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Pakistan: Beware of the Fifth Column

By Commodore Tariq Majeed PN (Retd):-

It is extremely disturbing and distressing to know that a group of influential persons secretly working for the enemies continues to exist in Pakistan. It is essential that people, especially those responsible for protecting the country, are fully aware of this grave danger—which is by far the foremost danger.

Warnings by Father of the Nation

Pakistan’s Founder, Quaide Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, was fully aware of the external and internal enemies of the country. At least three times he specifically warned the nation of the internal enemies, using the term Fifth Column/Fifth Columnists for them:

‘Message addressed to the Refugees on the occasion of a tour of the riot-affected areas in Karachi on 9 January 1948’: “I once more want to impress upon all Muslims that they should co-operate with the Government in protecting their Hindu neighbours against these lawless elements, fifth-columnists, who are responsible for creating these disturbances…Pakistan must be governed through the properly constituted Government, and not by cliques or fifth columnists.” 1

‘Speech at a Public gathering of over three lakhs of people at Dacca on March 21, 1948’: “I tell you once again, do not fall into the trap of those who are the enemies of Pakistan. Unfortunately, you have fifth-columnists—and I am sorry to say they are Muslims—who are financed by outsiders. We are not going to tolerate sabotage anymore; we are not going to tolerate the enemies of Pakistan; we are not going to tolerate quislings and fifth-columnists in our State, and if this is not stopped, I am confident that your government and the Pakistan Government will take the strongest measures and deal with them ruthlessly, because they are a poison.” 2

‘Address at the Dacca University Convocation on 24 March 1948’: “Is it not significant that the very persons who in the past betrayed the Muslims or fought against Pakistan should now suddenly pose as the saviours of your just rights and incite you to defy the Government on the question of language? I must warn you to beware of these fifth-columnists.” 3

Dictionary defines a Fifth Columnist as a traitor, spy, a member of Fifth Column, [which is] an organized body sympathizing with and working for the enemy within a country.

Besides being a lawyer, Mr Jinnah was meticulous in his choice of words. In this case also, he meant exactly what he said. His warnings, that needed to be, and still need to be, taken seriously, were ignored.

More Insight into what a Fifth Column Means
A look at some of the websites on Fifth Column is quite educative.

* “A Fifth Column is any group of people who undermine a larger group—such as a nation or a besieged city—from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine.” 4

* “A Fifth Column is a secret group of sympathizers or supporters of an enemy who try to undermine a nation’s unity.” 5

* “Fifth Column—A group of people who act traitorously and subversively out of a secret sympathy with an enemy of their country.” 6

* “Fifth Column—A group of secret sympathizers or supporters of an enemy that engage in espionage or sabotage within defense lines or national borders…” 7

* “Fifth Column—A clandestine subversive organization working within a country to further an invading enemy’s military and political aims.” 8

* “The term has migrated in use over time and is now sometimes used more generally to mean traitor or spy.” 9

Origin of the Term
Its origin is interesting and especially significant for us in Pakistan, as the local Fifth Columnists from among top political and army figures played the key role in the surrender and defeat in the 1971 War.

“In October 1936, in the hostilities of the Spanish Civil War, the nationalist General Emilio Mola and his supporters besieged Madrid with four columns of troops. Mola claimed he had additional troops within the city. He stated in a broadcast over the Rebel radio that he was counting on four columns of troops outside Madrid and another column of persons hiding within the city who would join the invaders as soon as they entered the capital.’ Explicit mention of the hidden troops as the ‘fifth column’ was reported in the Fitchburg Sentinel newspaper on 14 October 1936: ‘Out of hiding came a few of the phantom ‘fifth column’ – the fascist auxiliary force dreaded by the loyalists.”’10

Characteristics of Fifth Columnists and their Resources
Currently, the term is used infrequently, though Fifth Columns today are bigger and more active than ever before. Fifth Columnists remain in contact with the Enemy, which, apart from using other channels, assigns Handlers to guide them on all matters. Within their own country, the Fifth Columnists constantly endeavour to occupy key positions, expand their power and strengthen their hold on national affairs.

