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Over 100 Hebei Business Projects will give UK Economic Benefits: Gao Xia

(Exclusive Interview – By Dr Shahid Qureshi) : –

Hebei Association of China in UK arranged an event for the visiting delegation from China’s Hebei province at University of Westminster in London. The program was arranged in partnership with China Media Centre. More than 200 guests attended the event. Chairman of 48group made a wonderful speech at the event. 48group made opening speech about the relationship between China and UK. The Chair of the association Ms May had meeting with President Xi of China at UK when president visit UK.

We conducted an interview with General Secretary Ms Gao Xia of the Hebei society based in London.

1. Please tell our readers about yourself?

I am Secretary of Hebei association and Director of Colours of Sunshine Ltd. Hebei association was one of the main organiser of the event. I worked with Chairman of Hebei province and preparatory committee of Hebei association to organise the event. All of the members of the preparatory committee worked as volunteers because they all hope the relationship between Hebei and UK will improve. My company Colours of Sunshine Ltd is selling ladies fashion clothes and because our clothes are unique, some UK traders are buying from us in London and not from Pairs.

Colours of Sunshine Ltd has more new fashion garments and accessories products and is a suppliers from Hebei province.

I presented some UK products to Hebei business delegates to improve UK export to China. One Hebei factory signed agreement with the UK agent due to my credibility. This will built confidence of the small traders in UK and would save cost.

2. What is your impression about the event?

It is was very important event and was very successful. More than 200 guests attended the event. Chairman of 48group had a wonderful speech at the event. 48group open the relationship between China and UK years ago. The Chairperson Ms May had a meeting with President Xi of China during his recent visit to the United Kingdom.

3. Chinese Embassy officials attended the event from business and commercial sections and made speeches. What is your view?

Officials and diplomats from the Chinese embassy attuned to greet the delegation and guests at the event which we really appreciated. Members of 48group came to the event to exchange ideas and business opportunities. From Hebei business side, Investment Promotion and service Center of Hebei province specially send one team to come to the event and brought more than 100 business projects.

They brought some trade suppliers and my company signed contract with some of them, because they are unique fashion clothes makers, UK shops can buy from my company in London and is not necessary to go to other European countries to buy.

From Hebei education side, Tianshi University specially paid and sponsored the event and 4 of Tianshi University directors came to the event and see the university directors of UK. After the event, Tianshi group visit these universities. More than 100 Chinese especially More than 50 Chinese who came from Hebei province and stay in London gather together and they exchange idea here in the event.

4. How can this event help improve relations with the region?

Well media can help informing the public about this event and what products can be sold in the UK market. It can also inform about the UK products which can be exported to china from here.

I think that more than 100 Hebei business projects will give boost to UK economy. Many members of 48group work will give more business ideas and chance to the Hebei people.

5. What are the areas and fields that need support from UK?

I think all areas especially education, business trade, tourism, medicine, environment protection.

6. What UK media can do uplift the profile Hebei – UK Association?

TV, radio, newspaper….show the people, the culture there and their industry. We planned this event because this year is the gold year of UK and China friendship. With sponsor of Tianshi group and work together with University of Westminster, 48 group, the China Media Centre. UK Hebei society always promoted friendship and exchange culture and business between UK and China. And we hope the friendship between UK and China will last forever.

7. Who were the partners in holding this event?

UK Hebei Association, the 48 group club, Tiens group, China media centre, University of Westminster. I can tell you that the date of Hebei business and investment event will be 16th to 20th June 2016. UK Hebei society will help to organise UK businessman to Hebei province next year.


(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior analyst with BBC and editor of The London Post. He writes on security, terrorism and foreign policy. He appears as analyst on Al-Jazeera, Press TV, MBC, Kazak TV (Kazakhstan), LBC Radio London. He was international election observer for Kazakhstan 2015 and Pakistan 2002. He has written a famous book “War on Terror and Siege of Pakistan” published in 2009. He is PhD and studied Law at a British University)

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