under Pressure (why US have not claimed compensation   from Israel for the USS Liberty killings)
23.    Drone Attacks: Pakistan should go to International Criminal Court
24.    How US backed Regimes undermining Pakistan?
25.    Friendly advice to the US and NATO in Afghanistan
26.     US Defence contractors prolonging War in Afghanistan 
27.    What could happen if Pakistan is destabilized or attacked?
28.    US and Pakistan’s Tribal Areas (FATA)
29.    Indian Game in Afghanistan
30.    Conspiracy to constitutionally Break Pakistan 
31.    US policy of Disposables Diplomacy

(1) Complicit and Complacent leadership 
Sheer incompetence and corruption of Pakistani politicians keep toppling democracy all the times. “Had former Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilliani invested in policing his son wouldn’t have been kidnapped from his own home town Multan and taken to some unknown location in Pakistan-Afghanistan border, I said in a BBC News program. Pakistani politicians use police force as a tool to suppress opponents and get away with murders. Had Benazir Bhutto allowed investigation of the C-130 plane crash of late President and Army Chief General Zia ul Haq and other senior officers she might be alive today. But she sent a message to Pakistan Air Force Investigator Group Captain Zaheer Zaidi who already had the information and evidence of sabotage via her minister Col. Ghulam Sarwar Cheema. On 18th March 1989, (in the month of Ramadan), there was an Ifftiar party at the Intelligence School, Guldana Camp, in the Hill Resort of Ghora Gali. The Chief Guest at the party was Colonel ® Ghulam Sarwar Cheema, Minister of Defence (Benazir Bhutto Government). Group Captain Zaheer Zaidi , being the Commander of the near by PAF Base, Lower Topa was also invited to the party finding an opportunity Zaidi mentioned the subject of the inquiry into the C-130crash to the Minister. Cheema told him to be quiet and he would come to talk to him at base and talk on the subject. He came to stay at the PAF base VIP guesthouse from 5- 8 May 1989. During his stay one day he summoned Group Captain Zaheer Zaidi and said: “Mr, I have brought a message of BB (Benazir Bhutto) to you: it is (a) It was an act of God (b) Let the dead sleep peacefully in their graves, (c) Whoever wants to ask anything in this matter should telephone God (d) You will not say anything on this subject; in future keep your mouth shut”. This was clear threat to the Air Investigator Zaidi?

Had Benazir Bhutto Prime Minister of Pakistan conducted investigation in the C-130 plane crash of Pakistan Army Chief and President Zia ul Haq she might be alive today and her murderers would have been brought to justice?   

Without going much into details as it might rattle some cages and rock few boats I am coming to the current position of the state of governance and democracy in Pakistan. The fact of the matter is that current democracy and most of the mandate claimed is a fraud with the nation.

Apart from all that and moving swiftly Armed Forces of Pakistan supported the democracy and even than Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani not only visited Nawaz Sharif but also offered full support which has proven to be waste of time and energy as his and gang’s ‘fixation with one sided love with India’ is not getting the light? He seems to be surrounded by people with no vision and strategic thinking. Some are just copying plans from other countries and pretending to be genius.

(2) Leaders and Dealers of Pakistan

Former PM Shaukat Aziz told me in the PM house in 2006: ‘This place (PM House) was filled with commission agents and dealers’. That has been the case all the time?

When I said to President General Musharraf in the Parliament House in London that: “your NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) has proven to be the blackest chapter in the legal and constitutional history. President Musharraf said: That is true but what I could do things were not moving forward cases were pending in the courts for years.

That is the fundamental problem with courts at all levels. Politicians and mafias got judges in their syndicates. Especially granting ‘stay orders’ without time line to the powerful and not even questioning when you going to come back to the court?

(3) Pakistan Police: Private mercenary force of politicians

Pakistan police has become a private army – a mercenary force for the politicians by using this they are getting away with murders and twisting arms of poor and opponents. The tragic incident of ‘Model Town’ is prime example of criminality mind set within the police system. This police have become a security threat to Pakistan and is more dangerous than Taliban. According to a study one of the reasons of increase in military death in Pakistan is due corruption, incompetence and politicisation of police. The local intelligence system is collapsed due to corruption in police. The role of SHO is crucial but now who ever buy this office can do what ever they like from murder to drugs to terrorism. All the ‘suicide bombers’ and terrorists launched in the towns and cities of Pakistan need logistical support and base. Police is the main institution, which deals with the street level intelligence and pulse of the people.  The terrorist attacks on Karachi Airport, Mehran Base and even GHQ was not due to the competence of the terrorists but in actual fact it was failure of policing and holes in the system, which terrorists used.

(4) Judicial protection to criminal mafias – security threat  

In Past 12 years very few terrorists have been brought to justice and/or hanged. It is true that police failed to provide evidence but judiciary itself failed to modernised itself according to needs of the day. The law of evidence and swiftness in the judicial process is still old and obsolete. Courts at all levels are mainly dealing with cases related to land and property disputes. The whole court system is criminal friendly than providing justice to the victim. Might is right is the order of the day. When a judge and police officer become corrupt – it destroys the foundations of the state – no army or nukes and missiles can save the state – It is a well known fact that when enemy operatives and terrorist make their base, first thing they do is make a contact with local criminal mafia, which provides them all the necessary means from arms, logistics and human resources. Sadly all the land and other Mafias in Pakistan cannot function without local political protection starting from the bottom up and top down according to the size and influence.