They try to infiltrate all the important public and private sectors of the country, making special efforts to enroll full Members or Facilitators and to earmark Patsies from the bureaucracy, military, intelligence agencies, police, political and religio-political parties and media.

They pose as faithful guardians of the national interests, thereby deceiving the people about their real intentions. In committing or backing criminal activities, such as terrorism, arson, sabotage and subversion, they remain hidden but even if they are exposed, their own high status, or that of their comrades, or efforts by their foreign sponsors prevent any serious action against them.

As for the Fifth Columnists damaging the nation’s vital interests by complying with the inherently harmful policies dictated by IMF and the World Bank, these policies, cleverly called “reforms,” are propagated deceitfully as necessary measures for improving the economic and social conditions. It is a cruel irony that while the Fifth Columnists are burdening the people with severe economic and social misery and weakening the structure of the State, they receive appreciation from IMF and the World Bank!

Fifth Columnists have abundant resources, as the Enemy’s resources that include hundreds of NGOs and Multi-National Companies are also at their disposal. They have unhindered access to two most effective resources: money and media. A Fifth Columnist heading an institution or a government department, can exploit for his treacherous purposes all the resources under his control!

Fifth Columns Thriving in the World of Today
It is a fact of historical record that in both the World Wars, Fifth Columns in European countries played an active role. In the current environment of conflict and power struggles between nations, a Fifth Column exists practically in every country. Many examples can be given, but one mentioned by President Ayub Khan should suffice:

July 17, 1967, (after Israel-Arab War of June 1967), “I was astounded to hear from the foreign minister that a number of Egyptian officers worked for the defeat of their country to oust President Nasser. Can there be anything more ghastly than this. What hope of survival has a country which gives birth to such people?”11

What has tremendously boosted the growth and strength of Fifth Columnists in the countries around the world is implementation of the New World Order (NWO). The NWO is a shocking global upheaval scheme. In a nutshell, it aims at denuding all countries of current concepts of sovereignty, nationalism and noble moral values, gaining control of their strategic, industrial and mineral assets and public utilities through Multi-National Companies, breaking down the political and territorial structure of the countries into mini-states, to be governed through regional federations, which would be under the control of a World Government.

What is more shocking is that the scheme is advancing as planned. European Union (EU), ASEAN, African Union, SAARC and other such regional organizations are precursors of regional federations; EU is already a Federation. People are being made familiar with the term ‘One-World.’ States are being lured or compelled to sell off their precious national assets in the name of Privatization. No doubt, the IMF and the World Bank and the mainstream western Media together act as the main force in moving the countries toward the NWO, but it is the Fifth Column in every country that is implementing the NWO.

Who are Pakistan’s Enemies?
Shallow observers habitually say, ‘Pakistanis themselves are enemies of their country.’ Their logic for saying so is mistaken. But in a way, the blame is correct, because Pakistanis have neglected to realize who their real internal and external enemies are. This failure makes them their own enemies. The tragedy is that the top authorities do know who the real external enemies are, as this news in The Nation, 12 February 2010, coming from authentic sources, confirms:

A leaked “document of RAW had revealed that a special Counter Intelligence Team, CIT-X, had been tasked to conduct extensive destabilizing operations in Pakistan while New Delhi stepped up interaction with Islamabad on the diplomatic channels…The document spells out the Mossad/RAW/CIA plot against Pakistan.”

The identity of the enemies, Israel, India and America, is not surprising. They have been acting as a joint front against Pakistan. In fact, the joint front includes Britain and Afghanistan as well. This Front can be rightly labeled as the Enemy of Pakistan. But, the damage, however severe it may be, that the external Enemy by itself can inflict on a nation is up to a limit. To destroy or subdue a nation totally, even by regular war, it needs support of the ‘enemy within.’ The ‘enemy within’ is not the so-called religious extremists, as manufactured propaganda claims. It is the Fifth Column within the country.

