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Pakistan Must Prepare for Sectarian War

By Dr Shahid Qureshi: –

US and Western experts are fully aware with the religious fault lines and sensitive issues among Muslims all over the world. Their deep studies and assessments have helped them successfully launch various western backed movements and so-called revolutions. They all have one-point agenda i.e. central control of large Muslim population and self-financing system. Armed with religious knowledge in last 150 years these experts have launched new ideologies and over publicize personalities.

They launched a Mirza Ghulam Ahmed aka Qadiyanis who claimed to be Mehdi and gone as far as Prophet himself. According to 1919 British intelligence report he (Mirza Qadiyani) and his followers did not took part in Khilaft Movement (Ottoman Khilfat) and banned Jihad against. This group was promoted with full Indian British government protection. Qadiyani members were planted and promoted in Civil, police and military service to take full control of the state.

The recent protest of Khatam Nabwait in Islamabad and death of seven people, which later spread nationwide about the sinister changes in the Pakistani constitution about the ‘Qadiyani Oath’ was fully endorsed by Nawaz Sharif and his ministers. His regime is totally following foreign agenda of dividing the nation and fuelling sectarian war in the country. Sharifs wealth abroad is main arm twisting tool in the hands of foreign agencies be it India, UAE, Qatar, US or UK.

The same model was used in Turkey by Fateullah Gulen network where large number of people joined his net work due to attraction of swift promotions in judiciary, civil, military and police services. They launched a coup against on 15 July 2016 which failed and led to the arrests of the members of this terrorist group.

Now Pakistan is dealing with a Pakistan born Canadian citizen Dr Tahir ul Qadri and his network of school’s mosques and centres all over the world. His self-contradictions and over ambitions made him vulnerable but he is willing to go the end with safe exit for him. His large network of schools gives him manpower. Their heavy investment in media gives them an edge which other groups don’t have.

Various governments of Pakistan deliberately destroyed the Government schools and colleges education system by underfunding and corruption this lead to the mushrooming of private schools. Some foreign NGOs also jumped in and started opening schools in Pakistan including Turkish Gulen Network schools. Corrupt politicians and dictators have handed over whole generation of Pakistan to these dodgy movements and groups. There is no such thing as free lunch.

US, British and French experts have vast experience of dealing with the Iranian religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini who lived in France for decades and followed the ideology of ‘Velyat-e-Fiqh’, which means all powers of Imam Mehdi (yet to arrive) to him and now to his successor and former president Khomeinie. This ideology is also about central command of Shia Muslim believers beyond their national boundaries no matter where ever they are living. The paying of 5% share of income makes them financially strong.

Some western experts say: “Shah was planted by the USA after toppling of the elected government of Prime Minister Musaddaq and there was no need to de- seat him and French and British to support safe return of Ayatollah Khomeini which lead to the Iranian Revolution in 1979 just before the Soviet (USSR) invasion of Afghanistan”.

US experts and policy makers are quite focused on Shias and Sunnis. On the one hand US siding with Shias in Iraq and Afghanistan against Sunnis but on the other hand supporting Sunnis in Middle East against Shia Hezbollah and Syrian regime. Basically, USA and others are not interested in both and it is just a strategic decision to support both groups against each other to fuel sectarian war in Middle East and Pakistan. US can not attack Pakistan directly but Indians and Afghan agencies are happy to give them a hand in starting a sectarian war.

Interestingly the wizard of the US policy on Shias and Sunnis is Vali Nasar son of Husain Nasr who was close to Shah of Iran. He is Professor at the US Naval Academy, Postgraduate School, an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. He tells people what they want to hear not what they should know!


Vali Nasr wrote his book ‘The Shia Revival’, How Conflicts within Islam Will Shape the Future’, in 2006 and published in USA by Publisher: W.W. Norton – ISBN 0393062112.

Vali Nasr wrote in Foreign Affairs, July/August 2006:

“When the Shiites Rise’, “By toppling Saddam Hussein, the Bush administration has liberated and empowered Iraq’s Shiite majority and has helped launch a broad Shiite revival that will upset the sectarian balance in Iraq and the Middle East for years to come. This development is rattling some Sunni Arab governments, but for Washington, it could be a chance to build bridges with the region’s Shiites, especially in Iran”.