 (5) Rule and role of anti-Pakistani elements in disguise of politicians  

From 2008 to 2013 PPP leader President Asif Zardari ruled Pakistan for five years with the support of Indophile political parties – ANP and MQM. The constituency of the Benazir’s PPP would not have done that. During her father’s popular rule from 1972 to 1977, ANP was allowed to rule two important provinces – NWFP and Baluchistan. Nawaz Sharif’s love for India is not hidden. No body want problem with India but size of the border fence depends of the behaviour of neighbour. It is not realistic to de-militarise and demonise the institutions of Pakistan.

This was the first time that ANP became a ruling party; until then it was considered pro-India unworthy of being trusted with state power. But the provincial governments defied the centre and were dismissed. That started a civil war of sorts in which India and the USA took the side of rebels thus confirming suspicions that the ANP continued to have links with its erstwhile Indian friends. The rebellion was crushed with a combination of force and politics. The rebels came into the political fold and the past as forgotten. That was until the invasion of Afghanistan in the wake of 9/11. The American CIA restated the rebellion in Baluchistan as a part of its plan against Afg-Pak.

The MQM came into being during the rule of General Zia as a political instrument to be used against the PPP led by Benazir Bhutto. It was given a free hand to gerrymander the city of Karachi which it has used to control the city of Karachi and Hyderabad ever since. It was not content with that; it built contacts with the CIA, RAW and MI5. Realising its power and its international contacts Benazir entered into a coalition with MQM after it won the elections in 1989. On the instructions of its handlers it withdrew from the coalition bringing down the Benazir Government. Mian Nawaz Sharif who became the Prime Minister next also entered into a coalition with the MQM and was blackmailed and eventually betrayed. In the second Benazir Administration, the MQM was faced with the full force of law and its leaders – Altaf Hussain –fled to the UK from where he still controls this outlaw organisation.

In 1999, a coup d’état brought an MQM supporting General Musharraf to power. His Finance/Prime Minister– Shaukat Aziz – was also a Mohajir. The MQM ruled the country for nine years from 1999 to 2008. With the return of Benazir from exile in 2007, it was hoped that the MQM control over the reins of power would end. But she was assassinated in 2007 and her widower, Asif Zardari, who became the PPP Chairman and President of the country, cared less for his constituency and was more afraid of the MQM, resulting in the MQM dominating policy for another five years. Now the electorate has punished the PPP for ignoring the aspirations of its constituency and following the diktat of his foreign patrons and the blackmailers of Karachi. But this leaves a hard legacy for Mian Nawaz Sharif who has a different constituency to satisfy which is alert and is much more suspicious of India.

The elections of 2013 have produced very decisive results. Two of the three ruling parties – PPP and ANP – have been almost eliminated from three provinces of Pakistan. But the PPP and the MQM continue to hold sway in interior Sindh and the city of Karachi respectively. The MQM had to resort to massive rigging and manipulation and yet win fewer seats. It has come to light that it is not the love of Altaf Hussain but the fear the MQM that has been delivering victory to that party. That fear is dissipating thanks to the rise of Imran Khan’s TIP. Including the MQM in the ruling coalition in Sindh or the federal government is no longer a political necessity. If the new Prime Minister stuck to his wish of avoiding a coalition administration, he would be able to resist internal as well as external pressures.

(6) Dealings with International media

Leaders, politicians including Nawaz Sharif should be careful when talking to the media in English language. Expression of one-sided love for peace and for India would damage his credentials. As Prime Minister he leads 180 million Pakistanis and strong armed forces that will stand behind him in his ‘Recovery and Reconstruction plans’.

(7) Indian shrewdness and Pakistani complacency  

The Indian sweat talking and meaningless time wasting talks did not get Pakistan anywhere in the past and serve no useful purpose now. India is good at softening targets with Bollywood bombers and its highly professional electronic media, which builds credible narrative on the foundation of complete lies. Death of Indian terrorist Serbjit Singh in a Pakistani prison, and brutal killing of a Pakistani prisoner in Jammu Kashmir Indian jail raise question about the peaceful intentions of India. The Indian establishment is under tight and permanent control of a small minority with anti-Pakistan bias. Its policy in Bangladesh shows that it does not spare even its puppets; it uses them even more blatantly to tighten its hold. The on-going Indian state terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir and its going ahead with building nearly 150 dams in Jammu and Kashmir is much more eloquent testimony of India’s real plans – not the song and dance of Aman ki Aasha. Acquiescence to India’s never ending negotiations is a betrayal of 100,000 who died in the struggle for the freedom of Kashmir.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif expected to give top priority to the economy of Pakistan as he is fully aware how the economy of Pakistan especially the Punjab as ravaged by five years long load shedding. Many believe that was not incompetence; it was it was a part of the plan by the previous India friendly regime in Pakistan. India’s political pundits have said openly from time to time that Pakistan cannot be beaten on the battlefield; but it is vulnerable to India’s water bomb.

(8) Policy of Sandwiching Pakistan by India

The policy of ‘India friendly government’ and ‘anti-Pakistan government in Afghanistan’ has damaged Pakistan much more than any overt war. . While Pakistan does and must want peace with India that objective cannot be achieved by Bollywood overtures. Nawaz Sharif will need to review the harmful and anti-state policies of General Mushraff which Zardari regime continued.