Fifth Column in Pakistan
British Intelligence had cultivated a Fifth Column of Muslims even before the birth of Pakistan. Its leading figures were a group of civil servants and wealthy and influential businessmen and landlords, who were committed to be loyal to Britain. After Pakistan’s birth, the US, in close coordination with Britain and Israel, assumed the role of the principal organizer, employer, financier and taskmaster of the Fifth Columnists. Subversive schemes were made by the Troika’s secret agencies and put into action by the Fifth Columnists. Hindu India was enrolled in the schemes on as required basis; however the Troika gave it freedom to hurt Pakistan also by its own schemes and means.

The Fifth Columnists have done colossal damage to the State and People of Pakistan; their criminal activities are continuing, as there is no check on them. There was no major crisis, setback or detrimental event suffered by Pakistan in which they were not actively involved. Below is a very brief glimpse at just a few of such events.

Karachi Riots—1948. One of the first subversive acts on record was that of planned riots in Karachi in 1948. Its report in the press was as follows:

“London, January 8 [1948]: Karachi, capital of Pakistan, is still aflame with rioting and looting which began with massacre of Sikhs in a temple yesterday…The rioting broke out afresh to-day when some Sikhs arrived from Sind. A mob surrounded a Sikh temple, fought off police guards, killed some Sikhs, and then looted Hindu houses.” 12

Quaide Azam mentioned it in his statement of 9 January 1948, quoted above: “With regard to this unfortunate trouble, it is not yet known who was responsible for bringing the Sikhs to Karachi and arranging to lodge them at the Gurdwara without informing the District Magistrate, Sind, or any Sind Authority or Police. At present it seems somewhat mysterious, but it is going to be fully investigated.”

It was the work of Fifth Columnists at the behest of their foreign masters. Besides its other aims, it was meant to counter and defuse the public rage in Pakistan at the massacres of tens of thousands of Muslims in India by Sikhs.

18th Constitutional Amendment. The18th Amendment was passed by the National Assembly on April 8, 2010, the Senate on April 15 and became an act of parliament when President Asif Ali Zardari signed on the bill on April 19, 2010. Its movers and supporters did not realize that they were fundamentally altering the country’s basic Federal structure by drastically weakening the Centre and transferring such powers and resources to the Provinces as to give them virtually independent status. A close look at the Amendment brings out an alarming possibility—that of a Province choosing a course of its own on vital issues of country’s security. A story shows in a few words some of the vital national assets to be passed on to the Provinces:

‘Dr Abdul Malik Baloch, former chief minister of Balochistan and leader of the National Party, in an address at the Hyderabad Press Club said, “The 18th amendment is not being implemented in true spirit; all natural resources and property must be owned by federating units wherever they were located…Likewise, the ports of Karachi and Gwadar should be owned by provincial governments.”13

Isn’t the 18th Amendment a victory for the Fifth Columnists, and for Pakistan’s enemies? The Provinces already had sufficient autonomy and resource allocation under the Constitution through the Council of Common Interests and the National Finance Commission.

US Commando Assault at Abbotabad and Rogue Memo Scandal
The unlawful US commando assault at the so-called Osama compound in Abbotabad on 2 May 2011 was an act of deliberate violation against Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. It shocked the people of Pakistan, but not some high-ups who played the role of Fifth Columnists. American citizen Mansoor Ijaz, who was CIA’s frontman, claimed that “Former Pakistan ambassador Husain Haqqani and President Asif Ali Zardari both had advance knowledge of the US operation” in Abbotabad.14

Zardari, in fact, himself provided the proof of his foreknowledge of the commando assault. He had an article published in his own name in the Washington Post and used it “to stress that Pakistan welcomes the killing of bin Laden.”15 This was a planned move. It was so arranged that Zardari’s article was published on 3 May, the day the shocking assault was reported in the press in Pakistan. Obviously, for the article to be published on 3 May, Washington Post had to receive it, at the latest, early on 2 May. Zardari, thus, knew about the coming commando assault, and it was quite likely that the CIA used him as a facilitator in the assault.

