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Pakistan: Priorities Make All the Difference – Another Pakistan Day’s Celebrations 

By Aisha Noor ;-

Pakistan will mark its National Day at the UN for the first time, with a concert in the General Assembly hall on 23rd March. According to Pakistan’s Ambassador to the UN Dr Maleeha Lodhi, the concert was an effort to project Pakistan’s soft image and present the country’s rich culture. It is a promising step to promote our culture. After years of independence, a culture has indeed developed but rarely has it been studied and documented. To majority, Jinnah’s vision foresaw a Pakistan that was multicultural, democratic, progressive and not retrogressive. In fact, vision of Pakistan was a strong state based on modern technology growing industrialization and agriculture and with the progressive ideas of Islam. So Islam prevails in her all notions and culture. Some days ago a tweet by our one journalist having the fear of our media’s growing inclination towards nudity was alarming. Though this shocking news was about an Albanian TV newsreader who strip down to boost audience, but the nudity has been growing fast everywhere to remain noticed and get popularity spoiling the values. With tough competition to win over audiences, our many TV channels have also been forgetting their true values. When The National Assembly Standing Committee for Information and Broadcasting advised that it should be compulsory for female news anchors to carry a dupatta when on air, a strong reaction was seen considering it Zia’s so called Islamization. But in fact modest looks are not a part of Zia’s regime but of Islamic teachings. Though , modesty does not come from a dupatta or hiding every strand of hair that exists on a woman’s head, but complete outfit looks good rather showing themselves as if an important part of their clothing has been left at home or if they have come in home dress out of their bed . Our moral values are not associated with any dictator but a part of our culture and religion. Does not this look immoral for the ladies to discuss and praise our holy Prophet without covering head and chest appearing on TV channels? Western influence in our culture has crept in slowly over the decades which are threatening for our new generation and culture. Sadly it has now become acceptable to see women in sleeveless dresses at public places, social gatherings and on the television. But there are many who still believe in religious and cultural values and are seen in proper dress prevailing decency in society and this is the main reason that dress designers are still promoting three piece suits. Still matter is in control, but seems as this will not take many more years when it would be difficult to differentiate Pakistani and western culture in many aspects. Then who would be responsible for this fate-government, public, dress designer or so called modern trends. Promotion of the culture through different ways is always welcomed maintaining our ethics and existence.

Every year Pakistan Day is celebrated on March 23 throughout the country with national enthusiasm and spirit. This faith and attachment with the country through celebrations is seen at every level. But unluckily our uncountable problems are also seen increasing every year. Some policies for progress and steps combating the main issues are seen this year. One of the greatest projects of the present Government of Pakistan in collaboration with the Government of China is China-Pakistan Economic Corridor; though the elements of this project were already being discussed during The President Pervez Musharaf era. Moreover, due to Karachi operation, crime rate has decreased by a great percentage. The

law and order situation improved in the country after significant successes achieved by Pakistan military in FATA and on Pak-Afghan border in operation Zarb-e-Azab. In fact, the military vowed that the operation would continue to achieve a terror-free Pakistan. Priority was given to operation against terrorism by Army chief General Raheel Sharif and resultantly significant achievements have been made. In fact this is the patriot attitude with the priorities given to certain steps and that make all the differences.

Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least. Pakistan plagued by many menaces is struggling for basic necessities even after years of its independence. Among many major problems like Illiteracy, health, pollution, inflation, destruction of institutions and corruption etc, if I talk only one big issue of load shedding, it would be disgusting for government’s role not to overcome it. Implementation is the realization of an application and policy. British Prime Minister Tony Blair has rightly said that it is not an arrogant government that chooses priorities; it’s an irresponsible government that fails to choose. Leaders of other countries are sincere with their work and public and serious not only to resolve problems but to flourish their countries too. They make strong and sane choices and manage their policies for progress. If still metro bus services and lap top distributions would be at priorities by the government, then it would be public’s wrong selection in casting vote.

Nations cannot survive if they forget building roof before the rain. Heavy monsoon rains in Kashmir and Pakistan triggered the most destructive floods in Pakistan in past years. Need for building new dams is being stressed once again. The devastation of the floods could have been averted if the country had invested more in dams. Moreover, electricity crises can only be solved with the construction of dams. If Pakistan builds big dams or some small dams, all its energy woes would be over. Now we are on verge of another summer and the demand of electricity is on its peak. Would energy crises and other problems be solved before next Pakistan Day or we would celebrate again this great day with the same heavy heart to see retrogressive state with unsolved issues. In fact, choices and priorities make all the difference. Here I remember some lines by Robert Frost,

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

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