Nawaz Sharif was generous with the corrupt Zaradri regime, which led Pakistan into darkness in the literal sense. Pakistan need to have peaceful relationship with its all neighbours especially Iran in the context of Baluchistan ‘great game’ and all weather friends including Saudi Arabia, UAE and other gulf states which employ Pakistan’s 

(9) Reforming and restructuring the national institutions

Apart from the all the immature attitudes of Pakistani politicians from all the parties people in the know believe that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should be given a chance to mend the ways of his government in the capital with a time line. On the other hand government should show maturity and deliver as well as come out of ‘monarchic style rule’. Timing and flexibility in politics is very important which Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif should understand now before its very late.

The idealism of Imran Khan and insecurity of the PML-N is not helping, as bravery and vision are something, which cannot be injected or bought. Corruption makes people weak, coward and compromising. That is true from judges to the presidents as corruption is radioactive.

(10) Assets abroad and national security of Pakistan

The wealth and assets of the politicians abroad have become a national security threat to Pakistan. The new rich finance minister Ishaq Dar has crossed all the lines in his greed to stay in power so much so he has compromised the national security and lives of the people for short term political gains in Sind by negotiating with ‘local arm’ of the evil forces like Xe aka Black water.

(11) Pakistan narrative on India needs reviewing

I am not sure if Nawaz Sharif’s one sided love and romanticism about making love with India not war over or still in his system? There will be no peace with India without the resolution of Kashmir issue. That is a fact so live with it. One cannot close eyes of India’s ‘water-bombing’ just because leaders drink mineral water.

He must understand that all the operations launched in Kashmir by Pakistan from 1948, 1965 and Kargil in 1997 were legal under international law as Kashmir is part of Pakistan and is under illegal occupation and it has every right to fight for its freedom from the aggressor. The UN only act in East Timor and South Sudan as most residents are Christians and when it comes to Palestine and Kashmir UN sleep over them?

In actual fact it was India who attacked Pakistan in 1948, 1965 and 1971 by crossing international borders. Indian generals and writers are admitting their involvement in the creation of Bangladesh and break up of East Pakistan. More recently India is sponsoring and supporting terrorist groups in FATA, Baluchistan and Karachi.

The problem with the Indian leadership is that they all lack ‘vision’ and also suffered from severe inferiority complex since 1947. A.W Hume the founder of the congress was a white British European over 100 years ago and now still its leader a white Italian born European Sonia Gandhi real name, Antonia Edvige Albina Maino daughter of Parents: Stefano Maino and Paola Maino. The Indian national inferiority complex can be seen with the sale of whitening creams in India. That also affects their make up of foreign policy when India is hostile to all its brown and yellow neighbours, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal all have problems with racist Indian policies and hostility both inside and abroad.

Nawaz Sharif unfortunately does not understand narrative that Indian can still be good neighbour of Pakistan without undermining it? There policies in the region are part of the problem and not solution.

The self-blaming and subjugated mentality towards India has created problems for him. People around him like Pervez Rashid, Khawaja Saad Rafique, Khwaja Asif all had problems with the military and probably did not have psychological closures of ill treatment of Musharraf period. They become too idealist when talking and comparing democracy with Europe but failed to see the corruption within their ranks?

It’s the advisors around Nawaz Sharif that are not letting him down and he is not ready to share the power with the others within the party? Politicians have made parties like family business all the leaders are parachuted in rather than moved upward from the bottom. It has become more like a mafia.

Pervez Rashid should be sent to Gaza to see that solid argument (Palestinian case) does not work without a solid armed force. As his comments after shooting of Geo journalist that ‘we are with the argument and not with the army’ (hum daleel waloon kaa sath hain, gulail waloon kaa sath nahee’ was a direct attack on the armed forces of Pakistan? Than total undermining of the ISI and its Chief on pro Indian Geo TV for 8 hours under the watch of Nawaz Sharif as prime minister sent loud and clear message to the army where his government heading – suicide.

There was a welcoming change in the narrative towards the armed forces of Pakistan recently? The military leadership and civil establishment clearly understand or should understand:

1.    That mixing family businesses of politicians with (India) has compromised the national interests of Pakistan.
2.    Transfer of national wealth to UK, Europe and other places has made all the politicians very vulnerable, compromising and open to abuse.
3.    Recent historical fact is that not a single corrupt politician was able to take his wealth back to his country from Swiss banks or elsewhere.
4.    If Nawaz Government in Pakistan can open files of tax evasion or corruption of Tahir ul Qadri so can the British Government or Swiss Government for them if needed so there is no need to be ‘smart alec’.
5.    Obviously most of the growth in their wealth is a result of corruption and can easily be proved that all these assets are product of ‘crime proceeds’ and therefore ceased by the state.
6.    Or you do what we ask you to do for us and that is how these people have not only got their hands tied up with their feet and mouth sealed.

(12) Legitimate Demands of People  

On the other hand what PTI leader Imran Khan is asking is perfectly legal, genuine and sensible. However, It is not a time to do a ‘long march’ and create any law and order situation as well as stretch the armed forces of Pakistan. It is right march at a wrong time.

