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Nawaz Sharif’s Businesses with India – Modi’s Lahore visit

By Dr Shahid Qureshi:: –

“Undisclosed but planned scripted Bollywood style visit of Indian Prime Minister Modi to Pakistan gave him what he wanted internationally there was nothing for Pakistan in it”, I said in a live program on Al-Jazeera in London on 25 December 2015. See Al-Jazeera Program Video below:

The recent events in India isolated Mr. Modi. He lost elections due to the racist and anti-minorities policies. Moreover, corporate mafia who invested in winning of Mr. Modi elections become nervous when he started escalating tensions with Pakistan and violence in occupied Kashmir. On the other hand, Nawaz Sharif’s personal businesses with India override Pakistan’s international perception and moral of the soldiers and feelings of Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir. His greed and incompetence never changed he is good in scoring his own goals against Pakistan.

The reality is that Indian steel magnet ‘Jindal’ want access to the NATO’s scrap metals in Afghanistan and route to central Asia. Can you imagine Indian trucks of Pakistani roads? What MMQM-A and its minister Babar Ghauri did to Pakistan with the NATO containers after losing over 22000. It is reported that Ishaq Dar tipped of Babar Ghari and made his escape possible from Pakistan. Indian nexus is very deep in Pakistan and most of them are ‘bought’. They water bombed Pakistan with the help of ANP-PPP-MQM-A while Nawaz Sharif was having hair transplant and his sons writing letters to Indian Defense minister George Fernandez for help.

They all have price tags. Indian businesses with these people are not actual businesses they are ‘strategic investments. Nawaz Sharif’s role in the insurance of Jamnagar Refinery owned by Ambani Group in his previous government was reported in Indian media but Pakistani media and agencies were obviously sleeping on pills. Jamnagar Refinery is 80 miles from Pakistani border as a result insurance premium was very high and Nawaz Sharif reportedly helped bring down the insurance premium. Nawaz Sharif’s appointed Pakistani ambassador in London Riaz Sami issued 5 years’ visa to Dohru Bhai Ambani who was emissary of BJP Prime Minister Atal Bihari Bajpai as no record of issuance of visa was available.

It is important to understand that the reason India attended heart of Asia conference (Islamabad, 9-10 December 2015) is because it wanted to be in the loop about the matters concerning Afghanistan. Indian foreign minister was blunt in saying ‘I had to attend this event and since I am here I will have to meet PM Nawaz Sharif’. It is a clear statement and there is no reason for the monkeys to dance? However, the most concerning part is the increasing business interests and business deals of the ‘Nawaz Sharif Family’ with India. That is not business but prostitution and profiting from the situation. If Pakistan had normal relations like US-Canada with India Nawaz Sharif wouldn’t be profiting from it?

On the other hand, General Rahel Sharif seems like a virgin among the crooks and cons after the scripted winning of a pro India terrorist group MQM-A in Karachi and almost clipping of Rangers wings at the same time by the elite mafia gang disguised as politicians. All that happened after the street whispering of Prime minister Nawaz Sharif and Indian Prime Minister Modi in Paris. He is fully supported by Asif Zradari and ANP both are partners in crimes against Pakistan. If one analyses the body language of Nawaz Sharif and Narandara Modi it shows that Indians have convinced Nawaz Sharif and he is, that they both have a common enemy ‘Pakistan Army’.

Well pro India ANP damaged Pakistan and got paid is a con and treachery at the same time? ANP, MQM and PPP water bombed Pakistan by sabotaging all the water projects including ‘Kalabagh Dam’ although it is the best location for dam chosen by the British engineers in 1940s. ANP systematically destroyed the Pakistan Railways infrastructure during the ‘Ghulam Ahmed Blour’ period under PPP government. On the other hand, MQM-A destroyed the economy of Pakistan by creating law and order situation as well as following Indian policy of ‘keep Karachi bleeding’.

Who are ‘Samozas’ of Pakistan? December 7, 2015

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Who are ‘Samozas’ of Pakistan?

