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Netanyahu’s aide: ‘Morsi was the last resistant Arab leader’ coup by Al-Sisi who ousted him

Edy Cohen, a close aide to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, revealed on Thursday that the late Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi could have been a “disaster for Israel”, hailing current Egyptian President Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi, who ousted him.

Cohen posted on Twitter: “Mohamed Morsi could have been a disaster for Israel if there was no military coup by Al-Sisi who ousted him.”

He added: “I have said this in the past: Morsi was a danger to Israel’s national security. He was the last resistant Arab leader after Saddam Hussein.”

Replying to Cohen, one of Al-Sisi’s supporters wrote: “Stop lying. The facts are completely against this. Morsi was a CIA agent since 1986 and he had relations with you. He was a traitor and a treasure to Israel. He sold Sinai to you and to Hamas.”

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Meanwhile, a member of Morsi’s presidency, Ahmed Abdul-Aziz replied: “No, Edy Cohen. Morsi was not the last resistant Arab leader. There will be others like him tomorrow or after tomorrow and they will end your occupation. This is a fact, not a dream.”

17 June, 2020, marked the first anniversary of Morsi’s death. The Muslim Brotherhood blamed his death on Al-Sisi’s regime.

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