1.    Imran Khan should give Nawaz Sharif Government a clear time line to deliver reforms and changes with the guarantees from all the stakeholders in Pakistan.
2.    Electoral reforms are the most important element at the moment.
3.    That can be done by a Presidential ordinance and later approved by the parliament.
4.    Regime change is not going to be useful and it will bring in the same corrupt lot again.
5.    Electronic voting system should be launched as soon as possible.
6.    Local bodies elections should be done on electronic machines.
7.    Politicians heavily rely on the police force to get their ways and also get away with murders.
8.    That was one of the reasons that police reforms did not take place in Pakistan during Musharraf’s time.
9.    Now it is time to have that done and de-politicise the police in Pakistan. 
10.    One final thing Imran Khan should demand from the Nawaz Government is that it must write a letter to the Swiss Government to release the names and identities of the people holding national wealth of $200 billon in Swiss Banks. That will be enough to pay off all the debts of Pakistan?

(13) Pakistan: War in Afghanistan -US Relations

On the international front Nawaz Sharif don’t have a full time foreign minister and Prime Minister also assumed this role. It is beyond imagination that a country 0f about 200 million with strong armed forces with nuclear capabilities, long rang missiles covering whole of Indian including Israel, have war going on the neighbourhood in Afghanistan with NATO and US forces is non serious about the foreign policy?

The reality is launching a weak player or giving a walk over with soft response ignoring the national interests is also treachery. These politicians will never do this in there own businesses i.e. hire an incompetent person to run their business? For that very reason the country is getting poorer and drowning in debts but assets and wealth of these people rocketing sky high and growing by seconds.

The policy of looting the million and sharing with few hundreds in the country to protect the loot is on the full swing. Have a look all the land societies. How small time crooks are flying in jets and hiring retired generals and judges with the loot to escape from the wrath of the people looted. People are forced to say that at least the civil administration and judiciary should be handed over to the ‘Taliban’. Public opinion is getting more and more frustrated and angry. 
There seems to be no clear policy of the current regime as how to deal with the challenges concerning the US lead military occupation of Afghanistan and drone attacks on Pakistan. Pakistan suffered approximately $100 billion economic losses, deployed more than 147,800 troops conducting combat operations in the tribal areas along the Afghan border. The Pakistan armed forces have lost more than 5000 soldiers, with another 6,400 injured. They sustain an average of 10 casualties each day, and approximately 50,000 Pakistani civilians killed by suicide bombers and terrorism.

The so called democratic government left every thing in the court of The Armed Forces to deal with, which has already paid very heavy price in terms of financial and human cost. This detachment of the regime is seen as if they are undermining, damaging and colluding with the enemies of the state of Pakistan. There should have been a review from the government, which completely failed to protect the national interests of the state.

There is no doubt that problems in Pakistan are due to the US policies and occupation of Afghanistan and not the other way around. US is in habit of blaming others for the failures of its policies as it was in the case of Vietnam i.e. blaming the neighbours, shifting the blame and not taking responsibility. I have discussed following issues on various occasions in the past years as how US policies affected Pakistan as well as the region.

(14) US Plan in Afghanistan and Defence Contractors

Since US arms dealers and defence contractors seemingly run military and defence policy. I asked the Australian Army Chief at International Summit in London on “End Sexual Violence in Conflict – 10-13 June 2014”  – Soldiering is an honourable profession and only job in which a soldier sign his death warrant a part of job description, but these mercenaries have made soldiering a disgrace.

Now any plan B in Afghanistan would make the exit hard, even difficult for allies and US. Now they have one Qandhar ‘Pushtuns’ with plan B they will have three Qandhars of Uzbeks and Tajiks in Afghanistan. There is only one way to solve the problems in Afghanistan and that is way out of Afghanistan without defeated. Shifting the blame on Pakistan would make things worse for allies and US as it would be like ‘blaming the pope and living in Rome’. Afghan venture is costing too much to the US taxpayers as following report confirms. Cross border militancy from Af-Pak border is only 3% due to the presence of 2 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

(15) Pakistan is hosting highest number of refugees – why?  

As a result of Soviet invasion in 1979 and US and Western intervention in Afghanistan in 1981 against the soviets resulted migration of 3 million refugees in Pakistan. This has made demographic and social changes within KPK province. Sadly all the regimes in Pakistan have been quietly extending stay of the afghan refugees in Pakistan with UNCHR.  When I asked Sartaj Aziz advisor to Prime Minister for foreign affairs at London think-tank IISS: ‘what assistance are you getting from the countries whose intervention caused this migration’. His response was ‘very little’.  

(16) Afghan War costing $7 Billion per month to US tax payers
“U.S. expenditures on Afghanistan are now nearly $7 billion per month. This course would not make sense because U.S. interests in Afghanistan are not high enough to justify such an investment. The United States now deploys about 100,000 troops in Afghanistan, yet according to the CIA; there are now only 50 to 100 al Qaeda fighters there. That is between 1,000 and 2,000 soldiers and perhaps a billion dollars per terrorist each year — far beyond any reasonable expenditure of U.S. resources given the stakes involved. The original U.S. military objective in Afghanistan was to destroy al Qaeda, not to fight the Afghan Taliban, and that goal has largely been accomplished”, according to ‘Foreign Affairs’ report January/February 2011, Plan B in Afghanistan – Why a De Facto Partition Is the Least Bad Option’ by Robert D. Blackwill

(17) US harmed Pakistan’s economy, sovereignty and integrity

Keeping in view the above spending in Afghanistan by the US, and its support to Pakistan proves that USA has abused Pakistani state, its infrastructures as well caused over thousands military deaths and over 30,000 civilian deaths. So-called US friendship to Pakistan proved to be lethal, poisonous as well undermines the foundations of the country. Surly that is only possible if Pakistanis in power ignored their national interests and protected their own by selling their souls for green cards and money?

