Pakistan’s First Female Fighter Pilot Ayesha Farooq



Pakistan’s First Female Fighter Pilot Ayesha Farooq : Ayesha Farooq the proud of Pakistan is the only and first War ready woman fighter pilot in Pakistan Air-force, According to Media reports Ayesha Farooq is one of 19 women who got pilot post in the Pakistan AirForce during last 10 years. the 26 years old Ayesha Farooq belongs to the city of Punjab known as Bahawalpur and she is serving at the Mushaf base Sargodha in the Pakistan Air-force. so far there was around 100 women in the Pakistan Air-force but the count is now increased to 319. it is worth mentioning here that other five females are also ready to join Ayesha Farooq but first they have to get the last test pass then they will also join hands with the war fighters in the Pakistan Airforce. Male is the dominating force in our society and Ayesha Farooq accepted this as well but she also expresses her feeling that girls must come to these fields and prove themselves in positive ways. reports shows that approximately 4000 females are serving in Pakistan’s armed forces but Most of these women are assigned for Medical and Desk related works. here are some of the photos of the first Female Fighter Pilot of Pakistan Ayesha Farooq…