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Nawaz Sharif is to Step Down

By Dr Shahid Qureshi : –

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is to step down from the role as Prime Minister of Pakistan at some point soon. It is time for him to save his ill-gotten and stolen wealth from Pakistan or save his position and party. His party was already being run like a family business and a limited company. It was not a democratic party within and never head meaningful party elections.

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He was prime minister twice before and each time he does the same kind of actions that lead him out. This time issues are about his stolen and hidden wealth in tax free safe heavens and most importantly his connections and business interests with India and Indian agency.

He did not utter a word after the arrest by Pakistani premier agency ISI of Kulbohshan Yadave, a serving Indian Naval and RAW officer operating from Iran. All minister from Nawaz Sharif government were silent and people felt PML-N is complicit with the Indians. The Raw agents has admitted running terrorist operations in Pakistan and bombing campaigns as well as supporting insurgents in Baluchistan and Karachi.

My program on Al-jazeera about arrest of RAW agent and terrorism in Pakistan as well as Nawaz Sharif’s complicity


Nawaz Sharif is residing in London apparently for health reasons but the way he came is raining eye brows. Large number of suitcases have been shifted from his home in Raiwind direct to the Lahore airport and on the plane without any customs or security using helicopter according to sources.

It seems that there is a serious debate about him stepping down and keeping the money. Earlier Asif Zardari let Supreme court of Pakistan sent his two prime Ministers home but he did not write a letter to Swiss Government for the recovery of the $66 million dollars. Which is now in his account and government of Pakistan paid over $10 million fine to the Swiss Court for wasting time as Musharraf Regime withdrew the case under notorious so called NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance).

Some sources are raising eye brows over his stopover in Moscow as his plane could fly nonstop to London but it was something to do with his alleged connections with Indians.

A senior analyst in London said: Pakistan-China corridor project will continue and completed as a national project with or without Nawaz Sharif. He was not such a nationalist in the first place and kept his business interest first. He and his cronies continued their wheeling and dealings. While in sitting in Makkah Sharif’s have been lying to the people of Pakistan that they never had 10 years agreement with General Musharraf. Which made Saudis to make this agreement public. Some people are suggesting it is the Mumtaz Qadri curse which lead him to the ‘Shame’ all over the world in Panama leaks.

‘PML-N is working on minus One Formula otherwise it is going down the drain’, said a political analyst.

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