President Zardari and ambassador Haqqani were also central figures in the rogue memo episode. Its contents were disclosed by US Admiral Mullen:

“US joint chiefs of staff chairman Mike Mullen, who confirmed he had received a message, allegedly relayed from the president, days after the Abbotabad assault, pleading for help to prevent a military coup in Pakistan. The treacherous memo showed that Zardari regime had literally gone to the extent of compromising national security in offering selective cleansing of national security institutions, particularly the ISI…The memo also promised to allow the US greater oversight on Pakistan’s nuclear weapons…In an exclusive interview, Mansoor Ijaz who is at the centre of this scandal alleged that Husain Haqqani was not only the author of the memo, but also the ‘architect’ of the entire plan to overthrow Pakistan’s military and intelligence leadership, and was seeking US help.”16

India-Pakistan Wars—1965 and 1971
The 1965 War. A most puzzling and inexplicable question about this war is how did President Ayub Khan accept this clearly false view that in spite of the aggressive politico-military nature of Pakistan’s clandestine intervention in Occupied Kashmir, named Operation Gibraltar, India will not retaliate with a powerful military move? At a briefing in GHQ on September 4, 1965, when a middle-rank officer expressed a fear that, in response to Pakistan’s moves in Kashmir, “The Indians are bound to react against Lahore and Sialkot”… “the answer was a reassurance from our Foreign Office that India would not start all-out war.” 17 This ‘reassurance’ was instilled in Ayub Khan’s mind by a team of his close advisers, Foreign Minister Z. A. Bhutto, Foreign Secretary Aziz Ahmed, Defence Secretary Nazir Ahmed and Deputy Chairman Planning Commission M. M. Ahmed. They were the local initiators of the scheme, in which Commander 12 Division Maj. General Akhtar Malik was also enrolled, to send infiltrators into Occupied Kashmir to provoke India to launch an all-out war for which Pakistan was not prepared.

There was another brazenly scandalous action by a member of this team, as revealed in Air Marshal Asghar Khan’s book on the War:

“Mian Arshad Hussain who was then Pakistan’s High Commissioner in New Delhi, claimed in a meeting after the ceasefire that he had sent a message through the Turkish Embassy in New Delhi on 4 Sept 1965 informing the Foreign Office that India was planning to attack Lahore on 6 Sept. This message was duly received in Islamabad but never shown to President Ayub Khan. When Aziz Ahmad, the foreign secretary, was confronted with this, his only explanation was that he had not seen the message in time!”18

The 1971 War. Indian forces launched a full-scale invasion in East Pakistan on Night 20/21 November 1971, attacking as many as 23 salients across the border. The Yahya regime, surprisingly, did not immediately launch the Counter-Offensive as required by the set Defence Policy that ‘Defence of East Pakistan lay in the West;’ nor did it inform the people of Pakistan and the UN Security Council that India had launched an All-Out War against Pakistan.

Then, 13 days later, on 3 December, when Indian forces had captured substantial territory in East Pakistan and Dacca was about to fall, General Yahya abruptly, and half-heartedly, opened the war front in West Pakistan. However, on losing the battles at both Fronts and having no will to fight, General Yahya and his coterie of Generals in Islamabad and Lt. General Niazi in East Pakistan conceded the ignominy of surrender. India, having achieved its designed Political Aim, offered a unilateral ceasefire, which was accepted by Yahya regime on Dec. 17, and the War ended. Analysis of this event brings it out undeniably that the delay in the Counter-Offensive was preplanned by design—to let Indian Forces capture East Pakistan. The analysis can be seen at https://thelondonpost.net/pakistan-1971-war-why-yahya-regime-delayed-countering-indias-all-out-war.

Actually, the entire devastating episode of the political-military crisis, starting with imposition of martial law by Yahya Khan in March 1969, the elections in December 1970, the armed rebellion led by Sheikh Mujib in East Pakistan, the military action in March 1971 to quell the rebellion, and launching of all-out war by India, followed a planned script.

Confronting the Fifth Column

The Fifth Columnists have created a shocking situation—extremely painful to every Pakistani and a severe blow to his spirit of patriotism and sense of security. Most of them already stand identified. The authorities concerned must expose them fully and take the required measures to neutralize them. Remember Quaide Azam’s words of warning: “Deal with them ruthlessly, because they are a poison.”

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Disclaimer: Views expressed are not of The London Post

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