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Obama & Zardari’s Minders in War on Terror

By Dr Shahid Qureshi :-

Two horses were stolen one said, ‘do you know we are stolen’? The other said, ‘what is the difference we are still going to eat grass anyway’? This what majority of the Pakistanis feel now after Zardari become President and Americans will feel after Obama took over?

Someone said, ‘at least Pakistan will not have that ‘PIG’ (Permanently Invited Guest) Richard Boucher after January 2009’. Well Americans are ‘PIGs’ in Pakistan for nearly 60 years and if President Zardari and his mafia continued for few more months Pakistanis would need visas from US to visit each other? Otherwise President Zardari wouldn’t have trapped Pakistan into IMF’s harsh net when he could easily get loan in much easier terms from China in September 2008?

Majority of the world’s current problems would be resolved if President elect Barack Obama solve the internal US problems locally starting with the criminal investigations into the 9/11 terrorist incidents? Some analysts say the so called ‘War on Terror’ could be linked with saving jobs in the post Cold War environment. Thousands spies and security personals from many intelligence agencies become jobless, redundant and military basses were closed all over the world, but now growth in the wealth and assets of private defence contractors is beyond imaginations . Apart from US defence industry, Israel and India are also beneficiaries of so called ‘War on Terror’, because both are illegal occupiers of Kashmir and Palestine and now have licence to kill any one in the name of counter terrorism?

“The victory of Barack Obama apart from everything else is also a message to the US politicians and public from 2% Jewish population ‘we are the ultimate power’ here? According to National Election Pool Exit Polls 78% Jewish voted Obama was and John McCain 21%. That seems close to reality keeping in view the numbers of Jewish politicians in Senate, Congress, technocrats, bankers and investors in both political parties which are huge as compare to their US population. On the other hand Protestant voted Obama 45% and McCain 54%, Catholic voted to Obama 54% and John McCain 45%, and white evangelicals voted Obama 24% and John McCain 74%,” said an analyst.

“Obama sent a clear signal to the world after appointing his advisor Sonal Shah who is ex-Goldman Sachs employee and reportedly closely linked with Hindu Fundamentalists, and his chief of staff Congressman Rahm Emanuel, an Israeli citizen and Israeli army veteran whose father, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, was a member of Menachem Begin’s Irgun forces during the Nakba and named his son after “a Lehi combatant who was killed” — i.e., a member of Yitzhak Shamir’s terrorist Stern Gang, responsible for, in addition to other atrocities against Palestinians, (attacks and killings of British soldiers), the more famous bombing of the King David Hotel and assassination of the UN peace envoy Count Folke Bernadotte” according to John V Whitbeck.

The editorial in the Saudi Daily ‘Arab News’ was entitled “Don’t pin much hope on Obama — Emanuel is his chief of staff and that sends a message”. This editorial referred to the Irgun as a “terror organization” (a judgment call) and concluded: “Far from challenging Israel, the new team may turn out to be as pro-Israel as the one it is replacing.”

Many believe, ‘the so called peace process in the Occupied Palestine seems like a big fraud on the behalf of the various US administrations because walls are being built, Palestinian land has been grabbed, Jewish settlements have been built, there are more check points since Tony Blair took over as Middle East envoy according to Palestinian politician, men women and children are killed with zero outcome?

Jewish community have always flourished and made their marks under Muslim rules in last 9 hundred years from Spain to Middle East. The treatment after the WWII was extremely painful and deplorable without a doubt. Their recovery and slow and steady movement back into the power corridors’ of the world capitals is astonishing? People like Hennery Kissinger, Madeline Albright, Richard Holbrook, James Rubin, William Cohen and many others are the stars of Jewish community in the United Sates.

Few years ago 0.81% French Jewish community was complaining about rise in anti-Semitism. The emergence of Jewish Nikolas Sarkozy as President of France is quite extra ordinary shift in the behaviour of French?

Similarly in the United Kingdom 0.5% Jewish community has flourished and making its marks in financial, banking and political circles. Foreign Minister David Miliband, his brother Richard Miliband, probably Jack Straw (Justice Secretary) and Peter Mendelson in the labour Party, Malcolm Rifkind (former Defence & Foreign Secretary), Michael Howard (former Home Secretary), George Osborn in the Conservative Party and many others are the proof of tolerant British society?

True or not Jewish community is still complaining about the rise of Nazism and Right Wing ideology in Europe? While talking about religious schools of Catholics, Protestants, and Muslims communities in the United Kingdom a very well known professor said something like, ‘many Jews says I am Jewish but I am atheist’ in a recent conference in London. My response to his comment in the Q&A was, ‘the reason people from the minority groups’ hiding their identity is because they are probably scared, frightened and demonised?

The important question is if the growth and development of a particular community is happening fairly and squarely on merit and not by some kind of international secret arrangement that no matter which country one comes from join the same club?

According to an analyst, ‘the leak of funding to conservative party story by George Osborn to ‘The Sunday Times’ has many meanings and explanations (a) the real purpose of the meeting of Lord Rothschild, George Osborn, Lord Mendlson, Russian billionaire  aluminium magnate Deripaska and others who were all probably Jews? (b) they are being watched (c) be careful next time?

The recent increase in the ‘stealing or losing of secure and sensitive data’ in many parts of the world including US and UK is quite unprecedented. Does it sound like formation of parallel governments? It is expected that the security agencies of Europe are and other countries are watching every one and not only Muslims?

Muslims should come out of this euphoria that Obama’s middle name is Hussein and it would do any good to them? One reportedly Jewish journalist from Time Magazine minced his words when he said; ‘Barak Hussein Obama’ has to deal with Iran and Pakistan where large number of Al-Qaeda is based’, on British TV channel4.

Obama only has middle name ‘Hussein’ but those Muslim leaders who had first and last names didn’t do any good to their fellow country men around the world staring from Hussein of Jordan to (Saddam) Hussein of Iraq and every one else?

I asked Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem, on 28th October 2008, a day after the US attack on Syria, in a large gathering of parliamentarians and diplomats in the House of Commons in London ‘Your Excellency, when one look at the map of the Middle East it is full of US and Western friendly leaders what is it you are not doing that people are not happy with you? He said, ‘we are not surrendering ourselves’.

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is award wining journalist and writer on foreign policy & security based in London)

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