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National Apprenticeship Week 2014

Delivering the best skills is a crucial part of our long-term economic plan for Britain. I’m proud that we’re on track to have 2 million people start apprenticeships over the course of this parliament.

This week I announced that new, more rigorous, employer-led apprenticeships are being extended to 29 new occupations, from law and high tech engineering to tourism and retail. This will give thousands of young people the chance to develop new skills that will help to secure their future. I want all school leavers to have a rite of passage to further training or education, and that’s why apprenticeships are so important.

David Cameron talks to Aidan Rogers and other apprentices at Rolls Royce last year

David Cameron talks to Aiden Rogers and other apprentices on a visit to Rolls Royce in Derby last year.

Take Aiden Rogers, who showed me round the Rolls Royce apprentice scheme and their academy last year. Aiden told me he was studying for a degree while also earning and learning his trade. And what he said to me was this: I love being able to say, ‘I started as an apprentice’ because it’s something that gives you ‘instant respect and credibility’.

And Aiden describes how his apprenticeship has given him the confidence to communicate ideas and the opportunity to apply everything he has learned in a hands-on industrial setting. As the winner of the Manufacturer’s Association’s outstanding achievement award for a first year apprentice, Aiden is already aspiring to the day when he’s in a senior position and he’s getting the skills to give him every chance of that future.

Now, I want all our young people to have the skills and the opportunity to aspire to that great future. And that’s why delivering the best schools and skills is right at the heart of our long-term economic plan.

Yes, we are sorting out the economy and we’re getting those numbers to add up. But we’re doing something much more than that. We are doing what is right for our country, what is right for our children, what is right for our future. Because I want us to build a better Britain where we can look after future generations, where people can meet their obligations and provide for their families, and where together we can secure a better future for all our people.

David Cameron

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