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Pakistan: Baluchistan terrorism, policing and media

“Coming and living in London was enough for him to rule thousands of his poor fellow tribesmen? That make him foreign qualified. This foreign exposure does not change them. That is true to all most all the feudal elite of Pakistan including Baluchistan. Now these few sons of Sardars are threatening to undo Pakistan with the help of enemies of Pakistan”.

By Dr Shahid Qureshi

Had Pakistan invested small amount of money in policing, maintaining law and order, and judicial system in Pakistan especially Baluchistan and Sind they might not needed to do military operations every so often? It is a complete failure of politicians in addressing the issues. Common people have no choice but to put up with thugs and criminals of so called liberal political parties when law enforcement agencies and judiciary completely fail to provide justice and protection. A military force cannot be used for policing?

Pakistan’s fundamental problems are corruption, mismanagement and its ruling elite, and that is very true for Pakistani province Baluchistan. Few years ago a senior BBC journalist and expert on Pakistan was telling me about his interview with a powerful Sardar (chief tribesman) of Baluchistan. He said: “I was interviewing this Sardar and during the interview he said, ‘oh by the way my (grand) son also studies in London. His was also present at the time of the interview. I asked his son which college he goes to. That college was not far from BBC Headquarters in White City in London. The son and future Sardar looked at me with begging eyes as if saying to me; ‘drop it man’. In actual fact the son of the Sardar never went to the college in the first place’. For the whole tribe and Sardar his son was getting education abroad in the great city of London.

Coming and living in London was enough for him to rule thousands of his poor fellow tribesmen? That make him foreign qualified. This foreign exposure does not change them. That is true to all most all the feudal elite of Pakistan including Baluchistan. Now these few sons of Sardars are threatening to undo Pakistan with the help of enemies of Pakistan. Someone said; ‘history tells that they will be hanged by their own foreign supporters. As these traitors are hired like prostitutes, though they are paid before the job but surely kicked out after the job is done?

British are very kind hearted and generous in helping out and supporting good causes anywhere in the world including Pakistan. They provide platform to speak anyone and everyone as per democratic values. They are not hypocrites but do protect their national interests and rightly so. If Pakistanis are not protecting their own national interests no one else is going to do that for them?

Dr Shahid Qureshi wrote an article on 1st July 2006, “Baluchistan: Pakistan going to be betrayed again?” I was of the opinion: “Betrayal by friends is not a new word in the history of Pakistan. Since its inception different sinister plans and plot have been hatched against it. Now it’s high time to move on and see things objectively and clearly. Pakistan must be aware of the very small minority whose interests are tied outside its borders.

This minority consists of bureaucrats, politicians, technocrats and businessmen. These are the people who have their sons, daughters and grandsons settled in the West and US and hoping to spend their retired life in those places and conspire against Pakistan.

India with its economic and strategic partners in Middle East, west and US never stopped conspiring against Pakistan no matter how many positive gestures Pakistan showed. India, US and its allies support almost all the ethnic parties in Pakistan including MQM, Sindhi Movements and Baluchi separatists. These parties are provided intellectual and academic support by holding seminars, workshops and conferences. The Foreign Policy Centre in London on 27th June 2006 provided a similar type of platform where all the one man anti Pakistani parties gathered with their wishful sinister ideas and claims. There focus was Pakistan Army, the joining and defending force. They keep on referring it to be a Punjabi Army. My response to them in the discussion was:
“Half of the Royal British Army was from only four districts of Punjab which continued initially after the partition. You are in the right place to make your complaint because it was British who were responsible for it. I have not seen so many angry and anti Pakistan people under one roof… You are responsible directly or indirectly for the killings of around 400 innocent Pakistanis, injuring more than 750 and more than 1500 bombings. You are behaving like Chalabis and Iraqi exiles who provided wrong and false information to the US and West about Iraqi WMDs, which got them into deep trouble. That also led them to commit gross violation of human rights. (Not if they did not know about WMDs but ‘Chalabis’ helped in winning public opinion).

“You are singing creation of ‘Greater Baluchistan’ from US and Indian hymn sheet and that will destabilise the whole region gravely. Any such plan will create problems in Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. USA and its allies are already in great trouble in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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Your actions will cause more deaths and violations of human rights”. I also told Sanaullah Baluch and Mehran that you would not get anything out of it like Chalabi in Iraq. Sanaullah said to me that, ‘Baluch youngsters would soon be flying Rs 3 Crores (Rs30m) helicopters and dropping bombs on Pakistani cities. I told him, ‘it’s a stupid and absurd idea’. (Senator Sanahullah Baluch’s brother was/is serving officer in the Pakistan army).

The speakers like Frederic Grare, of Carnegie Endowment for International peace, Senator Sana Baloch from Baluchistan; Lakhu Lohana, Mr Dashiti and Mr. Mehran Baloch were all singing from the same hymn sheet, ‘anti Pakistan, anti Pakistan Army and interestingly anti China too’. In my view it was a great meeting to see the different stake holders like Indians, US, Russians, may be Israelis under one roof. The so-called ethnic leaders were miserably trying to prove their worth. It is very interesting that most of the stakeholders are fully aware with ground realities and worth of these people but still consider it to be a great investment for future. For example these so called leaders cannot survive without the protection and support of these countries?

