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New born baby died without medical attention, while criminal Nawaz Sharif’s 5 star Treatment

(Media Report) : – A sick one-day-old baby kept waiting with his mother for checkup outside a government hospital in Punjab, Pakistan’s most developed and richest province. After waiting for 2 hrs, the newborn baby died. It was an emergency but the baby received no attention. His mother was not allowed to enter the hospital. Democracy is useless in Pakistan if there is no accountability in such cases.

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his party PML-N ruled Punjab intermittently for nearly three decades. Today the ex-Prime Minister gets 5-Star hospitalization in Islamabad while a poor #Pakistani mother sees her newborn slowly die in her hands for two hours, standing at the gate of a government hospital in Punjab.

The reason convicted criminal Nawaz Sharif become was ill and taken for VIP treatment in PIMS is due to over eating Okara and lamb in his vip prison cell. High and might have declared his hospital room as sub-jail.

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