The great game of weakening Pakistan was going on for many years but now it has taken place, and no one seems to be bothered?

Key features of the game are:

(1) Humiliation of Pakistan armed forces, (2) Taking over nuclear assets (3) Installing minority group people in powerful positions, which Altaf Hussain, Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif are already doing it. (4) Use of minority groups as collaborators? It did not fully work in Iraq but did bring chaos and destruction? Pakistan must start the internal cleansing and external threat assessment at the same time.

The successful arrest of the Indian Agency RAW agent Kubushan Yadave aka Mubarak Hussain Patel code name ‘Monkey’ operating as Jeweller in the Iranian port city of Chabhar exposed the Iranian collaboration with Indians and use of Iranian soil against Pakistan. Pakistani agencies successfully arrested over 472 agents of RAW’s Kubushan network mostly members of Shia terrorist groups ‘Mehdi Army, Sipah Mohammad and others including two members of Khana-e-Farhang Iran Multan.

More recently Shia group MWM’s call to shut down Gilgat Balitistan was toppled by the security agencies, and was seen, as an attempt to damage CPEC to please India and Iran. The recent arrest of PPP senator Faisal Raza Abidi in Karachi by security agency of his alleged involvement in murders of Sunni scholars raised many questions. He was allegedly running his Shia terrorist network from Zardari’s Presidency and PC Hotel. This Hotel is owned by Mr. Hashwani who has large employees from Gilgat Balitistan in his establishments.

Pakistani security agencies have been very careful in dealing with these matters be it is destruction of Shia terrorist training camps in Para Chinar or Iranian recruitment and military training of Pakistani citizens to fight in Iraq and Syria. Over 5000 Pakistanis have gone to fight in Syria and some of them have turned up at the refugee camps in Greece.

Zafar Hashmi in an article published on 11th January 2005 titled, ‘The Shia Strategy in Iraq and Pakistan’ wrote,

“The two most repressive governments from the Shia point of view i.e. the government of Taliban and the regime of Saddam Hussein have disappeared. He wrote, ‘The only way to prevent suicide bombings is through intelligence gathering of the enemy or in other words we have to infiltrate SSP and keep an eye on their activities. If some of our brothers join and infiltrated SSP or LJ then we can keep track of their activities and plans. Any intelligence that we gather on SSP or LJ can be simply passed to the Pakistani security agencies who are closely working with the Americans. In this way we neither have to kill, attack, injure, or hurt anybody. All we are doing is passing the information and the rest is done by the agencies themselves.

It is about time we drop the slogan of ‘Death to America ‘once and for all. We haven’t achieved anything through such hollow slogans. We should stop living in this Utopia and face the reality. It is time we close the foreign front against America and concentrate on the local enemy whose sole aim is the destruction of the Shias in Pakistan.


Professor Vali Nasr, while addressing at a program on ‘America and Islam after Bush’, organised by The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life on December 8, 2008 said:

“Post-Saddam Iraq is the first Shia Arab state in history. That represents a major turning of the tide. What the U.S. did in Iraq was to show a path to empowerment for the Shia, first through regime change and secondly through elections”.

The News International reported on 28th July 2008, that (mostly Shia), “The Hazaras in Quetta have been targeted repeatedly in the past. They suffered casualties which have been sectarian and ethnic biased”. It is reported that the Americans are using Shia Hazars as interpreters in Afghanistan against Taliban and that could have led to attacks on them? Now we know due to the confessions of some arrested terrorists that they were travailing to Iran with the ‘religious tourists’ and are also receiving training from the Iranian agencies.

The use of Shias as collaborators is nothing new in the history. Both Mir Sadaiq who betrayed Tipu Sultan and Mir Jafar, who betrayed Sirajudullah in the Battle of Plassy in Bengal, supported and collaborated with British invaders were Shias. Fall of Bengal was the key to the over 200 years British rule in India?

Ian Frazier of The New Yorker wrote on April 25, 2005:

“Vengeful Shiites volunteered help to the Mongols in Mosul and other places along their march. The caliph’s vizier, or chief minister, was himself a Shiite of uncertain loyalty. Islamic opinion afterward held that the vizier, al-Alkamzi, vilely betrayed the caliph and conspired with the Mongols; an exhortation in Muslim school books used to say, “Let him be cursed of God who curses not al-Alkamzi.” As fighting began, Hulagu, acknowledging the importance of Shiite support, prudently posted guard detachments of a hundred Mongol horsemen at the most sacred Shiite shrines in Najef and Karbala”.