There is no doubt Pakistan’s economy suffered approximately $100 billion losses by the US led fraudulent ‘War on Terror’ in Afghanistan because before the war Pakistan’s annual trade with Afghanistan was about $2 billion a year. But who is going to bell the cat and tell US that your trigger happy policy made Pakistan suffer economically as well as human losses to the Pakistani citizens. Over all Pakistan’s economy and people suffered losses approximately $100 billion in the past 12 years. The burden of over 2.5 million Afghan Refugees living in Pakistan for over 33 years as result of first US led adventure against Soviets since 1979. On the basis of logic and probability US friendship with the State of Pakistan has proved to be fatal, harmful, damaging and one sided?

(18) US rule by Pakistani Agents
US must connect with the people of Pakistan and abandon policy of ‘rule by assets’ because it is not long standing and credible. The Indianised elements in the US administration are misleading the country on the instigations of some lobbies and made US and its friends in Pakistan a symbol of ‘shame and treachery’.

The State of Pakistan does not owe anything to the US because United States has taken full advantage of every dollar spent and profited from this love hate relationship. Some corrupt Pakistanis might have become rich but State of Pakistan has suffered with the treacherous policies adopted and accepted by these individuals ‘assets’. They see US as ‘us’ and not United States. So how can it be a dialogue when people negotiating are considered as US assets? Pakistan – U.S. relations should base on mutual respect and equality.

People like Hussain Haqqani Pakistani former ambassador to US should be arrested for issuing visas to ‘private mercenaries’ with special powers given to him by President Zardari. He issued visas without security clearance from the Pakistani agencies while his wife Farah Isphani minding President Zardari in Islamabad. Hussain Haqqani reportedly issued 10,521 visas from July to November 2009 to the Americans. He issued approximately 500 Pakistani visas in 24 hours using special powers given by President Zardari. Blood of every one killed civilian or soldier by these agents is on the hands of Zardari and Haqqanis?

(19) Recruitment of US Agents in Pakistan

Ironically Pakistani governments and the establishment have always facilitated the US policies? US enjoy this advantage because it has an elaborate plan to ensure its grip on the governing infrastructure of Pakistan. Amongst a number of ostensibly innocent ways to ensure this control, two are quite prominent. One is the ‘International Visitor Programme and the other is Fulbright Scholarship. Under visit programme, US attracts important / influential members of Pakistani society i.e. politicians, civil/military bureaucrats, journalist, intellectuals etc by offering a visit to US under privileged arrangements.

During these visits, required people are spotted and later on engaged to work for both short and long term US interests in Pakistan. It does not end here, later on; these people are also assisted and supported to progress in their fields to reach targeted positions of high value from where they can provide required service to their masters. Every year short listing of the potential individuals is done by the existing sources in respected fields that are duly supervised by US embassy. A complete profile of the short listed individuals is made with special emphasis on strong / weak areas. These areas of the individuals are exploited during their visits / tours to US and they are motivated or forced to work for US interests. Lucrative postings of the armed forces for UN peace missions can be a good networking start for future assets.

According to reports, ‘since FATA has become an important area for US, five Pakistanis from FATA were selected to go to US where they stayed for almost a month. Baluchistan carries a similar position for US, so no wonder US regularly sends short listed Baluch nationalists on these visits. US efforts on Pakistani politicians of the mainstream parties never stop. Currently, more than a dozen sitting MNAs (Members of National Assembly) of leading political parties are on a trip to US. It is interesting to note that most of these MNAs are members of Parliament’s Standing Committee for Defence, which indicates that US wants to develop source to keep a closer eye on Pakistan’s defence infrastructure including the nuclear asset.

In 43 years from 1964 to 2007, total numbers of Pakistanis visited USA was 710 but the numbers shot up in 2007-2008 when 207, Pakistanis have visited US under Fulbright scholarship? These sponsored visits to US cover almost all-important fields of Pakistani society which include Armed Forces / civil bureaucracy (both senior and junior levels) religious scholars, politicians, businessmen, media personnel and students”.

The beneficiaries of this US patronage, work for their master on long term bases and reach place of strategic value. All the way through, heavy financial rewards and full protection is guaranteed to these individuals in case they are in trouble. One can simply recall a number of journalists, politicians and bureaucrats, who were caught for their wrongdoings but went scoot free to the utter surprise of every one. It was known later that US government exerted pressure for such releases. It would be wise if USA and others connect with the people of Pakistan then recruiting, investing and protecting small ‘chiefs or thieves’.

(20) US Policy of displacement and creating refugees

US policies around the world and especially in Pakistan created refugees and internally displaced people in SWAT and FATA to further destabilize the country. Millions of people in Pakistan are waiting to be fully rehabilitated; 2.5 million Afghan refugees are burden on the economy on Pakistan as well as social problems. They can’t go back NATO and US have occupied Afghanistan and fighting an un-winnable war. All this is happening as part of US design and not mere co incidents i.e. keep turmoil in the country.

(21) NATO and US ignore Indian Army’s Genocide in Kashmir

US have forgotten about the sufferings and miseries of the people in Indian occupied Kashmir. US have ignored 92685 killings, 115877 arrests, 15665 home demolitions, by Indian Security Forces, and 22675 widows and 107218 orphans? Kashmir is not a matter of land dispute or real estate. If Indians solve this long-standing issue both countries can live like US and Canada. India should not worry too much about over inflated trickle down affect as historically links among the people are much stronger and will further improve. It will leave lot of money to spend on poverty elevation in both countries.