“Few months ago these people arranged a demonstration outside No 10, Downing Street, I covered the event, which was attended by about 40 people. They send me a press release saying, ‘thousands attended from UK and Europe’. I send an email to the London Police to confirm the numbers and what arrangements were made for the parking of busses and cars of these thousands protesters?” (Everyone knows one has to inform the British police about the approximate number of attendees/protesters.) Now it is up to the policy makers in Pakistan how they want to handle this issue. A robust and calculated response is needed.

There is no harm in de-classifying information to the media about these nawabs and sardars and their financial dealings with the government that will shut the supporters up for time being at least. British Pakistani and Kashmiri community should write to Prime Minister Tony Blair, patron of FPC to hold a similar conference on Kashmir and Asam.” Few days ago Ayaz Ahmed Khan a senior Pakistani analyst wrote about Baluchistan terrorism:
“When Nawab Bughti bombed Sui Gas installations and Sui Pipe Line 273 times and caused billions of dollars losses to Pakistan’s economy, why the Baluchistan and the Federal government arrested him as an arsonist and brought him to justice? All the Chief Ministers from day one were Baluch Sardars. They were given billion of Rupees for the development. They squandered and stole the billions. Why does the federal government not disclose the billions allotted for the development, along with the names of the Baloch Sardars who were Chief Ministers? Nawaz Bugti was Governor of Baluchistan. Please tell us what he did for the uplift of the Baloch people? Is it a fact that Sui Gas Co Ltd had employed 2000 illiterate Bugiti tribesmen, on paper; they never showed up for work and their salaries were being pocketed by Nawab Akbar Bugti.

Is it a fact that Nawab Bugti blackmailed Pakistan, and yet received Rs nine crore (Rs 90m) annually. Is it a fact that since decades all members of the Provincial Assembly were made cabinet ministers and even now are all provincial ministers, drawing huge salaries, indulging in nepotism and huge corruption, and pocketing every grant given for the education, social development and up lift of the poor Baluch people? Is it a fact that some provincial ministers are engaged in kidnappings, and take little notice of kidnappings for ransom or other heinous crimes being committed by the so called BNA- the bunch of traitors who call themselves Baluch National Army? The Baloch Sardars have looted Baluchistan and exploited its people. This truth must be told without fear”.

The role of media is very important in the current environment a senior writer and a politician wrote following asking Pakistani media:
“Our irony is that most anchors are fun seekers, very few those who realise the gravity of the situation; they are unaware of the historical perspectives, they unsettle the settled issues, would bring such people on the show who have no sense of responsibility but to praise and defend their worthless leaders. Many (TV) anchors work just to promote their ratings; they have a sight on 50 million dollars from Kerry Lugar Bill. To improve their ratings, they can do anything even if it costs national integrity. At times seeing the Pakistani channels, one wonders are we watching Indian channels or American who want to destabilize Pakistan.

Anchors must bring committed people who are not willing to compromise national interests and not longing for relations with India at our national cost”. “It is amazing how all the media creepy crawlies have come out of the woodwork on cue trying to turn what is essentially an externally inspired and supported terrorist campaign into a just cause for Pakistan. Only in Pakistan do the media champion the cause and lionize traitors and terrorists that act against the country.

Would the British media have acted in the same way in the case of IRA or the Spanish for ETA or the Indians for the Kashmiris, Sikhs and Naxallites?” Why don’t our (Pakistani) anchors ask rebel Baluch rebel leaders and other politicians the following questions?

1. Who made the Khan of Kalat the Khan? Who did he or his ancestors defeat in battle to acquire the territory that he claims and wants to rule over?
2. Who created the Nawab of Marri and of Bugti? As the British that, how does it confer legitimacy to their lordship over the tribe?
3. The rebel leaders say that military operations have been carried in Baluchistan five times? Wasn’t there a rebellion before the operation? If there was, the operation was justified. What are they complaining about? Are they not leading an armed rebellion?
4. Did they not get weapons and money from the Soviet Union and Afghanistan in the past and from India, Mossad and the CIA now? Do they deserve a reward for their treachery?
5. The most effective response to treason and rebellion is ‘decapitation’. Pakistan hesitated in East Pakistan in 1971 and it is hesitating now. It is counter-productive to kill hundreds; it is best to deal with the leaders”.

Pakistani rulers must not forget its constitutional, national and international obligations to protect the human rights of all the Pakistanis in KPK and Baluchistan. It is true that those involved in terrorism and killings of innocent people including from Punjab and other areas brought to justice in the court of law. All districts of Pakistan and Baluchistan must produce a list of ‘Real Missing People’ with their traceable identities and next of kins for media confirmations.

Had Pakistan invested small amount in policing, maintaining law and order, and judicial system in Pakistan especially in Baluchistan they might not needed to do military operations every so often? A military force cannot be used for policing?

Those who have fits of inviting military to do the policing for them are the real enemies of Pakistani people and country. It will provide them the excuse of asking for international UN protection and that is a Trap?

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior analyst with BBC and editor of The London Post. He writes on security, terrorism and foreign policy. He also appears as analyst on Al-Jazeera, Press TV, MBC, Kazak TV (Kazakhstan), LBC Radio London. He has written a famous book “War on Terror and Siege of Pakistan” published in 2009. He is PhD in ‘Political Psychology’ and also studied Law at a British University)

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