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Organ donation numbers on the rise

More people are donating their organs than ever, health officials have said.

The last financial year was a “record year” for organ donation and transplantation in the UK, NHS Blood and Transplant (NHS BT) said.

In 2013/14 there were 4,655 transplants carried out across the UK – a 10% rise on the previous year, a spokeswoman said.

New figures, published by the authority to mark National Transplant Week, show that almost one in four of the transplants were organs from “living donors”. These people donate a kidney or part of their livers to people in need.

The remainder of organ donations came after a death.

While experts welcomed the rise, they said that three people still die every day in the UK while waiting for an organ donation.

An NHS BT spokeswoman said that there needs to be a “revolution” in societal attitudes towards donation so more lives can be saved.

She said that the proportion of families who agree to organ donation after the death of a family member remains “stubbornly low”.

During 2013/14, more than four in 10 families approached about organ donation said no to donating a loved one’s organs, she said.

She said that people who think they would like to donate organs in event of their death should let their loved ones know their feelings just in case tragedy strikes.

NHS BT’s director of organ donation and transplantation, Sally Johnson, said: “We are truly grateful to the families of the 1,320 deceased donors and to each of the 1,146 living donors who made transplants possible last year. Their donations ensured that for the eighth year in succession, the number of people benefiting from an organ transplant increased.

“However, we cannot be complacent. Despite year-on-year increases in activity, the UK can and must do more to save and improve lives through organ donation and transplantation.

“Family refusal is our biggest problem and it’s sad we lag so far behind some other countries in terms of consent/authorisation rates to donation.

“The truth is every potential donor is precious and whenever a family cannot bring themselves to donate; patients waiting for an organ may die.

“If you decide donating is the right thing to do, please sign up to be a donor and spell out your wishes to those closest to you. Then, should the time come, your family will know you want to donate your organs to help to save others.”

:: People can sign up to the Organ Donor Register by visiting: www.organdonation.nhs.uk or by calling 03001232323.

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