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Wednesday, December 8, 2021


The arrival of two US Senators Carl Levin and Robert Casey in Pakistan seems timely again to save Musharaf? Musharaf has been in power for over eight years more than the two terms of a US President. His close friend and former chairman of Pakistan Steels Mills General (R) Abdul Qayum also suggested him to leave honourably or seek vote of confidence from the current parliament.

By Dr Shahid Qureshi

Musharaf is perceived as not part of the problem but problem himself and instead of drowning himself he should throw the towel and leave honourably. He is seemingly surrounded by low IQ cronies with oily tongues who are misleading him and not telling him what he must know but what he wants to hear.

I told President Musharaf in London on 28th January 2009, Mr President “your imported economic wizards (Shaukat Aziz, Salman Shah, and Hafeez Sheikh) have made mess in Pakistan and left and your government has completely failed to counter specialised corporate crimes committed by mafia groups in stock exchange, sugar, wheat, banking sectors etc. President Musharaf said to me, ‘this is unfair’. Is it Mr. President?

Shaukat Aziz is a big fake and the way he criminally tried to influence the privatisation of Pakistan Steel Mills could lead to his imprisonment on the charges of treason for knowingly harming national interests of the country and racketeering, supporting mafia groups. Shaukat Aziz destroyed and mortgaged the middle classes of Pakistan to foreign and local banks owned by these mafias. The banks issued domestic loans, car loans without doing affordability tests and therefore have violated the international norms of banking. People are committing suicides due to the insults to their families from the bank debt collection staffs but on the other hand Shaukat Aziz set-aside approximately Rs. 60 billion loans to his mafia buddies.

Shaukat Aziz followed the international agenda by selling national assets to foreign companies and consortiums ‘New East India Companies’. I told Shaukat Aziz at International Institute of Strategic Studies in London in 2005, ‘since you have become finance minister and now Prime Minister People in Pakistan have become poorer and rich become richer’. I also wrote in 2005 that ‘these people like Shaukat Aziz come to Pakistan with one suitcase and leave after making a mess’. I wish I was wrong but unfortunately I am not and he was no different than MM Ahmad and Shoaib who were also planted by international financial mafias.

The worst thing is why all this happened under the nose of a commando president who seems to know all? Well he is directly responsible for all this economic mess and cissies. Is it not true that on the political front President Musharaf issued a disgraceful document National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) which led to the further strengthening of Mafia groups and criminals coming into power? Political and philophiocal lecture by Mr Asif Ali Zardari whom one former ISI chief called very politely ‘streetwise’ is disgraceful outcome for the law abiding Pakistanis. The way he is playing ‘smart Alec’ on the issues of judiciary and restoration of the illegally deposed judges is going to back fire. Some one said, ‘problem with AZ is not software but hard disk’. He is too weak and compromised. He has joined Musharaf in promoting Indo-US plan: (a) create a India friendly government in Pakistan (b) government which have no problems in allowing Indian trucks passing through Pakistan to Afghanistan and Central Asia while Pakistanis do the repairs and offer food to the Indian drivers (AZ talks about free trade with India without mentioning the occupation of Kashmir) (c) too much stress on provincial autonomy (MQM is already working on these lines by the way US constitution do not have any clause of state autonomy in its constitution?) (d) creating a pro India and anti Pakistan government in Afghanistan. (e) create further ethnic and cultural divisions to disintegrate Pakistan. (f) promote and support separatist elements.

Long and short of the story is US want to handover Afghanistan to India to encircle China. But one thing poor Indians don’t know that blood is always thicker than water and it could become a hell hole for the Indians? British took power from Muslim rulers of Afghan descent in Delhi so in capturing Afghanistan they might lose India!

All the ingredients to break Pakistan are in place criminals and compromised people are in power who don’t care about national interests of Pakistan, these elements are demonising the Pakistan Armed Forces, becoming too friendly to India without any clear gains of this kindness? The current wave of street justice i.e. mob setting alight criminals in the streets, could lead to situations when people would go and take looted wealth of the state from corrupt and powerful rulers and lives too. People know where all the looters live?

Now its time for President Musharaf to decide if he would like to retire with a pension on a beach or a box like his senior Ziaulahaq because that is what the Americans do to their friends as Hennery Kissinger said, ‘it is irrelevant if US punishes its enemies or not but it definitely punishes its friends”.
(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior award wining investigative journalist and writer on security, foreign policy, and terrorism based in London)

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