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Pakistan: Intelligence and Common Sense

By Dr Shahid Qureshi : –

Many congratulations to US and NATO for completing successful mission in Pakistan by restoring supplies route free of charge. That could only be possible if it has friends in very high places with broader vision than normal Pakistani. Congratulations to all and sundry for whatever is achieved and leave the rest for next time. The enemy monger elements must be discouraged as not whole world is enemy of the country.

One must be aware with the ‘doner kebab’ strategy of the Politicians against its own security institutions especially armed forces and ISI. Especially those in the ‘Indian pocket’ and getting paid for opposing Dams and crucial energy projects like Kala Bagh Dam. Few days ago former RAW chief reportedly said: ‘it is better to make them (enemies – Pakistanis) corrupt then killing them’.

No journalist, judge of general or politician is bigger than the multibillion $ dollar international game being played in Pakistan especially Karachi. A senior British – Pakistani journalist formally informed the British authorities and police with the names and addresses of the alleged plotters planning to assassinate him in London. He said; ‘no one should be allowed to play with British values and democratic norms’.  A senior British law Lord however, made representation on behalf of the journalist to the London Metropolitan Police.

A former Pakistan army officer said; ‘I followed the orders and my oath but was let down by the institution when they left me on my own to the foreign backed terrorist mafia. It was never a personal fight. It was a heart breaking story of this former army officer. All he is asking is justice? No doubt these people are cowards as someone said; though brave don’t live longer but cowards don’t live at all’. When institutions don’t look after their people the rate of their dissolution is quicker than one can think. When you have demoralised force be it police or military its functioning soon become minimal. Who will protect the protector?

The issue of ‘abandoning friends’ while in crisis has tarnished the reputation of the spy agencies of Pakistan. The example of snatching CIA asset Raymond Davis from Pakistani soil was more symbolic to reassure assets worldwide. Politicians in Pakistan are at the fore front to demonise its own agencies. Obviously policy of ‘ditching and abandoning’ of friends and allies must stop as well as confidence in the institutions must be restored.

The most interesting part is that the US has been able to restore NATO supplies without any extra costs and also hasn’t paid money it owes to Pakistan?  That trick could have been only possible if it has friends in high places. Who says Pakistan is not a US friendly country? There was an interesting dialogue in movie ‘a state of play’ between a senator and chief of private military company; “we paid to train these (now terrorists) and you are getting paid to kill them”.

I have said many times that if US solve its internal problems for example financial terrorism and mismanagement by the banks, financial institutions and the bankers over 70% problems it is having internationally will be resolved. The closure of manufacturing industry in the US and conversion of manufacturing based economy to consumer based economy has caused mass unemployment and promotion of ‘temporary and part time workers’. Private sector companies are taking over service industry i.e. health, military and social sectors.

They are following ‘PBR payment by results’ model which is causing lot of trouble in the systems designed to function as a service and not as a corporate business for example a hospital cannot be run as a business or profit making machine or state armed forces cannot be used profit making machines.

The job cuts and reduction in the military spending has ended US in more spending in financial as well as human costs. It is like to save one dollar they ended up spending 5 dollars. When a hospital closes down crucial services to save money they end spending more money in buying those from private sector because in some case they lose the building, human resource. Private sector hires them on cheap rates and makes profits.

It might not make sense to many but this mind set is causing misery, death and destruction worldwide including Pakistan. This mind-set creates or sometimes manufacture crisis and wars on the issues which could be resolved without any trouble or need.

For example if a private company do a ‘cost benefit analysis’ of US air craft carrier it has to be ‘rationalised’ and tools they will use to  do this analysis will definitely make ‘military leadership nervous’ as it will create fear of cuts in their mind. My response to this rationalising military, health and social services is simple – PRACTIALISE it as ‘imagination is better than knowledge and practical wisdom is far better than anything else? Obviously sometimes common sense is better than intelligence.

( Dr Shahid Qureshi senior analyst with the BBC based in London)

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