(22) Drone Attacks: Pakistan to go to International Criminal Court (ICC)?

US has no mandate from the UN to attack inside Pakistani territory therefore these attacks are illegal under international law and a case against US could be filed in the International Criminal Court (ICC). US drone attacks have killed over 2000 people in about 196 drone attacks. Pakistani courts should also prosecute the local collaborators who drop ‘sims’ at the drone targets.

In 1996, the United States and Iran reached “an agreement in full and final settlement of all disputes, differences, claims, counterclaims” relating to the incident at the International Court of Justice. As part of the settlement, the United States agreed to pay US$61.8 million, an average of $213,103.45 per passenger, in compensation to the families of the Iranian victims. However, the United States has never admitted responsibility, nor apologized to Iran. Iran Air Flight 655, also known as IR655, was a civilian airliner shot down by US missiles on 3rd July 1988, over the Strait of Hormuz, toward the end of the Iran–Iraq War. The aircraft, an Airbus A300B2 operated by Iran Air as IR655, was flying from Bandar Abbas, Iran, to Dubai, UAE, when it was destroyed by the U.S. Navy’s guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes, killing all 290 passengers and crew aboard, including 66 children.

(23) Indian false flag terrorism to Keep Pakistan under Pressure

A small minority of greedy bankers and pawnbrokers have hijacked USA and causing harm to its interests. These greedy people want to profit from deaths, misery and destruction by blackmail be it claiming compensation from Libya for plane crash in Lockerbie or now filing a lawsuit against Pakistani security agencies in US for Mumbai Bombings without any proof or evidence. Though many people in the Indian security circles believe it was Indo-US joint operation to put pressure on Pakistan.

US should avoid planned prophecies because one wonders how and why US – Israeli prophecies proved to be so true about everything happening according to the script. One was US Secretary Gates to conclude that al-Qaeda is attempting to spark a war between India and Pakistan. Mr. Gates while praising India for not attacking Pakistan immediately following the November 2008 Mumbai attacks, warned India could not be expected to show such restraint if another attack happened.

Al-Qaeda is a trump card which can be used against any one, anytime and anywhere. Indians were intelligent not to start war with Pakistan after Mumbai Terrorist attacks and might have realised ‘the game’ behind the attacks? Though there are millions naked and hungry Indians walking about and looking for toilets, yet its government managed to spend $billions to buy arms after the attacks. Indian media was quite active in exposing the role of a US citizen David William Hedley.

The Mumbai attacks were blamed on the Lashkar-e Taiba (LeT) a small group operated in the Indian occupied Kashmir which denied involvement but then a Srinagar special branch official was arrested for providing mobile SIM cards to the alleged attackers. Mumbai attacks were too big for their shoes though some ‘useful idiots’ might have been lured into. According to a British defence think tank RUSI (Royal United Security Institute) expert, “around 100 people would require to do this kind of attack”.

But fact of the matter is that its mastermind David William Hedley is a US citizen from Pakistani father (an employee of Voice of America) and reportedly a Jewish mother. He was operating with the knowledge of the US security agencies. According to a senior security analyst and media reports, “Bizarrely David William Hedley was born in Washington USA to a Pakistani father and a Jewish American mother travelling in and out of India without any problem. Indian investigators, suspect that he remained on the payroll of the US security services — possibly working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

(24) How US backed Regimes undermining Pakistan:

·    Creating electric shortages for no real reason to destroy industry and economy following IMF agenda
·    Why Pakistan’s nuclear scientist not allowed producing electricity for the country because Zardari regime is starving the nuclear science field by budget cuts, this is de-nuclearization.
·    Not taking stand on water issue with India
·    This regime is deliberately taking Pakistan to the failure by strangling the poorest under the IMF agenda.
·    So much so that the Iranian ambassador to Pakistan has to make a press statement that, ‘Iran can provide cheap electricity to Pakistan and price can be discussed later’. So what is the hurdle?
·    According to the Newsweek magazine issue dated February 9, 2009, “And while the Americans blast the bad guys in the tribal areas, the Pakistanis have been confronting problems in their own ranks. Since September 2008, (since Zardari become President), 140 pro-Islamist officers have been mustered out of ISI, according to a senior diplomatic official in Washington, asking not to be named on such a sensitive topic.”
·    Historically US has never been a friend of Pakistan in need, be it war in 1965 or nuclear deal with India, and all its friends paid heavy price be it individuals or countries? One wonders if friends of Pakistan like US and others are part of the problem or part of the solution?
·    If this is Pakistan’s war then why USA is paying for it. Pakistan sold its services too cheap? One US/UK private security guard (mostly ex military) is getting paid approximately £300 – £500 (Rs 36900 – Rs. 61500) a day in Iraq according to press reports. Pakistan’s economic and human losses are far more than anyone else. What for? 
·    Surely US know that British couldn’t de-Islamise India in 200 years and they cannot do either but it is a good exercise for shrinking brain Pakistani leaders and war profiteering mafia in the US?  How can one ignore 650 million Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani Muslims and their potential? One must know that Islam does not require defending?

