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“No hurdle could withstand the resolve of Pakistan”: President


My dear countrymen!

Today, we are celebrating our 69th Independence Day with new zeal and vigour and with the conviction that this Day will be a harbinger of political, economic and social stability. The nation knows that during the last few years, the happenings at the regional and international levels have deeply impacted Pakistan which not only gave rise to law and order issues but also complicated economic crises making inroads into our homes. But no hurdle could withstand the strong resolve of the nation.

The Government of Pakistan decided with strong political will to purge various areas and cities from the menace of lawlessness, terrorism and extremism and under this decision, the Pakistan Army and other law enforcement agencies are performing their responsibilities in an effective manner, bringing peace in the country. Similarly, on the economic front, the government has adopted solid policies for the economic turnaround. The business activities are getting a spur, generating investment opportunities for the investors especially the foreign investors who are rushing to invest in Pakistan. These changes bode well for our economic future.

With the Chinese assistance, work on the economic corridor has already been started. This project will lead to economic revival in the country. On the political front, the indicators are positive as the political forces are evolving consensus for the achievement of national objectives. Such indicators are vivid proof of political maturity in the country which also indicates the beginning of a new and glorious era in Pakistan.

In such a backdrop, I appeal to the nation to work in unison for translating such positive and explicit opportunities into reality so that we are able to realize the dreams of our founders; Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Poet of the East Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

Congratulations to the nation on Independence Day, Pakistan Paindabad.

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