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Pakistan: Police failed to act on Intelligence about Islamabad Blast

(Islamabad) Intelligence did it’s job, police was complacent!

Intelligence alerted police before fruit market blast in Islamabad. Interior Ministry and intelligence agencies issued security alert for twin cities and Lahore before fruit market blast in Islamabad.

According to reports, the Intel agencies warned that groups opposing Taliban dialogue may attempt to disturb law and order to exert pressure on government.However, the police failed to ensure security despite several alerts, the sources said.

They further said that the overall security wasn’t satisfactory due to the delay in appointment of DG National Crisis Management Cell and IG Islamabad police.

On the other hand, it was revealed that highly explosive material RDX was used in the fruit market blast. The investigation is underway while police hasn’t reached any conclusion as yet.

It is important to mention that at least 26 people were killed while over 90 others injured in a blast at fruit market in Islamabad on Wednesday.

Over all Police in Pakistan has become protector of criminals and security risk to the country. Corruption in police has left the whole of Pakistan including armed forces vulnerable and open target.

A senior security expert said; “only police has the eyes and ears in the civilian areas and cities where almost all suicide bombers and terrorist hide before and after the incident. When corrupt and incompetent police don’t act as a filter and security layer terrorists and criminals succeed. There are incident where security agencies handed over criminals to the police and due to corruption they got away. The security layers of local police based in police stations, CID, crime branch, special branch are layers to protect and apprehend terrorists and unfold plots. When they all fail due to corruption and incompetence civilians and military pay the price and that is one of the reasons of high rate of military causalities and terrorism in past 12 years.”

In Islamabad Capital Territory Crimes registered between 2008 – 2013 according to National Crime Database (NCD):

31,964 cases were reported – 5,734 in 2008, 5,642 in 2009, 6,688 in 2010, 6,793 in 2011 and 7,107 in 2012 – in 5-year period, while 10,403 cases were registered against person and property – 2,290 in 2008, 2,102 in 2009, 2,681 in 2010, 2,625 in 2011 and 2,807 in 2012 – with the average of 2,080 every year.

A startling figures of kidnapping for ransom and gang-rape has been noted in federal capital territory (ICT) as 62 people were kidnapped for ransom – 20 in 2008, 19 in 2009, 15 in 2010, 5 in 2011 and 3 in 2012 – during 5-year period, while, 49 women were gang-raped during the last three years of the last regime – 17 in 2010, 11 in 2011 and 16 in 2012 – and the figure of gang rape remained zero in 2008 and 2009 and 778 women were raped in five years of democratic government.

Punjab which consist about 60% of Pakistan in the 5-year crime statistics of the Punjab provided alarming figure indicating that total 723,051 criminal cases were recorded including 268,173 against person (52,219 in 2008, 51,898 in 2009, 53,958 in 2010, 56,701 in 2011 and 53,397 in 2013) and 454,878. Property crimes were – 81,546 in 2008, 85,110 in 2009, 91601 in 2010, 104242 in 2011 and 92,379 in 2012.

In Pakistan 2008 – 2013, more than 65,446 persons were murdered and 22,253 people were killed in road accidents during the last 5 years, the crime data said. The NCD indicates that 1,366 women were gang-raped and 15,082 were raped while 2,640 people were kidnapped for ransom. Moreover 88,161 men and women were kidnapped or abducted during the political governments, which completed their tenure in May 2003.

Keeping in view 65,446 murdered, 16,448 women raped, 88,161 kidnappings in five years one can seriously say that corrupt judges and police are a bigger threat to Pakistan than Taliban. Foreign agencies can only survive when they have local collaborators in cities and towns that are monitored by the local police in Pakistan’s case which are corrupt and incompetent to the bones.

Keeping in view 65,446 murdered, 16,448 women raped, 88,161 kidnappings in five years (2008 -13) Police & Judges have become national security threat to Pakistan.

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