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Pakistan: Corrupt Mafia in ERRA Manipulated Temporary Employees?

(By Special Correspondent): –

Recent demonstration at Pakistan’s (Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority) ERRA, Headquarters followed after a list of 122 employees contingent and contract employees was circulated with rumors of being terminated. List had no approval of the competent authority.  ERRA is bound to take decisions following rules and regulations of Government of Pakistan. This led to a sit in at ERRA headquarters.

The protesters demanded:

  1. Continuation of their service,
  1. Repatriation of deputationists, and,
  1. Termination of services of over 60 years’ old employees.

All three demands were accepted within 24 hours with assurance that all contingent employees of ERRA will be given 25 percent weight age for induction in new departments being made in NDMA as no one can be directly inducted on permanent seat during merger as per rules.

The fourth demand of protesters that services of all contingent and contract employees should be made permanent and that they will not end sit in till letter of permanency is handed over to them is where the deadlock is.

ERRA bound to take any decision within defined rules and regulations of Government of Pakistan has offered to send the names of employees to Prime Ministers Committee for Regularization, however, protesters disagree to accept this.

Sources revealed the Dharna is with ulterior motives of few top notches who have been hit hard by new administration for massive corruption in Balakot and below standard reconstruction of Rawalakot projects which have failed all safety tests just recently.

Massive corruption of 4 billion is under investigation the sources revealed. It was also learnt that over 90% of low paid employees were serving at residences of previous officials getting overtime from 6000 to 9000 giving dent of millions each month to Government of Pakistan which was recently stopped as physical absence of these employees from official duty raised alarm.

The new administration also identified and fired various cases where contingent staff was changed to contract employees without merit or proper advertisement on basis of pick and choose.  It seems to be a case where low paid employees’ sentiments are being exploited by few while administration remains firm to unearth and punish those who plundered the funds meant for earthquake affected areas.  It’s learnt that few top heads have been rolled in this regard in ERRA.

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