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Nawaz Sharif a Reformist: sincere but facing challenges


By Dr Shahid Qureshi: –

Nawaz Sharif prime minister of Pakistan should be given a chance to rule the country only if he ‘delivers’ and not because he has been given a ‘mandate’, which is questioned by politicians like Imran Khan. Unfortunately he has surrounded himself with the people who are digging holes for him, if this continues he will end up where he started. Nawaz Sharif seems confident, sincere, with a vision and now need a good team behind him. His recent speech in London was very promising and futuristic.

He has some big challenges in front but the ‘international time line’ is very clear for this region with or without Nawaz Sharif. If he tackled the gravely increasing local law and order and crime rate increasing over 24% per year, there is a chance of his survival. Otherwise he will be replaced, as no one is invincible. There are some misconceptions and distractions, which he and his team must take seriously.

1. FATA is about 1.5% percent of Pakistan, which is being managed by the army due to the war in Afghanistan. Now the fundamental question is what is happening in 98.5% of Pakistan?
2. What are the civilian institutions police, lower judiciary, and local government doing? No one should hide behind the situation in FATA and other troubled areas.
3. The over growth of MAFIAS have become a mortal threat to the state especially the land mafia whose principle tactic is to loot the million people share with few hundreds in power and let the rest go to hell. That is the scenario in all land mafia scams.
4. Police has completely failed to protect the people and involved in criminal activities it self. Those police men killed on duty, most of them did because of the ‘black sheep’ in the police. Although politicians are directly responsible for collapse of law and order and police because the whole police system is politicised protecting the criminals and not the victims.
5. If police and lower judiciary de-toxed about 80% of the problems in the country will automatically go? The rest of the 20% don’t and never has problems at all.

It is politicians who runs the country and take it to the sky or gave. Their good moral character judges their rule and perception in public, democracy is not a one-day exercise when people ‘box’ their fate for next 5 years and leave politicians to their own devices. We cannot rule out the historical institution of ‘soldier king’, when they both kings and queens use to lead the army and fight. The whole idea revolves around rule with justice and public welfare.
I completely agree with the comments made by Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry , former Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan when he said something like; ‘ don’t over criticise politicians as they have to run the country’. If we look at the performance and governance by these politicians it seems there is no one else to blame as they themselves are good at mudslinging at each other. By doing this they are discrediting the national political leadership. In any plot where a breakage of a state is required discrediting of the national political leadership is paramount as rest will follow and within few years state will disintegrate.

Having said that it is also true that most of Pakistani political leadership is like ‘famine survivors’ whose greed and hunger is never ending. They all have come from working or lower middle class backgrounds and there is no problem with that. Their problem is that they want to erase their own past history with which they seem to have really ashamed off?

One of the reasons is that their success and growth is not natural. Most of them reached at these positions by some kind of corruption. That is what haunts them all the times. There past poverty and greedy actions keep haunting them and in overcoming these ‘negative automatic thoughts (NATS)’ they sometimes over do or say things.

Some Pakistani politicians don’t show ownership with the Pakistan Armed Forces or ISI and other institutions and talk in a way as if they are talking about some enemy institutions. Why is a $60 million dollar question?

The whole lot of these politicians are seems to be working on following agenda:
1- Bankrupt Pakistan and economically cripple the economy to denuclearise
2- Finances are and will be handed over to IMF
3- Devalue Pakistani currency to wipe out reserves
4- Prolong energy crisis to destroy the industry
5- Destroy the Armed Forces of Pakistan from inside
6- Make ISI a homeopathic and cuddly institution
7- Rent’ the interior ministry and police as well as security institutions
8- Transit Trade Agreement to facilitate India and further destabilise Pakistan and MFN (most favoured nation) Status.
9- Railways was systematically destroyed

Railway tracks are considered as veins in a body and trains are like bloodlines, which keeps the body and country healthy. Who would destroy such an important part of the body? A British expert said in seminar few months ago, “countries in Middle East should start fast rail links to improve people to people contact for strategic reasons”.

Problem with many Pakistani politicians is that they do not believe in reading and writing. Nawaz Sharif should have written his memoirs by now while in exile as many politicians do? He said; ‘politicians were not responsible for the break of Pakistan in 1971. Some one should tell Nawaz Sharif that: ‘Indians have admitted to conspire the break of Pakistan and fuelling terrorism in East Pakistan’. I hope he has learnt that Indians cannot be trusted as credible partners in peace?

Probably he does not know that Pakistan’s armed forces had maintained the law and order in East Pakistan in March 1971 and had asked the civilian leadership to take over the control but they didn’t’.

1. If Indian politicians especially Congress leadership were really wise they wouldn’t have let the partition happened in the first place?
2. After the Partition of 1947 of India they created another country ‘Bangladesh’ by conspiracy in 1971, therefore India was divided again.
3. Had the Indians adopted the amenable, supportive and collaborative polices towards Pakistan things could have been different now?
4. Pakistan is the victim of Indian aggression from day one but survived.
5. Pakistan is facing Indian psychological war in media and there seems to be reluctance in countering that. Indians have been given too much space in past 12 years.

More recently military has done the operation clean up in Swat by losing thousand of its soldiers and are asking civilian political leadership to come and take over the power, which they have not. Why? Similarly thousands of innocent people have been killed in Karachi terrorism due to the failure of the political leadership. It is the politicians who are demanding ‘military operation’ in Karachi? When whole thing can be handled by proper policing? Why do they want to drag army into Karachi? So they can go to the UN for international protection to full fill their sinister agenda?

Soldiering is world’s most honourable profession there is no doubt about? For that very reason we see children Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Princess Ann, grand children Prince William, Prince Harry and husband Prince Philip of British Queen standing behind in their military uniform in the Balcony of the Buckingham Palace? Grand sons of the British Queen, Prince William and Prince Harry are in active military service. One must wonder why these two young men have chosen such a dangerous and difficult profession. They could easily become IT Specialist, Engineers, and businessmen and have an easy life? At least they could have life insurance policy and/or their children could make a claim in case of their death in the military service. It is the only profession where an entrant signs his/her death certificate without any insurance claim. No security guard ‘watchman’ looking after homes and factories sign that kind of agreement in which he has to die protecting the business or house? It will be useful if about 1400 Pakistani politicians spend a week with the soldiers every year?

‘Nations who don’t respect their soldiers lose their freedom’.

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior BBC analyst based in London)

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