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Pakistan: Stern action against the terrorists needed :CHRE


Centre for Human Rights Education- Pakistan (CHRE) submits recommendations to the Parliamentary Committee for National Action Plan for countering terrorisms.

Centre for Human Rights Education- Pakistan, an organization working to promote religious tolerance and social harmony for a peaceful coexistence in Pakistan has written an open letter to the Parliamentary Committee formed by the All Parties Conference for National Action Plan for Countering Terrorism to submit its recommendations.

In his open letter to the member of the Committee Samson Salamat Director of CHRE- Pakistan has welcomed the decision of All Parties Conference to formulate the Parliamentary Committee for Action Plan to counter terrorism and religious extremism and said that “we expect that the Committee formed shall come up with something concrete and the policy suggested shall also be fully implemented in letter and spirit by the government and the law enforcement institutions. However we have serious reservations on some of the Committee members”.

“We sadly remember that there has been a lot of All Parties Conferences on various national issues including on the issue of terrorism and religious extremism, however practically not much has been done and due to that we have experienced the barbaric incident of terrorism at Army Public School at Peshawar on 16 December 2014” the letter further added.

Samson Salamat further writes that “we would like to reiterate that Pakistan has suffered enough and now this should be enough. Therefore the government, political leadership and the law enforcement institutions should do everything required to end terrorism and religious extremism which is important for the safety and security of the citizens”.

“We understand that countering terrorisms and religious extremism needs long term and short term steps, and therefore the Committee should make the strategy and policy accordingly, Mr. Samson added.

Centre for Human Rights Education- Pakistan has submitted the following recommendations to the committee members with an sincere expectation that these will be kept in mind while formulating the policy and strategies to counter terrorism and religious extremism:

 There should be stern action against the terrorists and militant outfits wherever they exist without any recognition of good or bad Taliban. The terrorists do not deserve any softness as they are killers of thousands of innocent citizens and should be brought before justice indiscriminately.

 The hideouts and Training Centers of the militant outfits should be targeted where they are training youth for terrorist acts.

 The access of the militant outfits to the educational institutions should be checked and banned.

 The financing of the terrorist groups should be checked strictly and stopped.

 All those individuals who are supporting the militants and terrorists openly or secretly should be held account.

 A very comprehensive border security plan should be formulated to make sure that the terrorists to control the foreign terrorists for entering in Pakistan and using our soil for terrorist activities.

 The ban on hate speech should be implemented in letter and spirit and all those found in spreading hate speech through print or electronic media or through loud speakers should be apprehended.

 Peace cannot be achieved without Deweopanization of the Pakistani society and therefore strong political will and an effective policy is required for Deweopanization and a very heavy responsibility rests on the shoulders of major political stakeholders.

 The syllabus of the educational institutions needs to be thoroughly checked and the material which spreads hate on religious, sectarian or any other basis should be eliminated from the curriculum.

 All those laws which are being misused to instigate people for violence in the society should be revisited.

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