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NI drug facilitator sentenced in foiled ‘kryptonite’ plot

(London) A North Belfast drugs smuggler has today been given a two year suspended sentence for conspiring to import cannabis into the UK. John O’Donoghue, who’s 45, pleaded guilty last month to facilitating drug trafficking deals for organised crime groups both in the UK and Ireland.

During sentencing today in Manchester Crown Court HHJ Bentham said: “O’Donoghue played a leading role in directing and organising this conspiracy and stood to make substantial gain – he used sophisticated techniques in planning his criminal activities.”

Surveillance photo of a meeting between Paul O’Dee and John O’DonoghueO’Donoghue attempted to fool law enforcement by using slang terms such as ‘kryptonite’, ‘amnesia’, and ‘PPs’ when he talked about trafficking the Class B drug.

In February 2013 O’Donoghue travelled from Belfast to Liverpool for three days of ‘business meetings’. One of his meetings was with Paul O’Dee, a convicted drugs supplier. The pair met at a car wash on the Manchester Road in Salford. During their 40 minute meeting they discussed ‘kryptonite’, ‘amnesia’, and ‘PPs’ coming in from Amsterdam at a cost of ‘5 grand and a bit’.

As their meeting concluded O’Donoghue swapped numbers with ODee saying about his phone: “I’ve got the work one, it’s not used, I only use it for you, every now and again I come and look at it and the battery’s gone on it or something like that.”

Unbeknown to them, NCA officers were watching and listening. The NCA drugs expert witness told the court these terms are all slang terms for cannabis. O’Donoghue was arrested in March, searches of his home in Belfast showed he hadn’t lived there for sometime and the electricity wasn’t working in the property.ndon)

Police officers from Greater Manchester Police consequently arrested Paul O’Dee. Searches of his properties found cash totalling £25,847 and a false passport.

A financial investigation is now underway.

It is to be notes that,John O’Donoghue DOB: 24/03/1969 Cliftonpark Avenue Belfast. Charged with conspiracy to import Class B. Sentenced to two years suspended for two years.

Paul ODee DOB: 16/03/1975 Derby Road Salford. Charged with conspiracy to import Class B, – sentenced to two years suspended for two years. Charge of possession of a false passport – 5 months suspended. Judge ruled time was served on remand.

Paul ODee was sentenced in 2003 at Liverpool CC for conspiring to import Class A and Class B drugs into the UK.

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