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Pakistan: Journalist murdered by politically protected gang in Punjab

Zeehsan Butt a journalist affiliated with daily ‘Nawa-e-Waqat’ is shot dead by the ruling party gangsters in Sambryal Town close to Sialkot district.

According to reports Zeshan Butt went to investigate about the local tax imposed by the area council. He was shot dead while talking to the local leader Arshad Waraich.

No arrest was made by the notorious Punjab Police and there was no word from the Chief Minister Punjab Shabaz Sharif who only few days ago left London for his Pakistan after his meetings with the British Home Secretary and London Police and security officials. Sharifs owns properties worth billions in London and elsewhere according to Government of Pakistan.

Dr Shahid Qureshi journalist based in London said: “There is no protection for the journalists and their families in Pakistan. Faisal Qureshi, journalist of The London Post’s killers are still at large as court in Pakistan ruled that ‘police arrested the wrong person and it was not a murder could be done by one person and therefore accused is acquitted.  He was murdered in October 2011 at his residence in Lahore”.

Wajahat Ali Khan President Pakistan Journalist Association and AJJ TV Bureau Chief Mr Naveed Charudhry condemned the brutal killing of Zeshan Butt and demanded the arrest of culprits.

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