(25) Friendly advice to the US and NATO in Afghanistan:

·    Cut your losses and move out because people don’t want to be occupied
·    Don’t repeat the same mistake again like leaving Afghanistan in a mess after Soviet withdrawal
·    Start reconstruction and rehabilitation process in Afghanistan and Iraq
·    Hearts and minds could be won with love not bombs, food not threats
·    Fundamental change in the US foreign policy
·    Unnecessary, unfair and too much support of Israel have made lives of US citizens risky and open to hostility?
·    It seems US need to fight and win a war of liberation within from selfish
·    ‘Wall Street’ blackmailers, opportunists and hijackers of the very fundamental values of the US society and Constitution?
·    Efforts must be made to save innocent lives
·    Safe return of more than 2.5 million Afghan refugees from Pakistan,  as they are a burden on Pakistan economy.
·    History tells ‘people of this region don’t forget their revenge’, and Pakistan is not Andalusia. Pakistan’s existence lies in defiance of international plotters? Though Swat and Baluchistan tensions seem to be linked with revenge and grievances but in reality it is a ‘plot to contain China’?

(26) US Defence contractors prolonging War in Afghanistan

Without going much into US history it is important to understand that US economy and society is founded on the blood and sweat of millions of African slaves and bodies of indigenous Americans. Those who were running these cartels and slave trade at that time were mostly linked with criminals, ‘transported’ from Europe. They were criminals from street cons to murderers.

When we look at the negotiations and dealings of the US officials and politicians with Pakistani politicians, it clearly sounds like ‘big cons’ are dealing with the small street thieves who are not only supposed to earn their living but also give share to the big cons?

I commented on BBC TV on Tuesday 8th January 2008, “many analysts agree that Pakistan don’t need enemy if it has a friend like US keeping in view the policy of betrayal, selfishness and leaving in lurch. “People of Pakistan are asking the way its nuclear program is being targeted in the US and West, one wonders if the friends of Pakistan are part of the problem or solution?”

(27) What could happen if Pakistan is destabilized or attacked by India?

Keeping in view recent attacks on the Cease Fire Line of Kashmir and working boundary by the Indians, which is understood as ‘secret support of Nawaz Sharif’ from Modi, lead Indian government. What Indians and other sleeping partners must understand and know that:

·    Pakistan will Nuke India with its ‘small’ nuke weapons by eliminating any forces assembling on its borders with design to cross into Pakistan. This is based on information and not on assumption. 
·    More than 15 separatist armed militant movements currently going on in India would reach its boiling point and disintegrate India?
·    Certain countries could not afford two destabilized states with the 180 million and over 1 billion population in their neighbourhoods?
·    The whole lot of elite, friends and compromised beneficiaries of certain countries would be eliminated as happened after Iranian Revolution and this region might become out of bound and hell
·    Reaction from 2.5 million retired and 600,000 active members of the Pakistani armed forces and public would be unimaginable for the invaders, their supporters and collaborators
·    Pakistan is not Iraq or Lebanon and people should learn from their experiences and come out of denial?
·    Those who are providing protection to private mercenaries (black water/Xe) should be named and shamed?

(28) US and Pakistan’s Tribal Areas (FATA)

Keeping view the current military operation in Wazristan and elimination of terrorist elements US must assist Pakistan and not undermine or not let any one else do i.e. Indians and rouge Afghan elements.  

On 24th July 2008, at (IISS) International Institute of Strategic Studies in London I asked, Pakistani Foreign Minister HE Shah Mahmud Qureshi, “Foreign Minister your democratic government’s sole motto seems to be, ‘Visit USA before US visits you’ because you just came from the USA and Prime Minister Gilani is going to USA too. On the other hand, ‘If US want to (visit) invade Pakistan’s tribal areas (FATA) then “SO BE IT”.

As you know those NATO Military commanders in Afghanistan have already said, ‘approximately 400,000 troops required in Afghanistan for the security and stabilization of the country. Please comment.

I was referring to an interview to Spiegel, a German magazine of the outgoing ISAF Commander McNeill who confessed having inadequate trained forces to effectively counter terrorism in Afghanistan. NATO has only 47,000 soldiers instead of a required strength of 400,000 with a shortfall of 260,000 men. NATO is practically running on reserve, as very few units can be used in combat situation. While neighbouring countries want peace in the region, manning a volatile country with only 47,000 NATO troops and practically no well-trained Afghan Army, the mission to bring peace to the region seems an uphill task, McNeill said”

Analysts believe that the American people are being indoctrinated with the false propaganda through controlled media? Many analysts agree that this war on terror is a biggest fraud of this century? One should look who are the beneficiaries of war on terror? Millions have been killed and displaced in Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of what?

What could be the best friendly advice one can offer to the occupiers in Afghanistan?

·    Don’t even think about venturing in FATA of Pakistan because you don’t have money in the pot back home, and will to bring back more dead soldiers. Indian-Israeli sponsored TTP or BLA won’t help at all.
·    Cut your losses and move out because people don’t want to be occupied
·    Don’t repeat the same mistake again like leaving Afghanistan in a mess after Soviet withdrawal
·    Start reconstruction and rehabilitation process in Afghanistan hearts and minds could be won with love not bombs, food not threats
·    Fundamental change in the US foreign policy
·    Unnecessary, unfair and too much support of Israel have made lives of US citizens risky and open to hostility? Find way to de-nuclearise Israel for their sake and world peace as what will happen when apartheid entity will disappear?
·    It seems US need to fight and win a war of liberation within from selfish blackmailers, opportunists and hijackers of the very fundamentals of the US society and constitution?
·    Efforts must be made to save innocent lives
·    Safe return of more than 2.5 million Afghan refugees from Pakistan, which could be a breading ground of angry men against the US occupation.

