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Pakistan: PTI’s protest plans against ‘Dodgy Democracy’

By Ayesha Zee Khan : –

Islamabad saw a gigantic get together of PTI congregation on Azadi Square at D-Chowk, Sunday 30th November. Their numbers cannot be given in a definitive figure but those hundreds of thousands sure did leave a huge impact on the media, the critics, the neutrals, the status quo and the supporters of PTI watching from their cozy homes. Imran Khan had repeatedly said that his 30th November rally would be the start of a new phase in his struggle against the electoral fraud that happened in 11th May 2013 general elections. Khan announced his much awaited Plan-C in this Jalsa, which had built up a strange curiosity for every journo, columnist, analyst and an independent observer. As announced by the leader of PTI, this Plan-C was a shutter down call for his supporters, the schedule of that is as follows:: 8th December Faisalabad 12th December Karachi 15th December Lahore 18th December all over Pakistan Since the Government had been adamant on their stance, they had refused to the six points given by PTI through the Jirga. Let’s quickly go through the 109 days of Imran Khan before he came to Plan-C (because he did not quickly jump to this plan) He had asked Nawaz Sharif to resign on moral grounds; He invited the Judiciary to become proactive; He spoke with Chief of the Army Staff

General Raheel Sharif (on request of Nawaz Sharif which the PM denied later on the floor of the Parliament); He filed FIRs against NS; He resigned from Parliament; He started Civil Disobedience; He started ‘Go Nawaz Go’ campaign; which became the most popular slogan of Pakistan that Wikipedia had to make a page about it; He proved that election 2013 was a complete fraud, He exposed Nawaz Sharif’s lies; He repeatedly asked NS to declare his property, & offshore assets; He exposed Nawaz- Zardari mukk muka. PTI Chairman gave this shutter down call for his supporters as a tactical maneuver, towards a pressure building direction. With 109 days of sit-in at the D-Chowk by PTI this new development has taken the present government and its allies on a back foot. As always; the Federal Ministers came in response on the television immediately after the conclusion of Khan’s speech with their version of understanding this call & as always, foolishly they gave their reactions. What should one call them? Immature? (They claim to be very seasoned) or Intelligent? (They claim to be apt) Sensible? (They claim to be from the thinking). Let’s leave that for now. What does Khan achieve from this? Certainly no friends in the status quo camp! Some of his own sympathizers think that this was a wrong move by Khan. Since last year; Imran Khan has been limpid in his speeches, interviews that he wants the four constituencies probed; he wants an independent enquiry into the irregularities of a rigged election, if there are any found then

reforms be made so that the coming election can be secured of faults. With no justice from anywhere he reverted to his people, took on the streets, gave this sit-in, he roamed the country where millions gave warm welcome, gathered to receive him in his Jalsa’s, all of which were on a couple of days notice. Those were his Plan-A and Plan-B. Coming to Plan-C, Khan who has been a student of Politics in his Oxford days understands the intricacies of such a call. This is pressure politics of Khan where he has succeeded to throw the ball in the Government and Judiciary’s court. In touch with the pulse of the nation, Imran Khan has brought the public to question & demand the authenticity of this Noon League Government. This maybe new to Pakistani Politics but in the world pressure politics has existed since millennia. Used in the late 19th Century its origins are most commonly associated with the “Temperance Movement, a social movement urging personal moderation in the consumption of alcoholic beverages.” With the use of mass media this movement of reforms exerted the right pressure on the politicians of that time. In today’s time the same mass media coverage can be obtained through social media and the main stream media. Pressure politics is not against democracy, it is a way to engage the citizens of a country to demand reforms in an existing debased system. This tactic has been successfully used in Russia, Australia, the US, and the UK etc. Khan today is the voice of the people, he has successfully created positive awareness in the masses. Fact of the matter is; the citizens of this country received zero relief from the sitting government, hefty claims were made pre-elections by the status quo parties to solve the

many crises this country faces. None were addressed or tried to be resolved, their problems have increased three folds, and the solutions to what they face are nonexistent in the present set up. This nation has for the very first time been told by Khan what exactly happened in the past and what they face in future. Skeptics who think Khan is taking the country slowly towards a civil war must realize that he is a sensible man, who possesses the highest measure of resilience. A controversial Government of Nawaz Sharif has no legal or moral grounds to stay in power, while it is not even properly recognized internationally as well. Imran Khan’s aim is to bring back the lost glory of this nation on the world map; he wants this society to be well developed in education and other fields. Reformed and overhauled inside out! Pakistan to be on the theme of Independence; which it unfortunately swayed from in the last fifty plus years, of what Mr. Jinnah had promised his people in 1947.

(The writer is a freelance columnist with various dailies)

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