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Pakistan: Petition in Supreme Court concerning Terrorism and 9/11 and Government’s Responsibilities

(Islamabad – PR ) A 140-page petition (Challan no.115-L2014 dated 13 May 2014) under Article 184 (3) has been filed at the Lahore Registry of the Supreme Court of Pakistan on the issue, “The On-Going War by Terrorism against Pakistan—and the Government’s Constitutional Responsibility to Protect the People and the State.”The petitioner, Naval Commodore (Retd) Tariq Majeed, has submitted to the Apex Court that a full-scale War, employing Terrorism, Sabotage and multifarious other Destructive means, orchestrated as a ‘storm of terror’, is being waged against the People and the State of Pakistan since after the 11 September 2001 Air Attacks in America.

It is crippling every sector of the life of the people and the affairs of the State. The basic policy that the successive rulers have been following to deal with the situation has totally failed even in curtailing the dangerous situation let apart rectifying it.

The petitioner has stated that being aware of the nature of this War and the foreign powers behind it, he has been sending to senior military and civil (mainly Foreign Office) policymakers ‘awareness briefs’ on the dangerous situation, urging them to alter the present policies that are causing irreparable damage to the nation. Several briefs were sent in recent years. But there has been no response from them.

The disastrous policies have continued. As a result of terrorism, over 50,000 people including 5000 army personnel have been killed, tens of thousands of young women have been widowed and children orphaned, hundreds of thousands of citizens have been displaced from their homes and billions of rupees worth of private and governmental buildings and installations have been destroyed or damaged. The situation is becoming unbearable for the nation, and it needs to be redressed urgently. The only course the petitioner sees available is to submit the matter to the Honourable Supreme Court. The petitioner maintains that this constitutional petition has been submitted both as in public interest litigation and as the fundamental rights of the petitioner are being violated.

The government of Pakistan has been repeatedly failing in protecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Federation as required in Article 2A of the Constitution of Pakistan, and in protecting the life, honour, liberty, property, and the rights of the citizens as required in Article 4, Section 2, Subsection (a), and in preventing acts of terrorism and sabotage and disruptive activities as required in Enforcement of Shari’ah Act, 1991, Section 10, Sub-Section (b).
Terrorism, occurring daily in one form or the other, has become a dreadful storm. Suicide bombers, indigenous explosive devices (IEDs), explosives-carrying vehicles (ECVs), missile attacks by US drones, acts of devastating sabotage and arson against private and governmental properties, massacres and targeted-killings of citizens, abductions, extortion of money and big armed robberies, especially at banks, are all part of it.

Quoting admission by Intelligence sources that the turmoil and killings in Karachi were according to a joint plan of CIA, Mossad and Raw, the petition emphasises, citing evidence, that these three agencies are behind all the terrorism and turmoil in Pakistan and that the overall control lies with CIA.
Quoting from the Abbotabad Commission Report on the 2 May 2011 US Commando Raid, the petition describes that the CIA alone has hundreds of agents operating in Pakistan and has hired a large number of ‘safe’ houses for them. The Commission’s findings concerning US hostility to Pakistan are also reproduced in the petition.
The petition presents extensive evidence and numerous facts in support of its assertions:

— That Pakistan is in the grip of a storm of Terrorism which the government is unable to control because its policies and measures to deal with Terrorism are totally wrong, and that this Terrorism is inflicting enormous damages on the nation and it threatens the country’s survival.

— That the 9/11 Attacks were carried out by a powerful group within the US government, and that AlQaeda and Taliban are just patsies and pawns, created and controlled by CIA and Mossad.

— That the Clique of American Zionist Jews, known as Neocons, is in control of the US national policies and makes the policies in pursuit of the interests of Zionism and the Zionist State of Israel.

— That US Neocon policymakers publicise Pakistan as a danger to the United States, that it is an abiding aim of the US politico-military policies to bring Pakistan’s existence to an end, and that for this aim US, India and Israel have a joint front against Pakistan.

The petition emphasizes that holding talks with TTP terrorists and giving them concessions will further aggravate Pakistan government’s inability to safeguard the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and to provide protection and security to the people against terrorism. It is because the government’s policy of dealing with terrorism is based on a false premise dictated to it by the US with maleficent intentions.

Just after the September 11, 2001 Attacks in America, Pakistan government, then headed by General Pervez Musharraf, immediately, and thoughtlessly, accepted the phoney US explanation that the Attacks were the work of so-called AlQaeda, led by Osama Bin Laden (OBL). The US Administration demanded that Pakistan join the “War on Terrorism” (WoT). General Musharraf yielded to the US demand.

The petition quotes Musharraf’s statement from his memoirs that this decision was taken by him alone, and the cabinet and corps commanders were informed later. Actually, even a quick searching analysis would have shown that the 9/11 Attacks could not have been carried out by any outsiders.

The crux of Bush Administration’s 9/11 ‘explanation,’ fully endorsed by the Obama Administration, was that on Sept 11, 2001, 19 raw Arab pilots outsmarted the US security systems, boarded the four flights, then using paper knives and cardboard box cutters hijacked the four Boeing 757s and, flying freely on paths of their choice, knocked down the World Trade Centre (WTC) Towers in New York and smashed a part of the Pentagon in Washington, while the fourth plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

It was evident from the very first day’s events that only a powerful group within the United States, having the ability to give directions to certain state organizations and mainstream media, could have carried out these highly intricate Attacks. The operation, among other requisites, required that US Air Traffic Control and Air Defence Organizations should be so manipulated as to remain unable to obstruct the air Attacks. It was absurd to think that any outsiders could create such conditions.

