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Pakistan: No to discrimination of minorities

(Islamabad – PR) The religious minorities in Pakistan has been facing discrimination and persecution, Asia Bibi the mother of 5 was sentenced to death by the session court, the high court has been delaying the hearing against the death sentence due to the pressure from the extremist groups.

Sawan Masih another Christian was sentenced to death following the burning of over 200 houses in Joseph colony. An appeal has been filed against the sentence at the Lahore High Court.

The Civil society has been protesting against the death sentence on a false accusation. In Pakistan the civil society marks Good Friday as the day of fasting and prayer for Asia Bibi and Sawan Masih as they are imprisoned and forced to spend the Easter away from their families.

Life for All Pakistan issued a statement, “The growing religious intolerance has affected the efforts for peace in the society, and the vulnerable segments of the society are the most effected by the growing intolerance. We specially pray for Asia Bibi and Sawan Masih who are on the death row on the blasphemy accusations. We call on all the society to join us for praying for the marginalized.”

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