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Pakistan Terrorist Attack at University: A vivid Reminder

Barrister Amjad Malik  : –
When David Cameron is injecting 20 million pounds on language services in uk to make 160,000 Muslim grannies to learn English to counter ISIS narrative, Pakistan is laying down lives in the line of fire. Aggrieved at Charsada University Attack which took 21 lives and scores have injured. It’s further very unfortunate Attack on educational facility in Pakistan post 16 December 2014 APS Peshawar attack in which 141 children were martyred. It shows that those terrorists the world is up against are fearful of education and modernity and wish our people to remain in the trance of radicalised extremism than enlightenment moderation and progress through education.
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May Allah Almighty bless the victims with heaven and give Pakistan the resolve further to end this war against extremism through bravery, pride, and resilience (amen).

This is a vivid reminder of the kind of menace Pakistan is up against and the sacrifices nation is making and successes our law enforcement segments including police army and intelligence units are scooping. The fight against extremism also desires unity of thought, discipline in direction and physical action to implement those directions when collective thought is applied through NAP. Yet more work is needed to be done to make NAP a truly historic action to reach to its logical conclusion to win this war against militancy.

Surely some work and partial success has been achived but more tangible actions at NECTA is needed under NAP to curtailing the mastermind and perpetrators of such heinous crimes against humanity, in order to ending the financiers and funding hot spots, closing gaps and safe heavens, freezing the breeding grounds through education and employment and wining hearts and minds of local settlers not to sponsor or support local proscribed outfits. Above all intelligence sharing is required to deter actions before the events take place. Pakistan needs to enhance its capacity through NECTA a successful counter terrorism measures to avert attacks than post Attack work. Intl support can be vital too to foster such cooperation and counter international insurgency based on foreign policy considerations. Coordination amongst all forces through NECTA and Intel share is the need of the hour to avert such incidents than posthumous damage control exercise.

Pakistan’s resolve to deter discourage and defeat increasing violence , radicalisation , extremism and terrorism is commendable and let’s pray sacrifices do not go waste and Pakistan sees the light end of the tunnel. It must never lose the WILL to move forward on its own as a nation, and keep getting space inch by inch from the hands of proscribed organisations, non state actors, and internationally sponsored terrorists who are using weaker criminal justice system and wide areas to perpetrate and plan such horror. Pakistan must not hesitate to tell its narrative post APS Peshawar attack again and again that Pakistan is against all forms of terrorism.

This incident further makes the Prime Minister stronger in voice as a victim and fighter against terrorism to raise this issue at intl forums at UN, Davos (Switzerland) and during meetings with elders and heads of states that all economic activity everywhere friends on joint and collective efforts to defeat terrorism to provide an environment in which healthy economic activity may take place and global partnership is needed to combat this menace.

Hazrat Ali RA says that ‘a true believer turns a difficulty into an opportunity’, and same task is upon the nation of Pakistan, to end the unfinished business to end extremism from Pakistan and to make it Asia’s tiger in economy, a dream may come true where people do not go abroad for jobs but come home land for employment.

Intl community must show solidarity in the time of need and along with hurling flowers and condolences messages at memorial in the memories of the victims, must do more to match the sacrifices which are being made by civilian population in order to face the horrors which came through the ashes of 9/11 in the region. West must not neglect the region again as they did post the fall of Russia in 80’s.

Pakistani premier and all stake holders must emphasise and urge the Nation to support the attempts to bridle this menace and end it through Zarab e Azab , NAP and by winning the hearts and minds of our people through education progress and true teaching of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and guidance of the father of the nation Barrister Muhammad Ali Jinnah of tolerance, hard work and honesty. Prime Minister if preach for patience and resilience it will go a long way. A sad day for Pakistan, it calls for mourning in heart and mind.

Barrister Amjad Malik is a chair of Association of Pakistani Lawyers (UK)

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