(29) Indian Game in Afghanistan
I am not sure if current Pakistani regime lead by Nawaz Sharif understands this game or complicit and complacent? Whatever may be the case People in the know are very well aware with the Indian game in Afghanistan; one cannot be a partner, a friend and an enemy at the same time? Yes it is important that one should have friendly terms with all the neighbours but at what cost? One wonders if friends of Pakistan are part of the problems or part of the solution.

Those who are asking President Obama to send more troops in Afghanistan knows that cost would be over $1 billion for 1000 troops per year and US is bankrupt country already. The same people who send US to Afghanistan and Iraq i.e. bankers and arms dealers rob it. Afghanistan is a magnet for empires to come and die? Is it strange that Russian experts are predicting US collapse like Soviet Union and Chinese strategists are predicting disintegration of India?

President Obama probably understands that a group of his armed forces and some racist rouge elements have not accepted him, as Commandant in Chief and that is why they want him to send more troops in Afghanistan so more would be killed. This Policy is bound to fail. There seems to be a clear divide between the President Obama’s sensible and harm reduction policy and Hilary Clinton, Robert Gates and General McCrystal’s policy to fail President Obama. It was Bill Clinton who reportedly called President Obama ‘coffee boy’.

(30) Conspiracy to constitutionally break Pakistan

It is unfortunate that some Pakistani elements are deluded with Indian narrative of history.  The reality is that it was the Indian leadership, which has proven to be incompetent and failed to run India as state since 1947. After the departure of the British they engaged in the conspiracies and activities to break Pakistan and was successful in 1971 with the help of Soviets and US. Therefore divided India twice within 25 years. This policy is continued and shows lack of vision of Indian leadership. Sincerity is proved by actions and not by words.

On 12th January 2009 MQM tabled a “Provincial Autonomy’ Sine qua non for a Federation, Draft Bill for Constitutional Amendments to Provide Complete Constitutional Autonomy to Constituent Units”. It is quite strange that a party (MQM–A) which bank on the votes of people who migrated and some emigrated later from India and had no roots with any province of Pakistan is allegedly involved in the Indo-US plot of disintegration of Pakistan. So what will happen to those who are not Punjabis, Sindis, Baluchis, Pathans, and Kashmiris living peacefully in Pakistan? Another episode of ‘Biharis – Pakistanis’ living camps in now Bangladesh?
“It was 1974 constitution of former Yugoslavia which caused the break of the state”, said Antonio Moneo Lain a visiting fellow at LSE in his lecture at London School of Economics on 2nd December 2009. I told him that although, “USA is a union of States but no such facility like choice of becoming independent country is available to the states as the issue of state autonomy is kept vague”.

The plan is devious and not easy to understand. International financiers and plotters use constitutional loopholes to disintegrate countries to take control of natural resources. These plotters, their bankers and local agents are adept at creating food and other shortages, unemployment, insecurity, lawlessness, corruption, poverty and constitutional hiatus that make it necessary to invite foreign experts and international financial institutions for advice and help. The whole idea is to pass the control over national institutions, assets (Railways, steel mills, oil, gas resources) to these plotters, bankers.

It seems that minders of Nawaz , Zardari, MQM and ANP have the Soviet Model of disintegration in mind. In modern times international plotters exploit legal and constitutional loopholes or arrange for such constitutional amendments that lead inevitably to the disintegration of the country.

For example in dismantling the USSR the international plotters used constitutional provisions, which had been placed intentionally. The were provisions in the Constitution of the USSR – put in during the heady days after the Russian Revolution of 1918, that made dismantling of the Union not just possible but easy. Article 70 of the Soviet Constitution Stated: “Union of the Soviet Republics is a unitary, federal, multinational state, formed on Free Self Determination of Nations”. Article 72 was more explicit and stated: “Each Union Republic retains the right freely to secede from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics”.

Interestingly no such provision or mechanism is available in the US Constitution. According to US experts “the constitutional language is ‘sparse’. It is up to the Congress to give meaning to that language”.  We all know who control and gets the majority in the Congress?

Now if we analyse USSR and Yugoslavia’s examples and read between the lines what these plotters are suggesting in the name of constitutional reforms in 1973 Constitution of Pakistan, it becomes crystal clear and evident that sinister game is being played to undo Pakistan from the back door. That is the game of many interested parties in the region including India. Are our politicians making such constitutional changes that court the danger of Pakistan meeting the fate of Yugoslavia? That is the question? What is our so-called friend US is doing? Same what they did in 1971 in creating Bangladesh.

(31) US policy of ‘Disposable Diplomacy’ in Pakistan

There is a strong perception in Pakistan that US have continuously followed the policy of Disposables Diplomacy by eliminating its leaders by covert operations with the support of local agents. Fingers are pointed to the US involvements in the ‘Zia ul Haq plane crash and killing of Benazir Bhutto in 2007. They are disposed of like toilet tissue papers? I am not sure if Nawaz Sharif understands that or not?

Now it is time that international community including others and US should stop shouting at Pakistan to do more and look for an exit strategy? The mess Pakistan is in at the moment is due to the mindless actions of the previous Bush Administration in Afghanistan. On the one hand they want Pakistan to support them but on the other, they are allowing Indians to conspire against Pakistan, interfere in Baluchistan from Afghanistan via Indian consulates. Therefore US cannot be a friend a partner and a subvert at the same time?  

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is London based senior investigative journalist and writer on international terrorism, security, and foreign policy)

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