Israelis keep a very close eye on Pakistan especially Baluchistan affairs. They are also part of anti-Pakistan syndicate led by Indians and others.

Douglas Bloomfield wrote in, The Jerusalem Post on 3rd September 2008:

“Iran may be bombastic, but Pakistan has the Bomb. Iran may boast of great strides in its pursuit of nuclear, missile and satellite technology, but analysts say its progress is no match for its overblown rhetoric. But Pakistan doesn’t need to boast. It already has a stockpile estimated at 60 or more nuclear warheads and North Korean ballistic missiles and US-made F-16s to deliver them.”

Those who have been shouting anti-Taliban slogans in Iran and burning Pakistan flag must know that it was half Iranian Shia, Benazir Bhutto who supported, nurtured and created Taliban with the support of her foreign masters. Benazir’s minister Nasser Ullah Babur use to call Taliban ‘my boys’. She apologized for creating and supporting Taliban at London School of Economics in front of large a gathering in May 2007. Religion in politics does not matter in Pakistan? Iran should be careful with its Shia Left and Right!

Pakistan’s Shias are very well integrated with full liberty to practice their faith in harmony with the majority Sunni population. There are approximately 22000 registered Sunni and 380 Shia madrassas in Pakistan, which are functioning peacefully according to the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

ZA Bhutto was Shia introduced in politics by Skandar Mirza (who was from the line of traitor Mir Jafar) a staunch Shia currently buried in Mashhad – Iran. His Iranian wife Naheed Skindar Mirza was wife of Iranian Military Attaché in Pakistan whom SM started an affair before her divorce. She was instrumental in 2nd Marriage of Zulifqar Ali Bhutto with Nusrat Isphani mother of Benazir Bhutto.

Benazir Bhutto was married by a Shia Imam to Asif Zardari but people of Pakistan elected Ms Bhutto and her father prime minister of Pakistan twice and her husband as President. Third re-launching of Benazir Bhutto (and now Zardari) had a Shia dimension too? The Americanized Shia President Zardari is behaving and dressing like Iranian leaders? Benazir and Zardari’s links with Zionist lobby and complete reliance on foreign actors, Benazir Bhutto’s murder investigation by UN is a clear sign of mistrust on Pakistani institutions?

Does Sunnis in Iran have same high positions, liberties, and freedoms as Shias in Pakistan? For example, many known and reported Shias of Pakistan are in high political and government positions doing their jobs without any problems.

No country should take sides based on religious beliefs because Shias and Sunnis co-existed for hundreds of years all required is to save themselves from abuse and keep their house in order?

Iran must help stop coded abuse (BULB-365) by Shia Zakirs of holy personalities and glorifying first Iranian terrorist Abu Lulu Feroz who Murdered 2nd Caliph Umar ibn Khatab in a Masjid in Medina. The first ever terrorist attack in a Masjid.

When tensions between Catholics and Protestants were at the height in Northern Ireland, Britain did not ask Italian Catholic Pope to intervene or sign an international Catholic – Protestant peace deal?

We never saw any protest outside British Embassy in Vatican (Rome) when Catholics and Protestant riots broke out in Northern Ireland? The point is Iranians should not burn Pakistani flag and attack Pakistani embassy in Tehran for some sectarian terrorist incident in Pakistan.

All in all Pakistan must keep an eye on promoters of sectarian hatred and hate speech. Pakistan is fully capable of looking after its citizens and minority groups, don’t need any lectures from neighbouring Iran or Friendly Saudis.

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior analyst with BBC and editor of The London Post. He writes on security, terrorism and foreign policy. He also appears as analyst on Al-Jazeera, Press TV, MBC, Kazak TV (Kazakhstan), Turkish TV, LBC Radio London. He was also international election observer for Kazakhstan 2015, March 2016 and Pakistan 2002. He has written his MA thesis on ‘Political Thought of Khomeini and visited Tehran University. He has written a famous book “War on Terror and Siege of Pakistan” published in 2009. He is a PhD in Political Psychology and studied Law at a British University)

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