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Music is a tool that can make difference: Fatima Ali

Pakistan may be the youngest country in the world with 51% of the population below the age of 25, yet there is a strong sense of disconnect and deciduous optimism that streaks through the milieu. It’s a generation that is counting its losses incessantly and the dilemma is that the abacus is not exhausting its beads. The reasons are many yet the most ignored one is the disengagement from the past. It’s a generation mutating in the incubator of forgetting.

Nostalgia therefore isn’t any unusual corollary. The latest hit song “Pakistan Main Pakistan Nahen Milta” by Fatima Ali, a young 17-year-old singer and writer from Pakistan, beats around the same sol-fa of lost times that were.  This father-daughter duo is the eulogy of the glorious past when there was peace, love, care, togetherness, respect, empathy, knowledge, culture, empathy, tolerance and co-existence in Pakistan. Sung in a very simplistic yet very alluring way, the song just catches you by its narrative.

Fatima Ali is an exceptionally gifted daughter of Pakistan’s leading screenwriter, lyricist, and content-expert Ali Moeen. This young prodigy is equally good with her pen as she is already done with her poetry book titled IF and is working on first draft of her novel. Her canvasses speak loud about her dexterity with strokes and language she creates with colours. Being dubbed as second Nazia Hassan because of her distinct voice texture and vocal curves, Fatima doesn’t see music as entertainment only. ‘It connects immediately and is not biased in choices.

Therefore, music can be dexterously used as a tool to create difference. Nothing invokes such a quick response than a song”, told Fatima in our brief conversation.

Fatima Ali’s debut song was a cover Dil Ki Lagi a tribute to the Pop Queen Nazia Hassan (Late) from 80s featuring Aamir Zaki (Late) the guitar legend who’s last performance on camera was for her. Fatima is to pursue her studies in Films, Media & Literature in Stirling University from the year 2018.

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