The US ‘explanation’ had been debunked at the outset by analysts in US, Europe and Pakistan, including the petitioner. It was immediately evident from the following facts, presented in detail in the petition, that it was an inside job:

a. The normally highly alert US Air Force failed to send its fighter jets to intercept any of the hijacked Boeings, although in each case the warning of hijacking had been available sufficiently in advance.

b. The Passenger Lists of the four Boeing flights made available by the Airlines on 30 Sept 2001 did not contain the names of any of the hijackers. So, how could they board the planes, and be named by FBI?

c. Both the 110-storey WTC Towers collapsed vertically at virtually free fall speed. This could only be possible by pre-planned controlled demolition using explosives. No fire or hit by any plane could have brought about such systematic collapse.

d. The 47-storey WTC Building 7, at more than 350 feet away from the two Towers, was not hit by any plane and had relatively a small fire, due to the debris from the Towers. But, at 5:20 pm on September 11, it suddenly collapsed. Its whole structure came straight down in 6.6 seconds. Only a planned implosion by planted explosives could have caused it.

e. US government’s claim that one of the planes had hit the Pentagon proved false, straightaway. There was no debris of a Boeing at the site of the hit—no engines, no wings, no fuselage. Besides, the aperture in the wall at the point of impact was much smaller in diameter than that of the Boeing 757’s big nose. The size of the aperture, in fact, fit exactly the diameter of an AGM-type missile, indicating that a missile, not a plane, had hit the Pentagon.

French analyst, Thierry Meyssan, in his 2002 book, 9/11—The Big Lie, has exposed the official story about the hit on the Pentagon and the collapse of WTC Towers to be false, and declares (p.48): “The attacks were not ordered by a fanatic… but by a group present within the American State Apparatus.”

It was obvious that such an earth-shaking event would not have been planned and executed without its perpetrators having far-reaching political aims behind it. Soon, the main political aims and some crucially significant aspects of the 9/11 Attacks became apparent from the intense propaganda and pointed statements of US officials and political leaders. And it also indicated who the perpetrators of the baffling Event were. They belonged to the Clique of Neoconservatives (Neocons) which dominates the US government and is exclusively advancing Zionist interests, for which the petition presents evidence.

The AlQaeda and Taliban, which had been secretly raised by CIA and Mossad, acted with pre-planned defiance and provocative statements which implied admitting the 9/11 Attacks and carrying out more acts of terrorism. Their responses revealed the real purpose for which they had been created. Their defiance provided the US, and the NATO countries, the justification to invade Afghanistan and start a destructive war in Afghanistan and later in Pakistan, on the pretext of ‘war on terrorism’ (WoT).

The US and NATO forces invaded Afghanistan on 7 October 2001. WoT was set in, and Pakistan was entrapped in the US scheme, which aimed at subjecting Pakistan to torrential terrorism. Regular agents of CIA and Mossad, selected from amongst local Jewish communities in Central Asia, Arab countries and Afghanistan, and disguised as Muslims, are in control of AlQaeda and Taliban. CIA, Mossad and Raw have extensive terror networks, which provide the terror gangs all types of support to meet their logistic and operational needs: finances, weapons, bomb-making materials and skill, training in terrorism, new recruits, intelligence, targets to be attacked, hideouts, local supportive elements, and access into all types and channels of media.

The petition quotes a vitally important recommendation by the Abbotabad Commission that, “Dismantling the CIA network and terrorist infrastructure in the country must be a national priority.”

Both sides of the combined war, that is, the Terrorism and the War on Terrorism, were, and are, controlled by the US. The CIA directs the terror gangs operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The overall direction of counter-terrorism operations, both in Afghanistan and Pakistan, is in the hands of the Commander of US Central Command. The whole scheme of war, with Pakistan as its main target, is being conducted according to a planned war script.

The script includes infliction of some damages on the US forces. This is to create an illusion that the terrorists are independent and capable of winning the battle against the US. Besides, it serves the Zionist Neocons’ political aims purely in the interest of Israel and Zionism. On this aspect, the petition quotes the views of prominent Americans who are worried about the Neocons’ intentions and policies against America itself.

The policy on fighting Terrorism, being based on the false premise, that AlQaeda carried out the 9/11 Attacks, has brought Pakistan to the edge of a dreadful abyss. The only way to succeed against Terrorism is for Pakistan’s top policymakers to realize that the 9/11 Attacks were carried out by a powerful clique from inside America and the same clique created the Terror groups, and is employing them to achieve 9/11’s political aims—designed mainly against the stability and territorial integrity of various Muslim countries, especially Pakistan.

The petitioner prays that the Honourable Supreme Court direct the Government of Pakistan that, in order to fulfil its constitutional responsibilities of protecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the State and the life and property of the people, it has to adopt anti-terrorism measures based on the established facts that the 9/11 Attacks were perpetrated by Elements from inside the American State apparatus and that the same Elements control the Terrorist groups.

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