Nawaz Sharif is playing the same game of Zardari as his main target is also armed forces of Pakistan let there be no doubt. Otherwise his part time defence minister would be someone better than the Khawaja Asif abuser of Pakistan Army? When JUI-F leader Fazalur Rehman said: “In the time of war and need people with beards and turbans will be standing with the Pakistan Army and these so called liberals will run off”. He is absolutely right on this occasion. Well they have already moved abroad in Dubai and London lock stock and barrel.

FBI in USA surely has a white collar crime division whose sole responsibility is to catch the cons and crooks sitting in big glassy buildings and living in villas. These people can’t be caught with guns and tanks therefore this area is out General Raheel Sharif’s area of expertise?

Let’s take the example of high class mule Ayan Ali. She was smuggling Pakistani wealth abroad and then after some time money was coming into Pakistan almost tax free as legitimate asset and re- invested. There are hundreds of mules at work in Pakistan who are smuggling out national wealth under the noses of agencies and no one is bothered. Ayan Ali is a ‘Raymond Davis’ of Pakistan’s corrupt elite Mafia which is even supported by US too because it considers Pakistan’s corrupt elite as ‘assets’.

“Politicians, Prostitutes and Terrorist Financing”. July 16, 2015

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Politicians, Prostitutes and Terrorist Financing

Hence MQM-A won the staged local body election with 22%-25% turn out and Pakistan Rangers is in the dock who actually understood for the first time that ‘terrorist financiers’ and financial terrorism is the main cause of killings and murders in Karachi.

“Who are the Real Gangsters in Pakistan?” July 16, 2012

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Who are the Real Gangsters in Pakistan?

Zardari’s New System to undermine Pakistan

Talking about the cons and con artists Asif Zardari is far behind Nawaz Sharif and Malik Riaz. In any decent law abiding country, they all would be in jail for very long time. They all ran successful ‘boiler’, Ponzi, and ‘fake the bake’ scams and got away with it. These scams are far beyond the imagination of Intelligence Bureau, FIA and ISI. By using these scam Indian agency was successful in launching ‘self-financing’ terrorist networks in Karachi and rest of Pakistan. That is why when Rangers increased the heat to catch the ‘scammers’ financiers of terrorists, all the supporters started beeping and glowing from Asif Zardari, Altaf Hussain, Ishaq Dar, Nawaz Sharif and Mahmud Khan Achakzai. That is called ‘barium meal’ ‘good shot’ DG Rangers Sindh Major General Bilal Akbar.

Can one imagine that all the scammers in Sindh are now hiding behind the Parliament to obstruct the extension of legal cover for the Rangers. People think it is about time for the security establishment in Pakistan to think ‘out of the box’ but in the box solution to handle these crooks and criminals cum politicians. They kill investigators, lawyers, judges and then say no case was proved against them in the court of law. How on earth any one trust this ‘mafia system’? Do in Rome as Romans do and teach them a real lesson in the language they understand. My Latin American friends told me few tricks if you are interested?


Well on the one hand we see India bashing at all international forums but on the other we see Nawaz Sharif’s ‘criers’ like Najam Sethi, Sheryar Khan, Sartaj Aziz and rest literally begging to have a cricket series after their treatment in India. I think Khurshid Kasuri is feeling much better after ‘deep tissue’ treatment in India. One must be thinking why Najam Sethi and Sharyar Khan dying and begging Indians to have cricket series? The real reason is ‘bookmakers’ and betting shops who want to fix the matches and earn billions. It is nothing to do with the diplomacy. I don’t know which part of ‘NO’ Sheryar Khan do not understand?

Nawaz Sharif belong to the self-harming clan in Pakistan who are very good at scoring their own goals without even putting a fight. His motto is ‘loot and live luxurious Pakistan can go to hell’.

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior analyst with BBC and editor of The London Post. He writes on security, terrorism and foreign policy. He also appears as analyst on Al-Jazeera, Press TV, MBC, Kazak TV (Kazakhstan), LBC Radio London. He was also international election observer for Kazakhstan 2015 and Pakistan 2002. He has written a famous book “War on Terror and Siege of Pakistan” published in 2009. He is a PhD and also studied Law at a British University)

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